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  1. figured I'd come back. I know 2 people said they had one.. but 1 never replied, the other has been thru health issues.. and as for having 20 chronic med issues myself..I REALLY understand. I am still looking for a Rogallo FlexiKite As well as a few others.. but I don't have images to post in the classified Wanted section. Anyone have a Red Oval Roller Kite?? or a used Luna Moth Kite?? Honestly..I can't afford them new. I keep looking on Ebay but nada Thanks for your time Rob
  2. When I got mine, I had also ordered the Seagull kite too. Anna-Marie is great to work with. Good luck with that.
  3. Can't read it...too small. But they are very good people. Tell them you found them threw me..you might get charged double hahahaha.
  4. Haha I used the bike mount on the end, and hang the action camera upside down
  5. I have one from Mullers Kite Fishing in South Africa. It's called a Bait Ferry and I use it for KAP..and it works great!
  6. I have friend south of Houston who also went thru what you did. I'm sorry to hear what happened. Don't worry ..take care of yourself first of all. Rob
  7. To Loopy Kiter. I've not heard back from you...
  8. this way I did get a response.. so I address GammoRay who said he had one and I should check with him in January. Well I did and I did not hear anything. So Once more.. Are you thinking of parting with the Rogallo Flexikite??
  9. So.. it's January 19th.. and I'm STILL looking for a Rogallo FlexiKite. anyone have one they want to part with?
  10. so still here and still looking for a Flexiwing Kite. btw I'm also looking for a used affordable and flyable Target Kite.. And a Corner Box Kite (also by Rogallo) I already have a Gibson Girl kite hmm might as well post. also looking for an HQ Satellite Kite. (yeah I like odd ones) and a REAL Marconi Jib Kite (I have the modern one that Gomberg sold) Rob
  11. Yes I am interested. Where are you moving to?? Still in TX? and yes I am patient hehehe Hey.. I'd also love a REAL Marconi Jib kite.. I'm a bit odd.. I like classic kites and the designs.
  12. yes Still Looking for a Flexikite or Rogallo Flexikite
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