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  1. I would probably like the Hugo and Veyron if they weren't too light on the lines. I like some pull so I can feel the kite. Doesn't much matter because there are plenty of kite options in the US and I will probably never see a Hugo or Veyron around.
  2. If you don't mind me asking, why did you get rid of them?
  3. Thats where i found out about it. Indeed it does look good. I have never seen or heard of one anywhere else.
  4. I figured someone had tried one. Read good things about the Hugo as well.
  5. Just wondering if anyone here has one, or has ever flown a DiamondKites Veyron, and if so what they thought about it. I thought it was a cool looking kite.
  6. I have wondered about the kachoo myself for outdoor sul wind.
  7. I see. One of the best quality built kites if not the best, smaller hand movements than the mamba, and pretty much a dedicated trick kite. It is certainly a good looking kite.
  8. How would a deep space compare to a mamba as far as straight line tracking and snap turn pattern Flying? i am interested in buying a deep space but have read that it is really trick oriented and twitchy, and is difficult to fly for less experienced people.
  9. I see. Thought you were talking about the OSK branded line. I might buy one of their 50# line sets. Andy at OSK talks up their premium LSL high modulus compressed coated lines. I like the skybond coated 100# lines but heard about their 50# not being that great.
  10. Did you buy the OSKUSA LSL high modulus compressed and coated dual line set, or the cheap budget set?
  11. Ok, but it sounds like Paul was talking about the knots being tied on a single strand of kite line. so the line wouldn't be looped back on itself creating a pigtail on the end of the line. So it sounds like his kite line terminates with 3 figure of 8 knots in a single unsleeved line. In that case, I don't see the point of having 3 knots at the end of the line if they aren't to hold the line looped back onto itself. Especially if a person was concerned about snagging. Seems like just one knot at the very end would make more sense. Wouldn't a standard sleeved and looped termination with one knot would be less prone to snagging then 3 knots spread out down the line? Hard for me to imagine how a sleeved loop termination would snag any more on the lines than the knots on the bridle would.
  12. Ok I see. Tension from the larks head goes on the knot instead of the end of the loop. Interesting. But it is still looks fully sleeved, not just bare line. Figure of 8 knots are good, I used them in rock climbing all of the time. Thanks for the pics.
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