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  1. Thank you for this! It provided incentive for me to give it a try. The long arm movements, together with slack line management proved to be the key and my success rate improved with repetition, as one might expect. It gave me a chance to try it with my shorter 33 foot lines, which I suspect may be of some assistance for early attempts. As a side note, I am also drawing attention to the spelling of the word “axle“ in order that anyone doing a search on this site might also be drawn to the alternate spelling, axel. I understand that this latter name is based on the figure skating move simil
  2. I have not even seen (much less flown) a Diamond Kites Veyron, but it came along during my hiatus -- so had to look it up. Good looking review on kiteclique if you haven't already seen it. Sharing it for the possible benefit of others, too: https://v2.2.kiteclique.com/diamond-kites-veyron-review-by-grischa/ Very interesting and capable kite from the video linked therein. .
  3. Have a Trick and Track but by the colour scheme may be a different version. Has a large presence in the sky, and is very precise. I would go so far as to say more of a precision kite with trick capability than flat out trick kite. Nice solid steady flier that cuts sharp corners but is not afraid to pop an axel. Not really intended for rollup type moves, however. Like mine. .
  4. May have been a blip. I see it there now, under the Badass drop-down: https://www.levelonekites.com/2line/badass/#cc-m-product-12563275587
  5. This is a terrific chart. It helped me visualise how to 'mix and match' spars as I had read previously in this forum, for tuning for performance and winds and personal taste. (Such as using a stiffer centre section on the leading edge.) The graphics were good for understanding what comes with each level of venting in the III lineup as well. As mentioned elsewhere I got some T0s to play with the lower end of my UL version and will try it with a T1 centre section (and possibly others) in addition to a straight T0 throughout. This will help me assess how much of a difference the 'bend'
  6. I own a number of the Windrider II models, and one III model, and perhaps can share a little bit on them to assist. [edit: I was writing this when some of the above posts were made and before I saw them] The Windrider II comes in four variants that I am aware of: standard (std), vented (vtd), extra vented (x vtd), and extra extra vented (xx vtd). The venting on the the vtd model is approximately 25% of the sail area, and, as you would expect, the percentage goes up with extra venting. Unlike the Revolution style of almost vertical panels of venting, the Freilein line has the vents in a di
  7. Done, and continuing. From high winds of the previous prize, to this more towards the other extreme. Nice contrast. Seems a good addition to any kite bag "...to be flown in light wind, light urban or indoor conditions," per the description on the Kiteforge page. Beaut. Now, who's the dude in the first pic in this post -- Dodd Gross's twin brother? 😉
  8. Awesome flying. I spent some time watching your hands. May learn something. The whole experience was fun. Too short 😉 The winds looked howling. What did they range for you during that, if I may? Shorter lines? Cheers .
  9. Neat. I have had a number of occasions where a specialised part might be useful and particularly makes sense for custom applications where there is no alternative or you want to just do it for the fun of it. One thought I have is durability of the end product. Perhaps too early to say, but that would be a factor in viability. Know nothing about the process, but can you tweak the materials or raw materials to adapt for flexibility or stiffness or brittleness as needed? In addition to the weight factor you mention. To say nothing of colour. At any rate, good work! .
  10. I did not even know that there was an SUL version of the Badass until I saw your post, which prompted looking further. I am quite pleased with my UL version, which I got from the North American distributor. I did not see the SUL yet on their site last I looked a while ago. I do see it on the German site for Level One. I am a big fan of larger SUL kites in general as they allow majestic, typically slow flight that allow you to see the moves unfolding before your very eyes (I am fond of saying). And it allows flight *at all* at the lower end of the wind range on *those kinds of days*. It is
  11. Good looking kites. Particularly interested in your assessment of the SUL once you get a chance to fly it more in lower winds. It looks a step up from a straight indoor kite, which means possibly more structurally stable I would think -- but how low can you go and still have fun? Without working TOO much! .
  12. I had heard of weights in revs, but good to see updated specific reference here as I have neither tried nor even seen them before. (I expect a search might turn up more info.) Another thing I have just learned here now: 2PT for verticals! On the outdoor kites? Does not the end of a 2PT, particularly the skinny end, just swim loosely in the connectors? I can see maybe going to a 2P as they cost a little less but have less of a fit issue, and are just marginally heavier. Judging from my experience with 2PTs in dual line kites, they are strong for their weight but comparatively fragile (and
  13. Belated congrats! Be interested in what winds you like it in (in due course). .
  14. Very cool kite! Unique! The pilot makes flying it look easy, too. Relatively. (Not to detract from the skill, however.) A lot of parts, some of which are moving. The setup and tuning may require patience. But the results are a hoot. Thanks for posting. .
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