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  1. Thanks for the info. While perusing the “kites for sale” section, I see a few different variations of the 1.5; 1.5 Classic, 1.5 B Series(which you mentioned), 1.5 SUL, 1.5 SLE...differences? Is there one I should stick with as a beginner?
  2. I currently have a dual line, Prism Quantum, which I enjoy flying very much. Thinking of picking up a used Rev Exp off the forum for my low wind days. Would this be a good beginner quad to learn on as I have never flown quad before? Are these kites really good for no/low wind? Thank you in advance for any advice.
  3. Ya, I came to the realization today that this hobby is just not for me. I try to fly there's too many people, I try to fly wind is too high, I try to fly wind is too low. And today, to top it all off, I put a hole in the brand new kite that I just purchased, a kite that hasn't even been flown yet. So that was the straw that broke it. Ive been at this for two months and have had maybe 2 or 3 quality fly times, and that is certainly not for a lack of trying. So this hobby has become more frustrating than it is relaxing, which is not what I am looking for in a hobby. Gotta know your limitations. Kiting is relatively inexpensive enough to get into, so maybe 6 months a year down the line, $150 for an all around good kite and some accessories and I'm back in the game, with a better understanding of what it takes for this hobby.
  4. 1. Prism 25th Avviersary Quantum Radian Special Edition - Flown just a handful of times and is in excellent condition. Kite comes with: Dyneema 85' 150# lines w/ straps Dyneema 85' 100# lines w/ straps Dyneema 85' 50# lines w/ straps 2 40' Nylon tails. One is Orange and one in Purple, both match the kite 16ft Led Kite Tail All of this was roughly $200 including tax. Looking for $150 Includes shipping to CONUS. Specs: Wing Span: 84" Wind Range: 3–25 MPH Frame: .098 Pultruded Carbon Lower Spreaders: Putruded Carbon Upper Spreader: Pultruded Carbon Sail: Ripstop Nylon & Mylar Laminate Assembled Weight: 15.3oz (435g.) 2. Premier Osprey. Small hole that has been repaired with transparent repair tape. $30 including shipping to CONUS Let me know if more pics are needed.
  5. JaseRicco


    Looks like the weight is off. When I first received mine I contacted Prism directly, and Keegan(Rep. at Prism) stated that the Quantum weight is 15.3oz / 435g
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. Ill check to see if the leech line is attached to the bungee using a larkshead knot, if it is, that makes it a lot easier. Then the only decision will be whether or not I want to put a second hole in the kite.
  7. JaseRicco


    Love it. Real eye catcher. Smooth flyer. Quality kite all around.
  8. Interesting that we all have a similar "issue", but the hole on the Standards are a bit higher than mine. Not sure if this is a huge oversight that Flying Wings missed, or if we are looking to deeply on this "potential issue". I agree with what you are saying about the leech line being somewhat tucked into the recess of the wings on the kite. I think this gives a natural protection to the leech line. I'm not sure I am comfortable making a second hole in the velcro strap, nor do I have the tool for doing this, but good suggestion. If I got my hands on a soldering iron, I would make the hole where the velcro meets the V of the sail, which would most likely give the leech line as much protection as possible. But this would mean unknotting the leech line, making the hole, and re-knotting...not sure I want to get into that right yet.
  9. Yes, certainly seems like an overlooked design flaw. I can't see any way that I would be able to thread the leech line inside the velcro strap without affecting something else, but I'm not to crafty to begin with. I'll keep thinking about it.
  10. This is what I received from Flying Wings... "Good morning Jason, Yes, indeed, that is correct. The first generation SF 2.5 and SF 2.3, the Leach line were designed and built exactly like that. It is later on with the SF-Pro the leach line was enclosed inside the Velcro strap. Thank you very much for your enthusiasm with Flying Wing's Silver Fox kites! Best regards, Edward"
  11. I composed that post while I was at work today, and was writing it tot he best of my recollection. After getting home and taking a look, there is in fact only one hole...you are correct. Just so I understand, the leech line on your 2.5 looks like the leech line on my 2.3 UL, and I should leave it the way it is.
  12. Ok...I put a call into Flying Wings, the Rep. had me send some photos, and he said that he will be getting back to me soon. Let's see what they have to say.
  13. Apparently this manufacture did, beceause as you can see from the photos, there is no way for me to get the leech line on the inside of the velcro strap utilizing the hole that they have provided...just won't work. Are we thinking another defective kite? After further inspection, it looks like the problem is that they have the leech line threaded through the hole on the inside and outside of the velcro strap. I guess I can untie the leech line from the bungee and thread it through just the hole on the inside of the velcro strap, run it up and re-tie it to the bungee? Sound like a fix? Just not sure why they would have two holes...like it's meant to be on the outside.
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