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    Welcome CDN_Badger

    Will! Thanks again for the Chat, and the hands on pointers the other day! Been looking for a place here in Sidney, but so far we haven't had any wind. Have a great day! Al
  2. CDN_Badger

    Welcome CDN_Badger

    Hello From Victoria BC Im new to Kite flying. I loved going down to Clover Point in Victoria to watch, and was always amazed with the Skill and Grace of the flyers. One day I chatted with a few of them and was very happy to find how friendly everyone was. I specifically expressed interest in the Rev kite. Just because of how manoeuvrable it was. I myself have flown Drones for the past 4 years. But now with the change in the regulations, I decided to sell them and bought a Reflex XX. So far I've had it out once, and thanks to the Video's on YouTube, I actually did surprisingly well.