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  1. I'm still looking! Flexikite anyone?
  2. hehe Those aren't beaches. Those are slight trails against sand cliffs. Now. If you want a beach..Robert Moses.. now that's a beach. Kinda like when the Friends of Fire Island Lighthouse asked if I wanted to be "their" kite guy from the front of the Lighthouse. I declined citing 2 reasons. I said "..there are a lot of sharp pointed trees in front " ( the scrub pines)..and then I said (seriously) " 2. There's this big ass building in the way" (the Lighthouse). They laughed and sorta agreed..and I stayed as Rob the Kite Guy at East Islip Marina and Park.
  3. figured I'd come back to this thread. I attempted to turn my tetra into a 16 cell.. and it fell apart. so after two years I rebuilt it as a 10 cell.. and of course Covid comes by and I;m stuck home. As I stated in another forum listing.. I'm looking for a Rogallo Flexikite the ones that came in a tube made from Mylar. (yeah I like odd kites). But I really miss heading out. plus.the Beaches are now closed!
  4. Well here's one. I picked up a Kite-A Maran some years ago.. and finally put it together last year. I took it out to fly several months ago. and ..well did get it to fly.. barely. and also damaged one of the pontoons. Well I was able to repair it.. But lo and behold.. I can't find the instructions. Anyone have a copy or can xerox a copy for me?? yeah I like unusual kites Rob Friedman Port Jefferson Station, NY
  5. Well.. I'm looking for a Rogallo Flexikite (from the Flexikite Company in CT. Anyone have one they would like to part with? Rob Friedman Port Jefferson Station, LI, NY
  6. hey.. let's not forget my "sort of" KAP rig.. using a kite fishing kite and a bait ferry to carry a small action cam up and down the line
  7. hehe I meant an actual kite! haha oh got more photos of the kite up at Cedar yesterday posted them on FB
  8. Well.. i still need to work on the bridle ..but it can slide up and down (I made a prussic knot with an overhand and a loop. Personally I would have preferred carbon fiber, or fiberglass, and some proper connectors, as well as ripstop sewed sails. Hey if any of your local driends have an unusual single line kite they want to donate..... I'm up for it.
  9. the hard part of the 10 cell dense pack vs the 16 cell open.. is the 16 cell version only uses the 6 way connectors. so it's all the same pieces.. Actually a 16 cell is just 4 4-cell kites all stuck together. The 10 Cell only adds the 3 layer (counting from the top of the tetrahedron) and some of those require a 9 way connector!! That was one of the bits to accomplish..again with zipties and micro fuel lines. Oh the other bit of it being collapsible is that all this fits into a Fiat 500 with the rear seat folded down.
  10. well since I am new here.. let's see if I can post images: not sure how they post here.. but you can see how I made the connectors from 3/32ID micro fuel line and zipties using 12"bamboo skewers. The first version is a 4 cell using garbage bag plastic as the sails. I was hoping to go to a 16 cell open version.. but I didn't have enough skewers..an all the rest I found was 10". so I made a 10 cell Dense Tetrakite. I looked for sail items.. then hit upon using giftwrap ..which is often mylar.. and went that route. Earlier this week I brought it out but the wind was too strong and snap a few spars.. some redo's and voila.. all fixed and it flew today! and the side images are from my wife Susan.. all this from a fishing reel and short rod.
  11. btw I ended up making a 10 Cell dense pack Tetrakite. Using Mylar giftwrap as the sail. Btw, it's the second attempt at Kitemaking. about 12 years ago.. I went to a small kite contest from my (at the time) Mini Cooper (ok so I like small cars) and only three of us showed. Once person made a Cube Box Kite.. looked beautiful but didnt fly well', the other guy had some kind of a makeshift (I don't remember.. either diamond or delta) that he hooked to a remote car which pulled it along. I cheated.. I used a thicker Tyvek Fedex envelope ..opened.. taped two pole lengths into it and cut out a Scott Sled... and of course.. mine flew. hey it was really spur of the moment.. I made it right there in the parking lot at Bethpage State Park.. So this is a bit more of a project
  12. Where did you get an 18 cell tetrakite from?
  13. Well..I always had a love for the Tetrakite. .and while mine isn't stable. .yet.. the way I made it, I can turn into a 16 cell kite easily. For me the hard part is the sails. But one thing I am proud of..it's collapsible. It can lie flat so that makes it a lot easier to transport
  14. two things. First.. I saw that post or ad by Mark and KiteLife.. I happen to really love "southern cross"by CSNY. ? Second, I just made my first Tetrakite (ok so I used to have (actually have some now) kits from SYNESTRUCTICS and always liked those. So I came up with a Tetrakite design along those lines. using bamboo skewers, and vinyl fuel tubing it make the kite expandable the same way the Synestructics kit was. Of course I did the first one rather crudely as far as the sails. but it did fly
  15. Cold? If it's above 40. It's not cold Hehe.
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