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  1. Fluke

    Fluke's journey

    phew haven't flown since last year. need to get back at it
  2. funny thing is i never say i want something.... i say i need it. that, my friend, is "fooling oneself 101"
  3. I was really on the fence between the silverfox (not pro) and widow ng. Only reason I went silverfox is because the pro was at a very good priced. I live in Mauritius, shipping to here is $40 minimum for something bulky as a full size kite so i do a lot of research before I order something [emoji14] Learned about getting quality over quantity the hard way. I have a chinamade foil, a Chinese delta, a few Chinese single lines and the paimpol equivalent of the beatle. All are poo. The paimpol was somewhat decent but the cheap chinese stuff.... To be fair they cost around $3 a piece with the shipping... But it's a sure way to push peoples away from the hobby. I have friends who would have not even look back on kites after buying those if they didn't see the hypnotist go. If you want a silverfox ul i won't stop you [emoji14] my silverfox feels and looks very "high end" even next to the prism (people go "woa" looking at it ). But the sf ul is closer to a standard kite than a true ultralight Sent from my [device_name] using http://KiteLife mobile app
  4. I was looking around at low wind kites when I stumbled upon this pair from flyingwings. And opinion on them? Seems interesting and in my budget (acrobatx ul too). What would you pick between the airwave ul, airwave zero and acrobatx ul? Sent from my [device_name] using http://KiteLife mobile app
  5. Fluke

    Widow ng

    talking about Jim? very nice guy and very patient with me when i ordered the sf about c-clips: are they glued in place or just clipped on? my hypnotist could benefit from a few around the connectors
  6. hmm i have a set of 150# 66ft dyneema. gonna try that next time i go out. i presume shorter lines = less drag as well and more direct feel to the kite. since i no longer lawn dart at full throttle (well, panic aside) i might have a go on the sf just to see
  7. pretty much new. rarely flew 100ft. i'm pretty much used to the 85ft.so haven't had the time to really feel the difference
  8. Might sound stupid but i thought of cutting down my 100ft line down to 85ft. Is there a noticeable difference between these lengths? Or is it not worth the hassle? Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L21 using KiteLife mobile app
  9. I need to convert your imperial stuff into metric More than pound rating, i've come to the conclusion that line brands is important as well. i have a set from HQ and a set from Decathlon. both 130#. the Decathlon ones are twice as thick as the HQ which i presume, creates more drag. Right now i'm using 130# 100 ft on the silverfox and 130# 80ft on my hypnotist and thinking of using a chopped pair of 150# 65ft on my future orao feel-r160 because that's what i have laying around. might get some shanti or lpg lines when i decide to get new ones
  10. Fluke

    Fluke's journey

    Had a low wind session with hypno wind was very low at first. set bridles to low wind and remove the top spreader. managed to float a bit. then wind picked up a bit but was still around 2-3 beaufort (i'm guessing around 7-8kmh. gust like around 12-13kmh), managed to stay aloft. what i did learn is to better play with the wind window and i succeeded in a few axels (very slowly. i was like "did you see that? that was on purpose") and managed to get into a fade from a turtle but more work is needed to hold it. i'm on holidays a whole month so i might hit beaches and football grounds a bit during the week. i wonder if foxy would have been better in those winds...
  11. Fluke

    Widow ng

    Kites: more than meets the eye (my facebook friends can concure)
  12. Fluke


    being a beginner with multiple kites too i can see what you mean by hinder progress, but in the same time it allows my to adjust to multiple flying styles. + i fly with less fear of breaking because i know i will have a backup kite to keep me up if i ever i break something and need to order stuff.
  13. agreed. always try to fly with a purpose, which is quite boring for onlookers because it's like me attempting a lazy susan, failing, falling from the sky, belly launch or cartwheel (those tricks i know ) and go up to attempt a lazy susan again. right now i'm here
  14. Fluke

    Widow ng

    on step 5, petroleum jelly can help
  15. Fluke

    Widow ng

    if the lowerspreader damage is not too severe (like just splitting then a temporary fix would be ca glue and cable ties. would get you up again while waiting for replacement
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