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  1. Now reduced to £100 Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  2. Thats great I had wondered about all that! I will make some longer pigtails with more knots to fine tune and will give it another go!
  3. For sale Post to Mainland United Kingdom ONLY Peter Lynn Hornet 5.0 in Orange,Teal and White Handles and bar included with one full set of lines Flown once, power kites are just not for me!! The picture of it flying is a stock photo not me!!!! £125 Posted
  4. Managed another day out with the Rev today, at the beach close by with the family, Initially, I wasn't sure that there was enough wind but I flew a SLK with my son which flew great and was very stable. So i got the Rev out and the found a big empty part of the beach and it flew great I always thought that my local flying site which is several football pitches was a good but the Rev felt so much better on the beach very predictable and consistent which must be from the unobstructed onshore winds? with the consistency of the wind, I really spent some time concentrating on the hover which did come a little easier and I found that I could hold the kite steady all over the wind window. Once I was happy with the hover I spent time sliding the kite whilst trying to maintain a hover and in both vertical and horizontal planes which I found tricky as countering the pull of the handle trying to rotate the kite but gained a little success. the thing that seems to really elude me it the ability to rotate the kite and then hover but after 4 days I feel that it's something that will come with time. I have now subscribed to gain the extra videos and will study and make notes for my next outing. Does anyone have any patterns or drills they always go back to as a warm up or to get a feel for the wind and setup? Should I maybe change my leaders for longer and more option leaders like advertised in the kitelife shop?
  5. Just seen the quad clinic! Looks like I've missed out the booking page shows sold out and it's a fair drive from the West Country!! Just for the kite show Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  6. So I have had my Rev Reflex RX for 3 days and the wind has been ok to fly every day, I'm down in Plymouth in the UK and we never struggle for a sea breeze and living 500m from a huge set of public football pitches on top of a hill it is one of the best flying sites for miles. The first day the wind was a little light and variable with a 30 deg shift in direction which made my first experience of flying a quad a "challenge" to say the least only ever flying dual line stunt kites before it was mentally very challenging to get the inputs of the quad correct and when things happened quickly my instincts as a duel liner took over often ending on me "landing" unexpectedly, but as the evening wore on I started to get used to the feel of the extra bottom lines and could fly a box and figure 8 to some fashion. The second evening the wind was a little stronger and from a steady direction and I could really get the kite moving concentrating firstly on the box shapes then figure 8's the controls started to feel normal but not instinctive and I have to analyze what I did and how it affected the movement of the kite. Next was the hover which is much much harder than all the YouTube videos make it look! I had little success with it I feel that I must be over controlling the kite as it wants to race forwards but I can back it down very slowly but can't find the "bite" when it stops and wants to hover yet. Day 3 and after an hour of single line flying with my son the wind felt good and steady so I set up the Rev again and really had a great time oh god this is fun to fly really felt comfortable in flying it around hovers did start to come together, I found them much easier at the top and bottom of the wind window, on the edges it veered off sliding and in the centre it was like a caged animal trying to race upwards! I felt comfatable enough to try an inverted stop and managed it a few times nicely but I lost my nerve and was pulling up high and about 2m above the ground, it did stop wonderfully but again my brain started to hurt working out inputs of the kite flying backward and upsidedown! but fun none the less. Sorry to of gone on but I'm still buzzing from flying and had to tell someone... well anyone...you lot.... Matt
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