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  1. Ed Ang

    Big Stack o' Nexus'

    Ha! What the plural of Nexus? Lol... Nexii??
  2. Ed Ang

    Big Stack o' Nexus'

    Would love to hear fellow Kitelifer's thoughts on this listing. I'm not interested.. But this guy has a nice stack of kites going on there. Wow... says it's potentially dangerous. I'd try it, Once maybe ☺ https://m.ebay.com/itm/Stack-of-10-Prism-Nexus-Stunt-Kites-/162692927850?hash=item25e141116a%3Ag%3A61cAAOSwCG9Z0GV7&_trkparms=pageci%3Abe1100ca-a7d4-11e7-9d6f-74dbd180a6e7%7Cparentrq%3Adfb5b8fe15e0ab4d29abc4b0ffffdc36%7Ciid%3A1
  3. Ed Ang

    Ah ha moment.

    Read alot about this kite. And finally got some smooth wind a Seaside Park in Bridgeport, CT. Sorry for carrying on.. Welp.... I've spent alot of scratch on lite wind kites.... All are great for what the are... 4D, Zephyr... But this; Dodd Gross Black Dog UL... Wow! First tip stand, first lengthy stalls, first axle, first flare to fade launch. I'm really just throwing slack at this kite and it just eats it up.. So ununbelievably happy!! What a kite!!
  4. Ed Ang

    Not such a beautiful sunset. 😔

    Definitely gonna try it. White lil' dreamer on deck. Just have to look up the line setup. I wouldn't want to remove the Dream on bridle. Just don't want to change that kite from stock. Guess I'd just tie wrap it.....
  5. Ed Ang

    Not such a beautiful sunset. 😔

    Thanks Oscar. That white Dream on flew so smooth, like Butta. Have same in black. Ordering the white little dreamer in tribute LOL. Might stack em'. ~fair winds~
  6. Broke 90 lbs dyneema line... twirled down with the wind. 😣😲😲😲😲😲🙃
  7. Ed Ang

    Happy B-day Wayne Dowler 🎂

    Happy Birthday!
  8. Ed Ang

    Velcro kite straps

    Cheap..... http://www.joann.com/velcro-brand-one-wrap-strap-3/4inx-48in---black/1070143.html Sent from my SM-S320VL using KiteLife mobile app
  9. Ed Ang

    Prism 4D repair help

    Thanks Tim. I'll go with a heat gun. I didn't want to melt the spar or make it worse. (Spars are hard to find). I prob turn a new farrule on my lathe out of zinc rod or alum if my shop has some. The steel roll pin was a good idea bud.☺
  10. Need to replace a leading edge ferrule i broke in half. One end of the ferrule seems to be glued... Will I damage the spar using a heat gun? Prism 4D LE spars are out of stock everywhere I looked. Thanks for any helpful hints. (Sorry for crap pic)