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  1. Very cool. Lot of deltas and rokkakus, diamonds and eddys and the odd cody. What passed for stunt kites back then? Or did they even exist in competition yet? Inflatables? I’m thinking that a panoramic shot was a feat of technical genius back then perhaps 😉 (I looked at your pic by opening it in a new page and zooming it out -- fun shot but it is maybe a bit fuzzy that way.) .
  2. Wow. Terrific possibility for someone who wants to set up an instant kite making studio (or supplement their own). Not a sewer myself, but certainly have heard of Bainbridge as a sail fabric maker/supplier. I assume ripstop nylon? Any idea of approximate yardage of cloth? May help someone assess. As a side note, pultruded .2200 is in short supply in my experience so nice to see reference to those in there. Amongst all those other goodies. .
  3. Wow. A lot to unpack! Here’s a preliminary go on your inquiry on Flying Wings Silver Foxes (sometimes ‘SF’ here for short) and the Acrobatx. I am familiar in varying degree with all of the kites you refer to, and here are my brief impressions: The Flying Wings Silver Fox 2.3 and 2.5 are similar. As one might expect, the numbers in the names denote wingspan (roughly, in metres). They are both generally fairly largish in feel in flight, and require larg(er) hand/arm movements. Large(r) presence in sky. Very capable. Older design approaching 15 years or so. The UL versions have pretty much the same sails as the standard versions, with a somewhat lighter frame. In my experience they have only slightly lower bottom ends, compared to, say, Benson or Jest of Eve models in comparing STD and UL versions. The 2.3 Pro: a later refinement of the 2.3 in weight, construction, sail and bridle. Still available from a few retailers. Have, and like, the STD; lusting after the UL The 2.2 is a variant (approximately 2018) incorporating Lam Hoac’s further tweaks incl layout, shape, bridle etc, and features such as ‘claws’ on the LE for YoYo manoeuvres. I find the 2.2 UL a more sleek machine flight-wise in comparison to its predecessor. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the 2.2 STD but I would expect similar handling but in higher wind. As in other kites, some tricks may be easier (or at least require slightly different inputs) in one version over another due to weight distribution, etc. Google the review. Acrobatx: also same era as the early SFs but a little smaller, at closer to 7 feet. Heavier build, using more economical materials, with pultruded carbon frame and a nylon sail. No leech line so can be noisy (unlike the SFs, which can be adjusted for this). Flight-wise, quite manoeuvrable. Trick capable but a bit faster than all the SFs generally, in my experience. Not as refined. Smaller hand movements required. Comparatively less pull unless windy and depending on bridle settings. Good bang for buck, especially at sale prices I have seen. Good upgrade from Quantum trick-wise imo. See the review in KiteLife in approx 2006. The UL version has a much lighter frame and sail, and more of a finesse feel, but lighter handling as many ULs are. It is more $$ due to materials etc. Carbon-wrapped tapered spars in the frame. Looks and appearance in all these including colours: being subjective, I can’t comment. Lines: I have several sets but generally use a set of 50# x 75 or 85’ on the ULs, or sometimes 90# in stronger end of the wind range. For STD kites I usually use 90#, sometimes 120# or 150# in more wind. In summary, all of these are fine kites in their own way. TBH, to varying degrees, they might all be considered an upgrade over the Quantum, which is a fine but basic kite in my opinion. (I can’t help but think that more time with your E3 is in your future, as it, too, is quite a capable kite.) While I see and appreciate the place the Quantum fills, comparatively it feels rather … clumsy to me. If that’s not too strong a word. (I still like mine though!) I hope the above is of some assistance. Any Qs, ask away. I am confident that there will be other views on this but this is my perspective. (Just a part-time recreational flyer with too many kites, if that is even possible.)
  4. I didn’t even know there was a forum for kites on Reddit . (Although guess it shouldn’t surprise me!). Checked it out. I find I rather like lower wind flying. As such, I am familiar with the Silver Fox 2.2 UL, and it is a splendid kite, with some tweaks over its predecessor. Mine uses Dynamic spars, which are available, but perhaps not as widely as other rods. I like your idea of sourcing a spare rod or two ‘in case’ at the same time, and sometimes do so myself for the reasons you advert to. On the Badass: yes, the US has a presence for the kites, which I believe are made in Germany but possibly framed In the US for distribution on this side of the pond. The Badass frames are pretty much standard gauge pultruded carbon, single length rather than ferruled, as frob has indicated. That is not a problem for most flyers I expect, unless there are special needs for transportation capacity as has been stated. (Generally, I have not fully broken down a kite to the 1/2 size leading edge mode much, except for shipping. Tend to keep all mine with leading edges assembled.) I have a Badass UL -- love it, too. I ordered it with an extra LE and LS, as I wasn’t sure I could get the extra length jobbies here in Canada. I do believe that there are a number of US suppliers of rods of the longer length needed, including Kites and Fun Things, and I believe Goodwinds and possibly others. At any rate, have fun in your search for a kite. Agree with the idea of trying some if you can, although for me it seems that local flyers are somewhat sparse. I managed anyways, enjoying the journey by winging it with forums, youtube and corresponding with others. .
  5. Hi, Ceremolligence. Welcome to the forum! While I am not familiar with the Sunny, I did a quick google and can see that it is quite a star out there 😉 I do have a number of New Tech kites, most of them going back a ways, some over 10 years old in design. Last time I looked, they do still maintain a website and the one time I wrote them an inquiry some time ago I did not get a reply. You may fare better - worth a try. That said, I seem to recall someone on here reporting on being in touch with them (Frob?), and perhaps there will be a lead there. The company was quite an active one on the kite scene for a fair time but I have not heard anything recently. Hopefully someone will be able to shed a shinier light for you here... .
  6. I can relate to the ‘returning kiter’ aspect, as I came back myself about 5 years ago after a hiatus. So I ‘get’ the feeling. On the Bensons - excellent build quality in my experience. The Deep Space probably has the wider appeal as more of an all-rounder; the Superfly is quicker and more ‘flicky’. I find my SuperNova a larger, stronger feeling kite that requires relatively more in the way of hand movements than the other two, and a larger presence in the sky. But from the reviews and feedback from others, maybe not for everybody (I do like mine). Suggest googling reviews and videos and perhaps threads on here for comments that may help in your decision amongst your alternatives. Depends what you are ‘after’, which may not even be apparent until you’ve looked a bit. Or did for me...and that's part of the fun. The descriptions on Tim’s pages may also help, if you haven’t already done so. Can’t go wrong with any of them. (Where’ve you heard that before? ) ,
  7. Nice job! Really like the effects of the 'fading' of the colours. Somehow it adds depth to the image, almost a third dimension (along with the two-tone and also faded 'iron' bars). You gotta get us a real pic once available, eh? Interesting that Polo uses the Crystal sticks in the frame. I have some Freileins that use them. And great idea on the extra, lighter frame -- can 'mix and match' according to fancy and wind conditions, even combining various weights within the frame such as a T2 'innie' with T1 'outies' on the LE as an alternative to a complete swap. Can see why you were enamoured of the venteds in that video. Oh, to be so near a beach. Keep us posted! .
  8. It was a lot of fun to scroll through your inventory. Many I recognised. Many I didn’t! Can’t go wrong with your choices. While you say you may not be enamoured of the colour of your Tica, it is a fine choice as a ballet style kite and was ahead of its time when introduced (the video posted by BT above brought back memories). The fittings, if some are of the original surgical tubing, may need replacement but not a huge job if not already done. The same could be said of the Wren, another great choice btw imo. The Pro Dancer is likewise a good choice and you have various colour schemes to chose from. Do consider in addition one of the UL versions and the Vented to give a good range of winds the kite can be flown in. (I assume that the ULs are not the SUL version, which is a timeless design still being made and sold today!). I also like the Luna Moth (#1 in your list), as I believe they were flown by the Poys back in the 90s and they were based in my home town of Toronto. Great looking kite that won many competitions in its day. Further Notes (I may have further thoughts if I spend any more time on it but off the top of my head): -you intially mentioned a Rok and hereby remind you of it - great flying kites once trimmed properly for the particular wind. If wanna settle for a wee one, the LL Rok (#36) is a good choice -the Ospreys shown as #2 and #3 in your list look like cute little beginner kites designed by Skyburner but possibly made by Premier. -the NikNak (#5) was well regarded as a kite for very light wind and indoors and is more like an SUL than a UL I believe. -the Buena Vista (#74) I am almost certain is the x4i, a splendid little wisp of a kite that is mainly indoor but also okay outdoors in zero-ish wind. Here’s Hoy’s BFK ad from back then: http://www.bfk.com/kite/ki07013.htm Thanks for posting your stuff. Your dad had a wonderful collection. .
  9. Supplemental: The idea of a stiffer lower spreader is a good one and I can think of a bunch of kites where this has been done, but many of them have something like .2100 or .2300 or 6mm pultruded frames, with say a skyshark 5PT or Dynamic 15/18 tapered in the lower spreaders for added stiffness/strength. Quite a difference in rods. For instance, the Prism Hypnotist, SkyDog Sweet Emotion, Flying Wings Insync, etc use this approach. Don’t know if the difference would be as dramatic in 5PT upgraded to nitros for lower spreaders on a specific kite. Quite possibly. Be interested in reading your experience if you proceed in any case. .
  10. Of the kites I have with nitros, they are generally considered an upgrade if they didn’t originally come with them. Presumably for stiffness, although there may also be a strength factor. (BMK Mongoose, Enigma, Widow). Have not done a side by side comparison though. Nitros do require a larger diameter ferrule, which may complicate things slightly at the centre T fitting if swapping out from other skysharks, but no biggie. Consider a note or phone call to the man, Jon Trennepohl at Skyburner to get the best advice I can think of on the planet for such matters. (They, of course, make them along with others you might be comparing them to.) Certainly cheaper to make the change incrementally and see how you like the effect with just the LSs first. That'd be my thought. .
  11. Nice flyin' and presentation. Looks like you own the beach! Empty! .
  12. I am a little late to this but thought of this thread while I was out today. Quite some time ago I started playing with just skimming (more like sliding) the kite along the top of the grass from a rest, as far as I could one way, then reversed to the other. All the while still on the ground, inverted. The movements I noted are mostly small pulls, a la dual line method. But after a bit could lift the tip of the kite with tiny wrist movements and that helped smooth it all out and release the kite if it got stuck in a tuft of grass. Fairly windy today around here, but even so found walking backwards slightly helped a bit at times. May only work on grass, or at least that's all I've tried it on. Forgiving and not too abrasive 😉 I do this from time to time on my quad sessions. Looks impressive if I do say so. After some reps, move it up a bit, maybe dragging the rearmost end on each pass. (later: over water!). But the move may be a useful practice step. Trying to picture this reference to 180 degrees but may be missing something. Do you mean 360 degrees? 180 would put it leading edge up to my way of thinking. (If it matters). My side slides in general need work but I am just as good in either direction. The practice is much of the fun 😉 .
  13. Love the name. I am way too active on my feet to make that work but maybe I will try it some day. (The movement is a good part of the fun for me. Plus I gotta get in my 10,000 steps/day my doc says, so...) 😉
  14. Nice kite, I do like the one I have. Very well made as usual by Level One of Germany. Mine flies steady and solid, yet relatively nimble and light on the lines. Nice axels, too, I was reminded the other day. (Sometimes I surprise myself. 😉) .
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