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  1. You can order directly from Bazzer himself but you will have to pay for shipping from Australia. I know of two shops in the US that sometimes carries his stuff in low quantities so you’ll have to call to see what colors and models are available. They are Ocean Shores Kites and flying smiles kites. Last time I checked, the ash is still available. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. https://www.kitesandfunthings.com/Products/Sky-Shark-P-Series-Tubes__SSPSERIES.aspx
  3. You could create your own frame set and replace the end caps. should be cheaper than $100. https://www.kitesandfunthings.com/Departments/Kite-Parts.aspx
  4. Reason I asked is because the picture looks like it has frame and bridle. I won a bid on ebay last year for a sail only rev kite. It had no bridle and frame. @Boostt since these are your only posts on this forum, do you have references or are you a long time member of any other forum like gwtwforum.com?
  5. Andy from Ocean Shores Kites let me demo the standard and the vented models last fall. We started with the standard in around 5-6 mph and when the wind picked up over 10mph we switched to the max. the vents really helped with the increased wind. I'm still a beginner to dual line tricks so I'm unable to really get into how well I was able to do tricks like axles and such.
  6. Here's a similar thread. Doesn't seem like there's a great solution for you.
  7. The ends fraying is common and so is the wear from the vertical Spars. The newer Revs and OSK Freilein Quad Kites I have already have Mylar wear strips pre-installed as well as folded and sewn leading edge ends. JB offers a service to install Wear Strips: as for the fraying ends, I've read ppl using a lighter to burn them off. Haven't tried that myself.
  8. For line weight and length I usually refer to this video As for brands, Laser Pro Gold is a popular choice but I've been trying out the lines that Ocean Shores Kites sells and its 30-40% cheaper. So far I've been happy with them.
  9. going to make a few FS threads the closer it gets to the release of this kite
  10. Ok. I just now see it Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Lol I’ve been staring at this pic for a while now. I give up. Please tell me what you see. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I only have p300 verticals that came with a used 1.5 SLE I acquired. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Any progress on my quote? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. The first link I posted in the OP is for a ready to install set. Ferrules already installed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I ended up ordering all of them. $75 + $15 shipping. I’ll post up some hd pics and maybe my impressions if the weather up here in Seattle cooperates. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. I use a lot of Skyshark and have never had the slightest issue, but I haven't used the CXL. I can't imagine them being anything but top notch.. ****Big note though. Keep in mind the outer diameter is slightly larger than Rev or standard Skyshark rods so you will probably have to alter, adjust or replace your endcaps from stock.. Ok. Good to know. With shipping it’s $90 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. I tried searching and couldn't find any info on these. Has anybody had any experience with them? $90 shipped for all three sets seems too good to be true. http://www.kitesandfunthings.com/Products/QUAD-FRAME-KITS__quadkit.aspx http://www.kitesandfunthings.com/Products/SKY-SHARK-CXL-CARBON-TUBE__sscxlcarbontube150.aspx
  18. Rev EXP OSK/Freilein Exodus Max OSK/Freilein Exodus Standard OSK/Freilein Exodus Mid Rev Reflex XX Rev 1.5 B Standard Rev 1.5 B Mid Vent Rev 1.5 B Full Vent Rev 1.5 SLE Rev Reflex 1.5 RX Rev Reflex 1.5 RX Spider It looks so bad when I write it all out
  19. Things to note when I was looking at these 2 models recently - Revolution has added reinforcement strips to the back of the 1.5 classics behind the verticals. (see pic) The set of B-series I got did not have this but can be added by JB as a service. - You will get 2 sets of vertical spars 1 set with springs and 1 set without with the 1.5Classic. I have heard you get 2 frames as well with the B-series but mine only came with 1. $299 for the B Series from the Kite Shoppe and $199 for the Classic from awindofchange.com - You can get the 1.5 classic in standard, mid, and full vent
  20. Why not buy the rev clone if you loved it? I have a few Bseries and a few OSK/Freilein Exodus kites and they feel really similar to this noob.
  21. does this anatomy diagram help any? https://www.pictaram.org/post/Ba_9VxenaUN
  22. So i found a great deal on a Widow NG Special a while ago but then afterwards was wondering what exactly does that "Special" title entail? Also in my browsing I found a Premier/KHK Skyscraper that is the same design and specs but at a ridiculously lower price of $119.99 https://store.kittyhawk.com/products/skyscraper-stunt-kite-176336 Does anybody know the differences between these models? Pictures attached
  23. That’s good they come with 150# now. I have three older quantums and they came with 90#. Snapped one 90# line at WSIKF this year in around +15mph wind. It was a good learning experience. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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