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  1. To Loopy Kiter. I've not heard back from you...
  2. this way I did get a response.. so I address GammoRay who said he had one and I should check with him in January. Well I did and I did not hear anything. So Once more.. Are you thinking of parting with the Rogallo Flexikite??
  3. So.. it's January 19th.. and I'm STILL looking for a Rogallo FlexiKite. anyone have one they want to part with?
  4. so still here and still looking for a Flexiwing Kite. btw I'm also looking for a used affordable and flyable Target Kite.. And a Corner Box Kite (also by Rogallo) I already have a Gibson Girl kite hmm might as well post. also looking for an HQ Satellite Kite. (yeah I like odd ones) and a REAL Marconi Jib Kite (I have the modern one that Gomberg sold) Rob
  5. Yes I am interested. Where are you moving to?? Still in TX? and yes I am patient hehehe Hey.. I'd also love a REAL Marconi Jib kite.. I'm a bit odd.. I like classic kites and the designs.
  6. yes Still Looking for a Flexikite or Rogallo Flexikite
  7. I'm still looking! Flexikite anyone?
  8. hehe Those aren't beaches. Those are slight trails against sand cliffs. Now. If you want a beach..Robert Moses.. now that's a beach. Kinda like when the Friends of Fire Island Lighthouse asked if I wanted to be "their" kite guy from the front of the Lighthouse. I declined citing 2 reasons. I said "..there are a lot of sharp pointed trees in front " ( the scrub pines)..and then I said (seriously) " 2. There's this big ass building in the way" (the Lighthouse). They laughed and sorta agreed..and I stayed as Rob the Kite Guy at East Islip Marina and Park.
  9. figured I'd come back to this thread. I attempted to turn my tetra into a 16 cell.. and it fell apart. so after two years I rebuilt it as a 10 cell.. and of course Covid comes by and I;m stuck home. As I stated in another forum listing.. I'm looking for a Rogallo Flexikite the ones that came in a tube made from Mylar. (yeah I like odd kites). But I really miss heading out. plus.the Beaches are now closed!
  10. Well here's one. I picked up a Kite-A Maran some years ago.. and finally put it together last year. I took it out to fly several months ago. and ..well did get it to fly.. barely. and also damaged one of the pontoons. Well I was able to repair it.. But lo and behold.. I can't find the instructions. Anyone have a copy or can xerox a copy for me?? yeah I like unusual kites Rob Friedman Port Jefferson Station, NY
  11. Well.. I'm looking for a Rogallo Flexikite (from the Flexikite Company in CT. Anyone have one they would like to part with? Rob Friedman Port Jefferson Station, LI, NY
  12. hey.. let's not forget my "sort of" KAP rig.. using a kite fishing kite and a bait ferry to carry a small action cam up and down the line
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