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  1. View Advert Looking for Vented Supersonic Hoping to add a vented supersonic to the bag. Probably interested in some additional spars too for the sail. If anyone happens to have one around not being flown very much, and wouldn't mind letting it go, hopefully also comforted to know that it will be put in good hands and given a lot of fly time and lots of love 🥰😍 Appreciate it lots, and thank you! Advertiser happysuperbutton Date 05/26/2020 Price Category Kites (Quad Line) Brand revolution Model supersonic vented
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    Hoping to add a vented supersonic to the bag. Probably interested in some additional spars too for the sail. If anyone happens to have one around not being flown very much, and wouldn't mind letting it go, hopefully also comforted to know that it will be put in good hands and given a lot of fly time and lots of love 🥰😍 Appreciate it lots, and thank you!


  3. Happy you're with the Dark side now Brandon! :D
  4. Hard to imagine coming up quickly on 2 years already since I first began my kite life. So many awesome people here that helped me in one way or another. Me looking back through this thread lol. Best community I ever been a part of. I can't stop flying!
  5. I've managed to cut and sleeve my own line sets now, yay success new skill acquired, all part of the learning journey. I have enough for one final set, with the remaining 30ft of line I have left to work with. I'm having a tough time deciding what length to make now! I couldn't find the thread about "standard line lengths" I came across a long time ago. Thinking of making a really short set under 30', any recommendations? I have in the bag already 120', 80', 50', 30'. What's the indoor length usually flown with? 10'? 12'? Thanks in advance as always :)!
  6. We've all done it Blue painters tape + Seran/Cling wrap I was thought to do this before I purchased my full sail
  7. Already made plans a year ago after attending our first BKF last year (and got to meet John too then) 😂 seriously already been a year since I first discovered Kitelife yay to everyone! The further explanation helps, appreciate it as always! I did once or twice manage to get a almost-flat spin, but then I realize now it's gonna be even more tricky than I thought, the one or two times I got close to getting it, the kite moved upwards, not spinning/axeling on the pivot like I think it should. Phew, so much fun learning this move, but I wouldn't have dared to try earlier before getting more comfortable with the basics. (Still remember struggling with anything-inverted)
  8. Figuring out this move has been the most fun I've had so far with the kite. Painful on the yanking but so much fun trying to catch or detangle all the fails before it all comes crashing down and hits the ground. Still trying but weeee!! The samurai slide pointer is helping, noticing to start it needs somewhat of a semi-flickflack on the trailing edge so the kite face gets parallel to the ground. Thanks Mark!
  9. Thanks for the tips riff and mark (: I went out to play, and went for it! No success yet hehehe. 😂 50ft lines, with big wind and the midvent is all i have to play with. Combining cues from field friend (Steve) and trying this spin starting with the leading edge rather than trailing edge. Hard tug on the leading edge corner that's higher up in the side slide. Can't really get the movement combination right to make it flat yet.
  10. Looking for more technique explanation on how to do an Axel (flat spin). Read and watched John's Axel thread but couldn't grasp enough to know what I should be doing. What actually is happening when you Axel the kite? Hard tug on one side's leading edge and simultaneously slack off the same side's trailing edge? Then tug back the same leading edge that you started the Axel with? Would be nice to have close up slo-mo of the plane movement. I wanna first understand what's happening with the kite! Then my actions will follow to make it happen hehe. and is it easier to practice this move on shorter or longer lines? Probably preference as usual...but will welcome any opinions on this too. Thank you!
  11. Thanks again you guys! Good suggestions always appreciated couldn't really imagine without sleeves, feels like I'd miss out on the convenience and durability of having sleeves :x
  12. I dunnit! Cut down my first set of lines, ever. another newbie journey's first. ^^ Little fumbles: - no measuring tape longer than 33feet. wanted to make a 50ft lineset, measured 30ft, marked the lines, and then plus 20ft, marked the lines for 50ft, then plus 1ft, marked it again for sleeve. - no proper sleeving tool o m g this was the headache. but i figured it out. 3 out of the 4 lines, thank you Mr.Barresi for the Equilizing Lines video, it came to play here so valuable knowledge I never thought I would need this seriously. Untied the knots on the sleeves, grabbed the line that poked out the other end to prevent it from slipping back into the sleeve. Phew. Did this for the 3 lines, slid the sleeve down 70ft of line to my 50ft mark I made before. Then the 4th and last line, was cut already (about 2ft in) from group flying previously. So the sleeve was separated from the "main line" and I could not employ the slip-n-slide trick done for the previous 3 lines. I first tried larksheading the broken line end to each other, thinking I could pull the line through the sleeve this way (like holding hands!). The resulting knot was too big to squeeze through the sleeve :l Scrambled through all my hobby kits at home to find some kind of wire, long and thin enough for the sleeve. Best I could find was rubber-insulated wire. Skinny enough, smooth enough, to shimmy through the sleeve. But that got real messy real fast. Rubber-insulated wires are actually a bunch of tiny wires twisted or clumped tightly together then wrapped or packed tightly in the rubber insulation. Rubber started slipping fast and the tiny wires started poking through everywhere the sleeve, knotting the sleeve braids up. UGH. So I tried super gluing the rubber wire tip, no more slip, smooth point tip, excellent! No, didn't work, glue still tore and little tiny wires got all pokey again. I tried a paper clip next, too fat. Then I found bread wire, the kind of short twisty wire they use to bundle your new cables with. Stripped it and used that inner wire, perfect, skinny enough and smooth single wire pointed tip. Made a loop at one end of the wire for the kite line to be threaded through. But that loop made a sharp tip pointing up, snags the braids on the sleeve again as I tried to thread through the sleeve. Sigh. So close yet so far. Used tape to tape down that loop, smoothing out the little wire's profile. Voila. Threaded the line all the way through the sleeve with the bread wire. All 4 lines cut and sleeved, went out to test fly and all went great. 50ft didn't seem short enough after all, I was picturing an even shorter set. Still have like 60ish ft remaining line after cutting 50ft, going to make a 30ft and 20ft and 10ft from it. Where do I buy kite sleeving from? What's the one LPG or KiteShoppe uses? Great tip for other newbies, watch JB's tutorial videos! Never know when it'll come in handy! Thanks for reading, til next time ((:
  13. when measuring lines, how should I measure 50ft, line out to 50ft then sleeve down however many inches or line out to 49.xxx ft then add however many inches of sleeving to get 50ft? or line out 50ft and then some for sleeving and knotting loop? When it says "LPG 90# x 120ft" what really is the 120ft, does it mean from leader end to leader end.. I haven't had the chance to measure yet, measuring tape still en route.
  14. !!! Daydreaming now about hand collecting a new djinn at BKF.. #restless
  15. Hi Little Dab welcome to Kitelife. People here are incredibly friendly and warm, keep posting about your journey and keep asking questions. Super cool looking how a new journey is starting, I started mine only days apart from you exactly a year ago wowee. Enjoy, can already tell you've got that bug, so prepare the wallet 😂
  16. struggling to find that material in bulk... went to a few Joanne's around the area and could only find Nylon Ripstop. Not even polyripstop.
  17. Hahaha @ stick ! Yup yup always safety first, last thing I want is to slice a toddler's fingers or ear off.
  18. Thanks again guys, and Paul! For the further thoughts, more valuable notes for me to take to the field next time Seems like it all boils down to "flying with intent" hehehe. Which I don't hahaha. I go with the wind. For now. well, 10 months ago I tried my hardest to stay away from kids, fearing I would lose control of my QLK and smash down on an unsuspecting little one, maybe even decapitate lines slice through them like butter. but now 10 months later, I thoroughly enjoy having the kids around, run up and chase and play with the QLK. I even taunt them jokingly and invite them over as they stare from a distance. Some have even "role played" calling it a spaceship and "shooting it down" hahaha...oh joy.. thanks Sport Kiting hobby! gonna keep practicing ^^
  19. Ty Mark 😄 and all the valuable tidbits you've provided me with that I'd take out to the field with me! I wanna figure out reversed flight now hehe. My kite keeps flipping over when I do at speed, like an unplanned craptastic flicflac.
  20. Threw this video together in a way to thank everyone that has replied here helping me along as I delved into kiting. I'm so so happy with how I'm able to control the kite today, 10 months ago I had not even heard of a Revolution kite. (*cough* need more marketing for a 30year old product) I've clearly got plenty much more to learn and skills to hone, but I wouldn't be here today without the Kitelife tutorials and the countless priceless pointers that popped in here time and time again (and of course sensei Steve/Fred/Joanna) And no, this ain't any musical routine, just music overlayed for entertainment lol. 😁 Too many names to shout out, but you know who you are, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can't wait to learn even more.
  21. This ^ Cheaper, lesser known 'brands' will give you a terrible first-impression if they ship you unequal lines which happens because, well, cheap. Stick with a Rev kit to begin your journey with.
  22. I think there's also varying super glues differing in how malleable it is when it dries that might be good for a sail like that. Too crisp when dried maybe might poke through the sail under pressure? No clue just thinking... Not experienced enough. I do have CA glue on hand for RC wing repairs, and also 3M packing tape on hand which is another highly touted repair 'tool' in RC hehe. Super thin and lightweight and mighty strong but soft and malleable. Not sure what it'll do for a pressured kite sail... I also have a RC Paraglider Wing Repair kit on hand I could see if it has any kind of tape in it you could use. Since it's a parafoil I'd imagine it to be similar Icarex wing material/kit Might be there Saturday morning
  23. Will this mod lessen the chance of lines snagging on leader knots? My top line constantly catches on the bottom line where the leaders are..quite bothersome. It doesn't tangle on the metal ring. Thanks!
  24. Envious. My wallet aches just at the thought of the size of the astonishing bag!
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