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  1. Yah, I’ve been thinking about that! I’m thinking maybe the symphony Pro 2.5 would make a nice conversion.😋
  2. Here is a clip of my 8 year old son flying the 2.2.4! He had previously flown my Rage 2.5 once and this was only his second flight with a 4-line kite. His second flight with it, he had progressed to learning brake turns, reverse relaunch, and propeller spins. Thanks Riffclown for any amazing trainer kite plus one that you can do so many things with. He even said he likes flying it better than his 2-line kites! He has officially crossed over to the dark side😝
  3. Ok so finally flew the 2.2.4, and absolutely love it! I had riffclown mod one for me. The symphony 2.2.4 is exactly what I was looking for. The symphony is very fast, snappy, and has good pull but not too much, making if more fun but maneageable in higher winds. I love the fact you can fly it backwards, propeller spin it and zip around like a mad man. It also relaunches far better than any kite I’ve ever flown. riffclown did an amazing job and modified my symphony pro 2.2 very quickly. I highly recommend this mod to anyone looking for an exceptional 4 line kite. Abt $100.0 plus the mods and you have one of the best performing smaller 4 liner foils out there. It is highly addictive to fly, and riffclown will even mod one for you!
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