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  1. Here are just some thoughts on these tubes. They are indeed stiff if one looks at the weight alone at 19 grams (although weight alone may not be the only factor). The current Skyshark 5PTs are about 15 grams, and the 7PTs are listed as 20g. A Nitro Strong is 17.5 grams. So -- insofar as a dual line kite, that would possibly be more aimed at a higher wind configuration and/or a biiig kite, no? My eight foot wingspan Benson SuperNova has 7PT lower spreaders, and that is very sturdy. For lighter winds I use 5PTs (with lighter meaning 10/12 kph (~6+ mph) and up on that kite, for me anyways). Many of my UL kites sport 3PTs. Some of my SULs use 2PTs. So: this prize consists of very special rods for very special projects. Someone is going to be very lucky. .
  2. Here it is, a video showing a more modern go at the beloved Stranger. Not bad for a ~25 year old design, eh? From the blurb on the vid: "This episode of Back To The Old School covers Psycho's bigger and older brother: the Flexifoil Stranger designed by Andy Preston. Flown at the Zandmotor beach in light and moderate wind. Thanks to Chris Wojtas for providing his pristine Stranger. No mods, except for the temporary clip-on yoyo stoppers and i removed the trickline for this session. Enjoy!"
  3. Eeek - did you mean to insert a smiley after the part I bolded? Lol. If you get this kite, umm ... hold off on the trick line at least 'till you have flown it awhile. The types of tricks modern kites do do not require, and indeed arguably are hindered by, trick lines. In fact, ppl have been known to remove such lines from the likes of our Stranger or its lil brother Psycho in aid of more modern flying styles (I am not one of them, but there are some great more recent videos of flying older kites that support this). .
  4. I forget whether the Hypnotist has a leech line (and your post upon rereading implies not), but if it does it is a line which goes through the trailing edge and is then tied/wound to each wingtip. Adjusting this line is the fix. If there are vinyl end caps on the wingtips, pull it off the noisey side to see how at is set up, and take note before you unwind/untie. Tighten to lessen noise but not too much. May need to experiment incrementally. My Hypnotist is not immediately to hand or I would reach for it for more immediate thoughts. No doubt someone else will jump in to set us straight if there is better information. The old Field Cards Prism did for each kite were quite useful in this regard, but unsure if there was one for the Hypnotist offhand. HTH. .
  5. Nice finds in that basement! I, too, have a Stranger from that era and yes, it, too, was still in the basement when I resurrected it a few years ago. Flies great if not exactly 'modern'. First one I got was Carrington ripstop, and later got an icarex version. Axels in a blink. Or before. Now that Most Excellent has quite the rep if memory serves. Never had one but from what I have read it is held in high esteem for its day. I say fly them, maybe on a day more towards the lower end of their wind range perhaps at first if you are concerned, but do fly them! (But I do get the preservation strategy if you prefer. The ITW Hydra might be a good option for a more modern trick kite at a good price if you are looking new. Mention that as you seem to have visited there. Or grab something used if you see it.) My 20-25 year old spectra lines held up quite well btw and don't think time alone will render them unusable, assuming they haven't been left out in the sun or something all that time, and assuming they are in reasonable condition flying-time wise. But new lines aren't a bad idea if you have the budget and, eventually, need for it. Particularly to have a range of lengths and/or strengths for various conditions. Do have fun at any rate and welcome back! .
  6. Wow! I never win nuthin! Thank you very much. I remember reading the riffclown thread about this some time ago, and had the thought of converting a Symphony but never did get past the thought. Now, my lack of sewing skills is irrelevant, for this project anyways. Awesome is right. Cheers, Michael
  7. Looks like you are in a Carolina. Part of me envies you but not the prospect of crowds that you mention. I haven't flown in about six weeks here in my neck of Southern Ontario near Toronto, but look forward to the day when I can do so. Heck we can't golf yet either around here but the day is coming. I hope. Kinda older, so that may influence my enthusiasm for it these days, even when restrictions are relaxed a bit. Weird times. .
  8. Hi Joel. Welcome to the forum! Don't know the kite, but my first thought was to see what Jim Nicholls of New Zealand might say about it. So I see in a general search that there is both an Angel and an Angel Wing by Brasington (as well as others such as a Seraph Angel!) and my quick look at ITW refers to the Wing variant. Nicholls has video of the Angel and the comments there contain some points which may be relevant to your assesment if that is the kite you are interested in. (In case you missed it.) https://youtu.be/GUOGPFyD4Kc If Nicholls doesn't discuss the version you want, maybe drop him a line! He seems quite knowledgeable with wide experience. Hope this helps. It helped me as I enjoyed the slight detour Michael
  9. Update: a little search of this site produced a number of threads discussing the noise of early Widow versions, and whether and how to address it. Here is a thread discussing installation of a leech line on a kite which lacks it. The author of this makes specific reference in other threads to doing this on his Premier Widow as well, with success. Granted, it may be the pre-NG version, but it may prove a useful modification, not only for the sound, but possibly performance as well: Installing a Leech Line Step by Step Tutorial https://kitelife.com/forum/topic/3240-installing-a-leech-line-step-by-step-tutorial/?tab=comments#comment-21325 Hth .
  10. I believe the NG version of the Widow has no leech line. Or at least mine doesn't. (My version sewn by Level One, which is a definite upgrade over the entry level Premier version, does have one. So the sound and flight performance may be tuned.) It may be that it was at least in part a deliberate move to keep the Premier kite in the more affordable range, but that is just a guess. Personally, I prefer quieter kites for most of the places I fly, where I don't want to be too obtrusive. Some kites are just made loud from the get-go, and my old NSR is one of them . No leech line. There may be a place for them, and there are people who like the noise. Chacun à son goût. To each their own! PS: somewhere there is (or was) a thread on one of the forums discussing a retroactive addition of a leech line. So there's that possibility. For clarification, the leech line is a line, usually spectra, threaded through the trailing edge seam of the kite sail. Some kites use other methods to reduce the flutter. .
  11. Hi Seth; I had a WindDance (or two) back in the day and I remember that they were well built and flew nicely. Mine were yellow There is at least one copy of the manual floating around on the internet that I am aware of and, as you may be aware, it appears that the kite has been out of production for well nigh a couple of decades. In the circumstances, as you state you are an actual owner, I would not hesitate to provide you with a link to the site or send you a copy from it. In the form I have it the order of the pages are somewhat jumbled but readable and no doubt will be useful. Over 35 pages! I will PM you accordingly. .
  12. Went for the UL version of the Badass. I find that I now prefer lower wind days in general, or the times I want to fly seem lower wind days, not sure which way the causality works in my case. Have just had it out a few times but absolutely enjoying it. So much so that I would also consider a STD. At the moment the standard portion of my kite bag is quite well represented, however, so no burning desire succumbed to. Yet. My impression is that the Reloaded is a somewhat quicker little machine that one might want more to fly on shorter lines and/or smaller spaces. See also the response to your 3/4 kite question. There are some cool youtube videos of both kites out there, which may help you decide what appeals more to you. Was also considering the Reloaded, but there was appeal to me of a slower, more methodical mode of flying that I can see unfolding in front of these old eyes. .
  13. I am somewhat Old School, but to me a 'full size' stunt kite might be in the eight foot range, although there is plenty of variation a few inches either side of that, mostly less. Not sure it is a defined term, but to me a three quarter would be in the 6 to possibly approaching 7 foot range. Examples: Benson Matchbox (~76"), possibly Prism Fanatic (~72"), Flexifoil Psycho (~78"), and more modern kite: Level One Reloaded (specs say 77"). OP and others will have other examples. That said, there are six to seven footers that fly 'big' and vice-versa. .
  14. I believe it was just something like 'MLD Kite Line Bag' or some such. I also have some single zipped pouches in the series. Brief search brought up this reference, but no longer available if that is true: http://www.windpowersports.com/accessories/bags/mld-line-bag.php
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