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    CNC machinist with an interest in everything. I can make anything and I want to learn everything.
  1. Thank you. Lots of good reading around here. Been busy today with my son being born. He's arrived safely and sleeping right now so I have a chance to read. I'll post over in the building section if I can't find what I need. Currently looking up recommend thread and stiching methods.
  2. I've been lucky enough to have a great UPS driver at my new house. Had to order tires and a TV and he put them around the side of the house behind my race car out of sight from the road. Left a note on the door for me. As I live near a high school a few packages have walked away from my neighbors over the years. Sent from my Pixel using KiteLife mobile app
  3. Hello all, new here. I really enjoy kites. I've gone to long beach wa for the last 4 years for the kite festival and the cool beach during August. This year I can't go due to a child on the way, I'm in the hospital right now actually. So I've been missing my sea air and kites in the breeze. I'm already planning my trip if for next year and I want to make or buy a large kite. I'm looking at large foils and flow forms. So anyone who can help me out with plans for a 50-200 sq ft kite. Sent from my Pixel using KiteLife mobile app
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