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  1. That's right, Penny will be flying her REV at "Ryder Cup" Golf tourney, Opening Ceremonies in Louisville KY so the Golf Channel should as well, Looking forward to seeing the Kites over the Falls! good luck, Tues, IQUAD. I 'll be watching Rock EM ALL
  2. That's Awesome, I lost mine as well Mousie, with The Bag that was lost in my accident, I'm missing my VIP, I will replace someday!!
  3. Hi Marko, I know that there is a Rockaway kite festival on the 5th of SEPT, I think Charles Stewart is organizing it, with that said. Sky Festivals Rockaway has been postponed, was scheduled for the 13th of Sept, I will contact you as soon as I can to give you more info! On this! Scott Weider
  4. Hi, I can't wait for video of Reflection, Paul said he would post on his web site, I flew indoor sat night in Mass, Dedham, then Sunday I drove to Liberty, New Jersey to fly with Mark lummas from San Diego, In 24 hours I flew in 2 states drove over 500 miles so I rest on MONDAY! Getting srtonger and I have permission from Pauline to fly as much as I like , HaHA,
  5. Talk about mile high. GOOD FOR YOU, let the Parade begin in CO. I'm sure you'll get a few other flyers to join in soon enough. Scott Weider
  6. Wen, If I may, It started with SUE MOSKOWITZ, (owner, "HIGH FLYERS FLIGHT CO" the former store in NEWPORT, RI) and Lolly @ REVOLUTION, they made sure, I, Scott Weider, had the new indoor REV, that blue sail Wen now flys is/was my very first INDOOR REV, Theresa (Owner, THE KITE SHOPPE" currently operating out of Vancouver, Washington State) put the new 1/4" inch indoor rods in it, and BELL brought back to Taiwan, hand delivered, Now, WEN, teach the old kite new trick/behavior and the cycle continues. I'm humbled to be friends of such a wonderful human being in WEN JENG,.. I'm lucky, to know him, this young man is well beyond his years. And, he has young legs but wise mind! So Baloo, you too can fly this way, FOR SURE!! just one month, ask WEN! from 3 to 103, the REV has much sail area to accept wind which provides the lift, small steps/keep hands the same configuration as kite and It just sits up in the air, "Like Magic!" These where my words about REVOLUTION/INDOOR then and today. They have been around 20 years and counting!! with a kite that does work well... Large sail area, it's MAGIC! One name is "John Ruggiero" who made custom INDOOR REV which was VERY inspirational to the production model. these things only a few know. but all enjoy now.. JOE, DAVID and LOLLY, THANKS!! I know it's only a kite... not a breathing entity, it only comes alive in the hands of those with a dream to control a bird of sorts.. MAGIC.. and I'm all mushy now!! gotta go! WENs' American Brother..Nathaniel. too, lets not forget! thats another one who has yet to show his kite prowess!!. He'll show us won't he WEN, Nathaniel post here?? Scotts testimony, Thanks for listening!
  7. Hi Litsong, Your passion has been transfered through Wen, I've watched it over time and it is, what is beautiful, and supposed to be! I would love to see Wen and Litsong flying Rev's indoor together! It can be easy, Both of you can handle the kite, just do it at the same time, one kite over the other, It would be AWESOME to see MOTHER & SON, flying pairs! VERY possible, TRY IT! Just for fun each take turns walking/flying a circle over the other flyer! ok ok, enough SCOTT... about letting public fly? What we have done in the past, is open the floor for 15 minutes on the hour for public..45 minutes demo/practice pilots.. to give the wanting public a chance, and it also gives the pilots a chance to share thier individualism/ specialty, Then after 15 minutes, clear floor, Demos start for the regular pilots. This has worked for us at times, maybe have a waiver to sign.. If they step into arena... just to release liability of the GYM or Organization putting the event on! just a simple agreement. If you want to try please sign.. to say "You fly at your own risk" it protects everyone and the public gets PROFESSIONAL instruction for a few minutes. Sharing passion! Scott Weider
  8. Awesome, Dodd, So you can teach an OLd Dog new tricks, keep up the beat Bud! Weider
  9. Thanks for sharing Wen, When will you put some of the Reflection, or is that there? I talked with Paul Debakker today and he said he would put on his web site so send some of the Reflection along as well, I know you are fairly new but you handle the kite quite well young man!! Scott Weider
  10. Hello, I have not seen such a long train flown with ease, very nice! How long are the train lines? I would like to try You make it look so easy! very gracful!! Scott Weider
  11. Will, These look and sound awesome, are you flying with the WOWsters? It sounds like this kite can do all one would ask of an indoor dualie, I would like to see it, On March 15th, Smithsonian/Air and Space Museum will have demos of indoor kites are you going to that? Scott Weider
  12. Hi Wen All set with email, how about a little video clip you flying the new reflection, I would love to see you on video, Can you post a little clip for me PLEASE!, Yeah BABY!, You Have The Power! Jusy wondering?
  13. Hi Wen, Great for you, can't wait to see you again, I will be walking at least a bit more, I just spent 3 weeks in the warm Fla and Texas sun some flying with IQUAD and major recvovery leaps for me! I hope you enjoy and Thanks for the homemade card, Darren and I loved it! your the best!! Tell litsong we send our love, from Rhode Island and thanks for the movies they are great a life's lesson for this family!!! Scott, Pauline and Darren Weider
  14. Great stuff penny, As usual, I noticed you flying the kite behind you then back over your head in reverse, very cool and have never seen anyone do it before,VERY cool! Those wings work your a perpetual ball of energy, AWESOME. maybe I'll get to see you in Lincoln city in March my fingers are crossed!! Scott Weider
  15. Hi again, I'm looking forward, but MARCH planning this late is tricky!! get some dates so all can participate!! soon, GODSPEED! Scott Weider
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