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  1. Signed up and paid! I have been waiting for an opportunity like this for a long time. I guess I need to get practicing; it’s been a while.
  2. THANKS! I was thinking about trying a wood screw that looks very similar with that little section without threads.
  3. Flipping my lines end to end helped dramatically!!! I had a lot more wear on them than I thought. I will also now rinse my equipment regularly.
  4. Someone mentioned a different screw to use rather than the one that comes with the anchors because the threads will start to fray your leaders. Since I wanted to stay away from sharp objects on power tools, I decided not to grind down some of the threads as suggested in another post. However, an internet search for the screw mentioned, a shoulder screw, revealed a kind of thumb screw that I don't think will work. Even if it is correct, I cannot find the right size. SO, can anyone tell me the name of the screw to use and maybe attach a picture?? TIA!
  5. As I was working on one handle, I was thinking "these burrs are barely noticeable." They needed very little grinding. THEN I got to the second handle. HOLY COW, you were not kidding!
  6. Thanks, Wayne. Very good advice. I will try the tub soaking first on the lines since it is quick and easy. I am also going to try the anchors on the handles. It looks fairly simple. How often would you swap the lines end to end?
  7. She got the leaders from TK. Would silicon lube build up too much like a petro product would? My first step will be to wash the lines. I will go from there. I am sure they have a build up of sticky salt from the beach. I know my skin is sticky after flying on the beach even when I don't use sunscreen.
  8. As for the mod, that looks like something even I can do!!!! Thanks for that repost. "few drops of "Sewers aid" sewing lubricant run over your lines with a small bit of rag does the job and doesn't collect sand when dry." I will try this lube. I fly at the beach, and our sand is very sticky. Any suggestions on how and what products to use to wash the lines and sails? I will wash before putting the lube on my lines.
  9. Leaders- my BFF bought me 2 sets of leaders as a welcome to the dark side gift. I will unwind my lines and wash them. That could be the problem. I fly at the beach, and our sand is sticky. Any suggestions on what to use to wash the lines and sails?
  10. I am a new flier. 1) I do not like the stock handles that came with my rev 1.5B. I want to upgrade to the snagless handles, but there are solid aluminum, anodized aluminum, featherweight stainless... What are the differences? What should I get? 2) I have SkyBond Premium Spectra lines, and they bind up a lot once you hit 4-5 twists. Is this normal? I was thinking of getting Laser Pro Gold to have as primary line with the Skybond as back-up. I know both lines have been recommended on the forum. Does the LPG fly better with less binding?
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