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  1. I have the Rev Reflex Rx. Bought the fulcrum standard. Fulcrum pulls harder in lighter winds. I don’t find one to be more fun than the other. Only 2-3 hrs on the fulcrum. Assembly is easy. Two end spars and one center and attach the lines. I lost my assembly instructions or I would post them. It took me a while because it felt like I was forcing the spars into place. Just trust the instructions and you will do fine. Second time assembly was about two minutes. The fulcrum really likes to catch the wind. I consider myself an advanced beginner to early intermediate. Not sure what all to cover so ask questions. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  2. bought a fulcrum. have flown 2-3 hrs worth. it is easy if you have any quad experience at all. it is not the same beast as the Rev Rx I own but is not meant to be. it is very anxious to get in the air. I consider myself to be late beginner to early intermediate. assembly is easy. and is done in five minutes or less once you have done it one time. I find it tempting to compare it to the Rev Rx but not sure that isn't apples to oranges somewhat. hardest thing was getting used to the orientation of the kite which is easier to do with the Rev. Am I happy with it? Hey! Its a kite! And a very good one! Of coarse I am happy!
  3. Thanks all for the input! I decided to go with the 1.5 reflex rx and am enjoying it. I am finding all of your input to be true. The last couple of days have afforded some quality flying time and I feel as if I am starting to make a successful transition into quads. I have managed good landings and reverses as well as some good "infinity pattern" flying. Even some tip stands when the wind was consistent. Funny how a little success gets you hooked! thanks again to everyone.
  4. So, I just want to know which quad to buy as a beginner. Half of what you guys said is over my head. Help guys!
  5. Thanks all for the input. I will be watching.
  6. Currently flying Prism 4D and Prism Hypnotist. Mostly fly 4D. Winds mostly 4-12 with 16-20 not unusual. Which Revolution should I be thinking about? What are advantages of vented/unvented? What is significance of number of wraps? thank you! Flying in Walla Walla Valley.
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