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  1. Great looking kite. Will have to pay closer attention in the future. Sent from my iPad using KiteLife mobile app
  2. I'm In Sent from my iPad using KiteLife mobile app
  3. Great idea! Found myself in the very situation the other day when I was trying to explain what a Revolution was, and what it could do. Could not find a good video to explain it in the short period of time I had. Sent from my iPad using KiteLife mobile app
  4. Can you post the links to those videos? Would be interested in seeing them. Sent from my iPad using KiteLife mobile app
  5. I just picked up a full sail Series B at The Kite Shoppe (online store). Surprised they still had them for sale. I think they had mid vents and full vents as well. Good Luck. Sent from my iPad using KiteLife mobile app
  6. When I got to the flying field I introduced myself to the group of flyers that were there and noticed that at least one of them was flying a Revolution. I told them that I was a newbie and asked them where I could setup. After setting up my kite one of the flyers came over and made sure that I had everything setup correctly, and I let them take it for a test flight. When they landed they asked me to take off and land. I had about as much success as my first flights out. Kite went up, reached the top of the wind window and the bottom legs came out of it. What my instructor told me was that I
  7. Went over to the flying field last week and got someone to look over my kite and show me some of the basics. I am now able to keep the kite in the air and begin to make progress on the basics. Was well worth the trip. Hopefully the weather will cooperate this week and I can go back. Thanks for all the help and encouragement. Sent from my iPad using KiteLife mobile app
  8. Some real good points. I have not checked line length. Will have to do that this week. Picked up an E-Book on one of the kite sites called a Flying the REV, and how to do it. Been finding it very helpful. Has some good drawings on the connection points and bridle. So many things to learn. Glad to find some of these resources to get me going. Sent from my iPad using KiteLife mobile app
  9. Thanks for all of the advice. I was pulling exclusively on the top lines and looks like by the time the kite hit the top of the wind window was over controlling it. I will try adjusting the knots next time and trying to put pressure on the middle of the handles and not as much on the top as it maxes out the wind ,window. Small inputs. The spars are on the back of the kite and not the front. The best news is that I had time to drive across town and visited a kite shop. Found out they fly every Wednesday so I am hoping to get some help there. Bit of a drive, but I think it will be well worth
  10. Got to fly my Series-B for the first time yesterday and could not seem to keep it in the air. The winds were blowing around 12 Mph, I have 82 ft lines and no snag handles with TK's leaders. Started with the lines all the way out on both the upper and lower leaders and could not launch the kite. Moved them one knot at a time on the upper leaders until I was 5 knots in. Finally was able to launch, but when the kite got up to a certain height the kite legs would twist and the kite would fall out of the sky. Very frustrating. Looking for advice from some experienced pilots. Do I need to conti
  11. Hi Makatakam, Thanks for pointing out the map. Had not made it to that part of the site yet. Would be nice to tie up and fly with others in my area. Was very happy to see your recommendation on the Series-B, and that you felt that it would be a good match for the winds in the Midwest. I had a lead on a Series-B not pan out and was bummed. Was going to go with a Reflex, or a New York Minute, but kept on searching for that elusive Series-B. So many people that fly revolutions say that they like their Series-B the most. Finally found a Kite Store that had a full sail Black, Red, White
  12. Hi Jase, Thanks for the leads on the kite sites. Have not worked my way through this site yet, but enjoy researching the topics to get me started on my next adventure into kiting. Chuck
  13. Hello John, and Other Fellow Kite Flyers, My name is Chuck and I am a kite flyer in South East Michigan (Troy to be exact). I started kite flying about 20 years ago and flew mainly dual line kites, as well as a 4 line soft kite called a Quadrafoil. The Quadrafoil is so easy to pack on a trip. No spars, just a sail, lines, and handles. I have only flown about once or twice a year for the past 10 years and for some unknown reason have been bitten by the bug again. I am in the process of trying to find a Revolution that I can get back into the hobby with.. In looking at the videos
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