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  1. happysuperbutton

    Diamond Sunset Fade

    struggling to find that material in bulk... went to a few Joanne's around the area and could only find Nylon Ripstop. Not even polyripstop.
  2. happysuperbutton

    Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Hahaha @ stick ! Yup yup always safety first, last thing I want is to slice a toddler's fingers or ear off.
  3. happysuperbutton

    Little Glider meets Big Glider

  4. happysuperbutton

    Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Thanks again guys, and Paul! For the further thoughts, more valuable notes for me to take to the field next time Seems like it all boils down to "flying with intent" hehehe. Which I don't hahaha. I go with the wind. For now. well, 10 months ago I tried my hardest to stay away from kids, fearing I would lose control of my QLK and smash down on an unsuspecting little one, maybe even decapitate lines slice through them like butter. but now 10 months later, I thoroughly enjoy having the kids around, run up and chase and play with the QLK. I even taunt them jokingly and invite them over as they stare from a distance. Some have even "role played" calling it a spaceship and "shooting it down" hahaha...oh joy.. thanks Sport Kiting hobby! gonna keep practicing ^^
  5. happysuperbutton

    Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Ty Mark 😄 and all the valuable tidbits you've provided me with that I'd take out to the field with me! I wanna figure out reversed flight now hehe. My kite keeps flipping over when I do at speed, like an unplanned craptastic flicflac.
  6. happysuperbutton

    Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Threw this video together in a way to thank everyone that has replied here helping me along as I delved into kiting. I'm so so happy with how I'm able to control the kite today, 10 months ago I had not even heard of a Revolution kite. (*cough* need more marketing for a 30year old product) I've clearly got plenty much more to learn and skills to hone, but I wouldn't be here today without the Kitelife tutorials and the countless priceless pointers that popped in here time and time again (and of course sensei Steve/Fred/Joanna) And no, this ain't any musical routine, just music overlayed for entertainment lol. 😁 Too many names to shout out, but you know who you are, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can't wait to learn even more.
  7. happysuperbutton

    New to quads is this kite a place to start?

    This ^ Cheaper, lesser known 'brands' will give you a terrible first-impression if they ship you unequal lines which happens because, well, cheap. Stick with a Rev kit to begin your journey with.
  8. happysuperbutton

    Need repair advice

    I think there's also varying super glues differing in how malleable it is when it dries that might be good for a sail like that. Too crisp when dried maybe might poke through the sail under pressure? No clue just thinking... Not experienced enough. I do have CA glue on hand for RC wing repairs, and also 3M packing tape on hand which is another highly touted repair 'tool' in RC hehe. Super thin and lightweight and mighty strong but soft and malleable. Not sure what it'll do for a pressured kite sail... I also have a RC Paraglider Wing Repair kit on hand I could see if it has any kind of tape in it you could use. Since it's a parafoil I'd imagine it to be similar Icarex wing material/kit Might be there Saturday morning
  9. happysuperbutton

    Handle mods (snagless)

    Will this mod lessen the chance of lines snagging on leader knots? My top line constantly catches on the bottom line where the leaders are..quite bothersome. It doesn't tangle on the metal ring. Thanks!
  10. happysuperbutton

    Digging in the bag

    Envious. My wallet aches just at the thought of the size of the astonishing bag!
  11. happysuperbutton

    Have you seen this ?

    Fwiw, That looks so cheaply done even their own RX design looks better. And this one as a visual wing still doesn't even come close to what Bazzer has been putting out recently with his hand-crafted Eyes series with the "bloodshot" fx! If you're ever considering adding an Eyes to your bag, there's only one place to go for the dollar you put down. Down unda. Bazzer's work is so significant the kite feels and flies so much better than the my 1.5b, would only imagine the B-pro just as refined. I love the way the Phoenix flies I try to fly it all the time even when I know the Ash will be overpowered going beyond the recommended wind range. But it's so worth it, what a difference from my 1.5b! (Bad comparison since my 1.5b is mv and Bazzer's kite is Ash, but when flown at optimal wind speeds for each respective kite, I find the difference noticeable)
  12. happysuperbutton

    Youtube Influencers - Kites

    Such an opportunity to reach out, they have a solid production crew already, and consistent creation with very nicely sized following. Show them how awesome kites really can get, invite them to a private Clinic session, get their crew hooked on the addiction, their big followers will find their way to these forums and then we work on conversion for sales!
  13. happysuperbutton

    Beach flying advice

    Feel free to read through my journey getting into revs in the other thread if you're bored, lots of tips and common questions answered by veterans here My tip, since it's about flying on the beach in soft sand, find a long, extra long stake. I learnt it the hard way when I took my Rev to the beach for the very first time. I was using a regular screwdriver as a stake, standard size/length driver from Home Depot/Target. Too short, got buried in the sand and I ended up having to bury the kite handles itself so that it was strong enough to not get tugged out by the strength of the wind on the kite end. I now use an extra-long driver
  14. happysuperbutton

    Youtube Influencers - Kites

    A few months ago, one of the "evening kitelife group chats" I mentioned in the chat to JB the need of "Youtube Influencers" for our kiting community, to bring in the new generation of flyers and help create awareness of this amazing addiction. Just a few hours ago, Flite Test (huge channel for RC community) put up their very first kiting video!! Sure, it's showcasing a dual line parafoil (Prism Synapse, my favorites) and no quads/Revs yet... but maybe JB and iQuad could consider networking and getting a feature going with the Flite Test channel Josh and his crew, show them how it's done JB! Maybe even talk to them about KiteForge I am sooo excited to see where this continues. Like them, I found my love for this sport because I had too much wind for my RC fad back then. They've done a video now on Kites because it's too windy for them to do RC content currently. I hope more 'younguns' stream in over to the addiction! AND with Youtube Influencers, when one covers something of interest, you can bet other influencers will hop aboard and continue creating more and more coverage on the topic, ie. Kites!!! I left a comment on this 1 video I've linked here using my same username, quick Thumb up it so we get the comment pinned in the video and send people to Kitelife!
  15. happysuperbutton

    Flic Flac Practice

    Two kitelife regulars sharing airspace, so kewl. Need a 3rd wing