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  1. While the Deep Space may not track like a train as a Mamba might it can certainly fly with some precision if you want it to. Much smaller hand movements but quite capable of square corners. I begin many of my sessions with The Dice and variations as a warmup and the Deep Space ain’t too shabby at it (even in my hands). Mr Benson even uses the word “precise” in describing the kite on his website. As has been said, the DS is a freestyle kite. It is not an unfriendly kite. It will open up doors. It does really depend what you are after however. But a DS may surprise you. In a good way
  2. Another take on the Dead Launch by the great DPMama74. With a bonus Sleeping Beaut thrown in. I am almost never in these sand conditions: .
  3. The HQ Obsession was a cool little kite late 1990s that could dead launch easily. Had a bowed spar that ran down the middle from the nose, propping the nose and thus facilitating the pop-up. For any wondering about it and unaware, Mark Reed does the dead launch in the early Prism videos, did he not? The curved leading edge and the right ground helps. Oh yeah, here's the clip - an excerpt from one of the Way to Fly vids: I am with Rob however. I don't do them. Too hard on the kite. Contemplate the walk .
  4. Looking closer at mine, all four are snug - I was thinking they may have gotten loose but the way the screws seem to almost self-tap loosening seems less likely. Another alternative is that yours may have been over-tightened, and this could lead to a split of the upper washer, and eventual breaking off and loss. The remaining standoff assembly would then just fall out. I suppose excessive lateral forces on the standoff could also result in such a split... At any rate replacements, if not from ITW, are also available at other sources such as Kites 'n Fun Things (Skyburner) and FlyMar
  5. Hmmm. Have not experienced it with my Hydra. Trying to picture it. Did the standoff rods fall out of the sail stays? In which case a glue job perhaps? Or the sail stays themselves become dislodged? On mine they are the screw type. (Note to self to check mine for tightness of the screws). Any other info might help. Or pics. .
  6. midibot


    I have a couple of EXPs and while I am not an expert, in my opinion you have a fine kite that will give hours of fun. As has been pointed out, setup and configuring the line lengths including leaders is a key to success, and I defer to the other comments in that regard. (Hands on help is useful if you can get it, but flyers are often few and far between.) As far as wind: I, too, fly in shifty (with an ‘f’!) inland winds and in my experience the sweet spot of winds for a current EXP, until one gets more familiar, is approx 5/6 mph *minimum* to 9, maybe 10 mph max. The actual range o
  7. Assuming you are still waiting for yours, Andy55, I have posted images of my Std and UL DSs in the gallery to give you some interim pleasure... 😉 .
  8. A Standard framed Benson beaut -- poiple Deep Space.
  9. My UL variant of a rather nice kite; British made Benson
  10. Had seen the site a ways back but a few months or so ago bookmarked it for the Le Quartz plan. Not an expert but the Wayback Machine or other similar may help on that if needed. Version history? .
  11. Try this link (useful for would-be trick kite builders if others are interested): http://tom.tweelijners.be/tomskitesite-en/home.html Some day. .
  12. Coincidentally, I was flying my NSE Nirvana (Low Wind version) just this morning. Lovely kite. And I lusted after a Jam Session when it was first introduced in the 1990s (1996?). Dodd Gross helped with the design I think. Eventually got one. I know exactly what he means about the hand movements. Same experience. The three Ps may help with getting used to that DM. (Practice. Practice. Practice.)...😉 Will have to look into that kite. It's all fun! .
  13. Good news, Kite Girl. Be interested in knowing how he likes flying it. By the way - was it an old kite or a new model Dream Machine? Inquiring minds want to know! Cheers.
  14. Ouch. The Hydra use Dynamic spars? Wonder if Paul might be able to help? Flying Wings and some HQ kites also use Dynamics. As does Lam I think. (Or did.) Think the Kymera used Skysharks iirc, fwiw. A feasible alternative and yeah that money would go a long way towards that. And a fun lil project. May need new connectors, too, but if so not a biggie. .
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