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  1. John were you friends with Chris and Sue Batdorff. I think it was measuring the center section up a Grand Haven kite contest a few years back.  I was with Jon Trennepohl and he was selling My OverDrive kite. You gave me hell for measuring your kite.  I wasn't aware at the time it was such a top secret. I found out later it was a no no. 

    Ray Hanchett


    1. John Barresi

      John Barresi

      I remain friends with Sue Batdorff (now Hanson), I only knew Cris in passing but we're honored to have the whole SKQ collection in PDF, free downloads thanks to Susan's generosity. :wub:


      Regarding the kite measurement... Was this on a Rev? There was a period there where everyone was super touchy about that sort of thing with literal counterfeits and such going on all around the world. Here in the past 2 years or so, the Rev bubble has burst so to speak with the basic "Rev" platform being adopted by a number of different companies - finally, we may see additional, more significant changes to the platform.

  2. Ray Hanchett

    **SOLD** FS: Synergy Deca UL

    I am going to build a bridle for it. I just received an accurate diagram for the bridle. I looks just like any other Synergy Deca UltraLite. I have received 2 other queries and expect more as this is a much wanted kite. I am a kite builder and Kites and fun things sold my OverDrive a while back. I can't supply a finished photo at this time Sorry. 1st money takes it. RLH
  3. Ray Hanchett

    **SOLD** FS: Synergy Deca UL

    The kite is not assembled. The sail in new condition. It has a white center, purple ends and black wing tips. All the rods and caps are there. I was going to get a new bridle for it but haven't as of yet. I am asking $300.00 dollars for the kite as is' Synergy Deca UL Ray Hanchett
  4. I have an almost new Synergy Deca UL that I would like to sell. It is complete with all rods, with the heavier center bow rod all the caps and without the harness. you can contact me at rlhanchett@gmail.com. the sail is white, black and purple. Thank you RLH this kite has been sold