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  1. Nice flyin' and presentation. Looks like you own the beach! Empty! .
  2. I am a little late to this but thought of this thread while I was out today. Quite some time ago I started playing with just skimming (more like sliding) the kite along the top of the grass from a rest, as far as I could one way, then reversed to the other. All the while still on the ground, inverted. The movements I noted are mostly small pulls, a la dual line method. But after a bit could lift the tip of the kite with tiny wrist movements and that helped smooth it all out and release the kite if it got stuck in a tuft of grass. Fairly windy today around here, but even so found walking backwards slightly helped a bit at times. May only work on grass, or at least that's all I've tried it on. Forgiving and not too abrasive 😉 I do this from time to time on my quad sessions. Looks impressive if I do say so. After some reps, move it up a bit, maybe dragging the rearmost end on each pass. (later: over water!). But the move may be a useful practice step. Trying to picture this reference to 180 degrees but may be missing something. Do you mean 360 degrees? 180 would put it leading edge up to my way of thinking. (If it matters). My side slides in general need work but I am just as good in either direction. The practice is much of the fun 😉 .
  3. Love the name. I am way too active on my feet to make that work but maybe I will try it some day. (The movement is a good part of the fun for me. Plus I gotta get in my 10,000 steps/day my doc says, so...) 😉
  4. Nice kite, I do like the one I have. Very well made as usual by Level One of Germany. Mine flies steady and solid, yet relatively nimble and light on the lines. Nice axels, too, I was reminded the other day. (Sometimes I surprise myself. 😉) .
  5. The Emmakites wind ranges seem reasonable as far as they go, and in accordance with my general experience with Windrider IIs (the lower wind comment may be a suggestion that one may have to take a step back while launching at the bottom end). I have the Std, Vented, X Vented and XX Vented. Give your Vented a go and see how you like it before leaping, perhaps. I like mine but find I prefer a good 15kph (10mph) to fly it comfortably, and it is good to ~25kph (16 mph though will handle to 20+). My XX is good (for me) from 20mph on up. Have flown it comfortably up to 35mph-ish but that may be pushing it for regular full time flying (for me anyways). Capable of lower; more work and switching of knots. After that I might start to wish I had one of those flying frame things like a Xanadu or something. In respect of the cloth used: to date, the PC20 versions are holding up okay -- no rips or tears or holes developing yet on the most used. Wrinkles and fold marks are appearing but are not visible at over 8 feet or so. The PC31 versions are slightly softer cloth, less krinkly but more $$. Value for money wise, the PC20 is great so far. Your experience with your new Vented may be your guide, if you have the patience. All that said, I am not hard on my kites generally speaking. These are my experiences. So ymmv as always. PS: so far, no middle of the night incidents to report. Thankfully. 😉
  6. Unless the more recent ones have changed, the EXP rods are 'three wrap'. And the vertical rods *can* be used in the leading edge of the EXP. (If there is a spring it will of course have to be removed.). Also, you can mix and match with certain of the other 1.5 type Revolution kites, in my experience. BTW, there's some interesting history on Rev rods by John Mitchell here (see also his other stuff): http://johnnmitchell.com/IntSportKites/rev_history/rods.html Once you start swapping brands, I have not tried it -- but if the ferrules in the leading edge accept the 'foreign' rod I see no reason why not, assuming the rod length is similar. Have no experience with the 3Winds myself but if the leading edge length is the same and the fittings work (fit) then yes, you might be able to use the EXP LE in the UL to give you a higher wind option. Try measuring and report back! I have 2, 3 and 4 wrap rods I mix and match on my Revs according to whim and wind conditions, and plan to do so on my Freileins in due course. Of course you could also make up your own frames or partial frames with some Skyshark P-series or whatnot. I have played around with P90s and P200s this way in some rev style kites. Do a search on here for that perhaps if that is of interest. .
  7. Just pulled out my old Benson Outer Space, framed in pultruded, and the lower spreaders are both unmarked but do have a kind of a shiny appearance unlike other pultruded. I expect they are probably the originals, likely Structil as stated above. I know both have identical black hollow-looking inserts at one end, for reinforcing at the centre T. Pretty sure some of my old school British kites used Exel at one time or another. Would have to check my old Std Stranger etc. According to the site jaydub refers to Exel was used in the Psycho, admittedly with a bit smaller span. (I have even used Avia .2300 in a pinch with some success, although it is a smidge smaller in diameter than the 6mm.) Kites and Fun things does carry some Exel pultruded sticks btw so maybe matching up your LSs may be a quick (non-reframe) way to go depending on which one you busted. Looks like they list a .2300 'strong' and a 'pro' under the Exel category. https://www.kitesandfunthings.com/Products/Excel-Pultruded-Carbon-Tubes__EXCELTUBES.aspx Nice kite btw. I know you are not giving up on it yet. 😉 .
  8. Welcome to the forum, UK Kiter! Looks like you were responding to an older post and thread. Some 15+ years old in fact. 😉 The Addiction referred to in that series of posts has since been superceded by the Pro Addiction I believe. At any rate, if you have any more Qs this is a pretty good forum for that and someone will pipe in with some guidance. Try again! Perfect winds. .
  9. Thank you for this! It provided incentive for me to give it a try. The long arm movements, together with slack line management proved to be the key and my success rate improved with repetition, as one might expect. It gave me a chance to try it with my shorter 33 foot lines, which I suspect may be of some assistance for early attempts. As a side note, I am also drawing attention to the spelling of the word “axle“ in order that anyone doing a search on this site might also be drawn to the alternate spelling, axel. I understand that this latter name is based on the figure skating move similarly named involving a jump and completing a type of spin around the axis. As I understand it, it was named after Axel Paulson, the Norwegian figure skater who invented, or made popular, the move in the late 1800s. I am Canadian, so I know about this stuff 🙂 Wiki: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Axel_jump .
  10. I have not even seen (much less flown) a Diamond Kites Veyron, but it came along during my hiatus -- so had to look it up. Good looking review on kiteclique if you haven't already seen it. Sharing it for the possible benefit of others, too: https://v2.2.kiteclique.com/diamond-kites-veyron-review-by-grischa/ Very interesting and capable kite from the video linked therein. .
  11. Have a Trick and Track but by the colour scheme may be a different version. Has a large presence in the sky, and is very precise. I would go so far as to say more of a precision kite with trick capability than flat out trick kite. Nice solid steady flier that cuts sharp corners but is not afraid to pop an axel. Not really intended for rollup type moves, however. Like mine. .
  12. May have been a blip. I see it there now, under the Badass drop-down: https://www.levelonekites.com/2line/badass/#cc-m-product-12563275587
  13. This is a terrific chart. It helped me visualise how to 'mix and match' spars as I had read previously in this forum, for tuning for performance and winds and personal taste. (Such as using a stiffer centre section on the leading edge.) The graphics were good for understanding what comes with each level of venting in the III lineup as well. As mentioned elsewhere I got some T0s to play with the lower end of my UL version and will try it with a T1 centre section (and possibly others) in addition to a straight T0 throughout. This will help me assess how much of a difference the 'bend' makes in the LE in a given wind and thus help me establish druthers. All in good fun 😉 .
  14. I own a number of the Windrider II models, and one III model, and perhaps can share a little bit on them to assist. [edit: I was writing this when some of the above posts were made and before I saw them] The Windrider II comes in four variants that I am aware of: standard (std), vented (vtd), extra vented (x vtd), and extra extra vented (xx vtd). The venting on the the vtd model is approximately 25% of the sail area, and, as you would expect, the percentage goes up with extra venting. Unlike the Revolution style of almost vertical panels of venting, the Freilein line has the vents in a different pattern as may be seen in the images on the Emma Kites website. I got my kites from Emma Kites when it was still associated with AliExpress, however, I gather that Emma is no longer selling through that ebay-like venue, but, rather directly. When I bought my first kite there I had no experience with AliExpress, but they have an elaborate system of funds being held in escrow which appealed to me at the time as an additional level of comfort that the transaction will be completed properly. My transactions with Emma Kites have been entirely satisfactory although shipping does take quite a period of time in transit, probably not helped by these Covid times. I am in Canada, for what that is worth, and Emma is in China. Another point to consider is whether to go with the PC20 cloth or PC31 cloth. I had the choice of either cloth in any of the II models and went with a mix in different kites. The former is supposedly lighter, although it does not seem to make a hugely material difference in overall weight (I have not checked this point). The PC31 is more like what we know as icarex (and may even be that, although they don’t say). As such it is less crinkly than PC20 in sound, and is perhaps less likely to hold creases. The price difference between the two sails was approximately US$40, but the kites are otherwise identical in terms of construction and materials used including fittings, bungees, spars, etc. The spars used are called Crystal, and they are graduated in weight and strength, with the heaviest, being the T3 spar, being found in the highly vented kites. T2s are used in the standard version. I also got the UL (not SUL) version of the next generation of Windrider (Windrider III). It sports an even lighter spar, the T1 as stated in the my review of that kite. The III versions also have different graphics, and some other changes as detailed in the aforesaid review. Mine is in PC31. This kite I actually got from a different vendor, also based in China, but on ebay. I have a number of both Revolution and Freilein kites, quad and dual, and I would say that the construction quality of the Freileins that I have is probably a step above that of my Revolutions in terms of uniformity and detail. In terms of durability, I have had most of these kites for over a year and they have been flown fairly extensively, up to about 10 hours each, and, so far, the durability has been excellent. I have neither busted a spar, had a stitch come undone, nor had any bits fall off! I hope that this helps.
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