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  1. On 10/6/2020 at 12:42 AM, NateyLB said:

    Just got some 50# from OSK and it snapped about 1/4 from the sleeving close to my straps. Popped for an axle in like 2/3mph. Equalized and resleeved on the spot but it’s still irritating on a new line set. Flew for maybe 1/2 hours.

    Did you buy the OSKUSA LSL high modulus compressed and coated dual line set, or the cheap budget set?

  2. Ok, but it sounds like Paul was talking about the knots being tied on a single strand of kite line. so the line wouldn't be looped back on itself creating a pigtail on the end of the line.

    So it sounds like his kite line terminates with 3 figure of 8 knots in a single unsleeved line.

    In that case, I don't see the point of having 3 knots at the end of the line if they aren't to hold the line looped back onto itself. Especially if a person was concerned about snagging. Seems like just one knot at the very end would make more sense.

    Wouldn't a standard sleeved and looped termination with one knot would be less prone to snagging then 3 knots spread out down the line? Hard for me to imagine how a sleeved loop termination would snag any more on the lines than the knots on the bridle would.


  3. 10 hours ago, Paul LaMasters said:

    You are building a line (set) from a single strand, placing the stopper knot into that strand BEFORE forming the attachment loop.

    The pig-tail is that part that loop attaches to, if will never be anywhere except on that bridle or the leaders for handles.

    I can't visualize it. Wish I could.

     But it sounds different than what Flying Smile told me they normally do on dual line sets.

  4. 8 hours ago, Paul LaMasters said:

    pre-tied sets from Flying Smiles' Cath Shook,

    no sleeving, extended length attachment loops with stopper knots built it.


    So they are attaching the lines to the pigtails using knots without sleeving?

    I thought sleeving was to protect the lines from cutting into itself where it contacts itself.

    I have only seen straps come with sewn pigtails, I haven't seen pigtails on both ends of a line set before.

  5. I see.

    Price isn't really the relevant factor for me, it only factors in if one place is price gouging over another on the same product.

    I am not interested at all in making my own line sets. Pinching pennies and making my own line sets is a waste of my time, which is worth more than the small amount of money I would save by doing it.

     I don't feel the need to make a line set just to be able to say that I did, or to prove that I can, because I have no doubt that I can. People in my circle would not be impressed in the least that I tied a few strings together compared to the stuff we work on.


    I like to get set up with what I need so I can spend more time flying and less messing around with making sets, and I am supporting the kite industry by doing so.

    So I buy the good quality, pre stretched, pre sleeved, complete line sets,  None of my lines have changed length yet or needed anything else.


  6. I am going to order some LPG line sets for UL and SUL winds. I am trying to figure out what length of line to get. I have a preference for 85' line length for regular flying.

    It appears that people prefer the 50# X 100' lines for sul wind, Is there a practical reason why people use 100' lines for UL wind instead of 85' lines?

    Also what purpose would 50# X 50' lines have in ul winds instead of 85' or 100' lines? 


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