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  1. Arctic Cat ZRT

    New Flyer, Second Kite

    Gentleman that I bought it from said the postal service said 6-7 days. I'm giving them a wide berth... international shipping is pretty tricky and can be time consuming. Thanks for the heads up. 2 weeks is what I am expecting.
  2. Arctic Cat ZRT

    New Flyer, Second Kite

    Haven't updated in a few days, This past Friday a gentleman on another board messaged me with an offer on his SkyBurner Aura SUL kite. After some brief discussion with him and talking about shipping (seller is from Australia), I purchased it from him. I couldn't pass up the price. Should have it next week sometime. I'll post an update when I get my handes on it!
  3. Arctic Cat ZRT

    New Flyer, Second Kite

    Good Evening,To start off, about 4 years ago I was at the Jersey Shore and decided to buy a Sky Dogs Little Wing Stunt Kite. For the entire week vacation flying that kite was all I wanted to do. I then got home that summer and tried to fly around home and found I couldn't use it due to the low winds. Not researching to see the options./information I gave up. Fast forward to this past weekend. Again went to the Jersey Shore and took my kite, once again fell into love again. Granted this time I decided to see what to do once I was inland (SEPA-Quakertown, PA area) for a stunt kite. Average wind for the year is about 7-8 MPH, but often is fairly lower it feels, atleast when I want to/can fly. Plus if things get to windy I just fly my current Sky Dogs Kite. So I am looking to a little to no wind Ultra Light (don't mind working the kite to keep it up either, I need the exercise).Started to look at ultra light stunt kites and found the Prism 4D. Thought I was set on it then I started finding some forums and can't help to see people steering away from them, plus my wind range may be too high anyway. They are considered small and fragile (after having the Little thing, I'd rather try something bigger). I then did some more research and pretty much came to the conclusion that I am looking at either a Silver Fox 2.5 UL or Aerobatx UL if I wanted to stay under 200. I really am interested in the Silver Fox UL but I want to make sure I am not choosing the wrong kite.Looking for some advice. Also what does come with the Silver Fox 2.5 UL, I don't see anything specific? (i.e. carry bag, lines, etc.) Also if I do go with a bigger kite such as the silver fox what are the line recommendations for the bigger kites? (On the Prism 4D I saw 18', 32', and 50' are the general suggestions). Some people have also suggest a sky burner nik nak, I also saw the SKY BURNER, P.D.S.U.L. - ADVANCED, but both seem to be out of stock/backorder. More Information: 1. Trying to stay under 200, max I am willing to go is 250. 2. Looking for a bigger kite, right now my little wing is 60" 3. More specifically looking for low/no wind and the ability to do tricks as I progress in experience.Thanks for the help!