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  1. Ok... I will say that, despite 35-50km/km wind, had a blast. Spent 95% of the time at the edge of the window, nervously watching the LEs twitching, but still so much fun... 4 y old Swedish boy who only knew the english word “snake!” helped Aruba: not a stunt kite destination, but the rum helps. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  2. Sunwing allows complimentary sports equipment baggage, so very simple, just an extra piece of luggage to wait for at the carousel. Yes, tomorrow heading to a beach on the other side, but will not be practicing skills as i’d hoped, since the wind this week is strong even for aruba. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  3. Shipped my hypnotist + tube tail to Aruba... discovered i’m on the wrong side of the island for best “beach wind”... however 30km/hr winds good enough, and flying out over the breaking surf was mesmerizing. About 20 pounds of sand to clean out of the tube tail after landing, but still... getting why this is a beach sport! Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  4. Why yes, it does, thank you. “Centre outhaul line” Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  5. Just received this today— finally figured out how to lark’s head the lower spreader bridle line on, without removing the LE spar. Seems obvious now, but was initially complicated by a confusing “extra” line (not shown on the instructions) that originates from an orange bead, and is connected to the LE at the yoyo stopper, on each side. What’s this for? (Guessing part of the “turbo bridle” setup?) As an aside, i can confirm that YES, there’s no such thing as a single sport kite— still working on basic snap stalls, and have five kites! Zephyr is current fave. Sent from my iPhone using
  6. I purchased this kite from mwp today, and am happy to report a positive experience
  7. Fun day of kiting here... getting a good feel for flying, and reliable gentle landings. "Radical" setting on Quantum bridle is way more fun. The wind was ~25km/h, with frequent gusts up to 40... which is a bit like being in a car with a teenager learning to drive stick Spent a lot of time near the edge of the window. Also, I now know what you mean by "singing lines"-- beautiful! Anyway, a couple of questions: --I adjusted the bridle to "strong winds," and found this to be worse in terms of flying-- much greater pull (which I presume means greater strain on kite). I wonder now if th
  8. I've searched this forum, and elsewhere, and have found some information, but thought I'd ask here: 1) Besides experience, is there any way to identify the # rating of a mystery kite line? Do you label your winders for quick ID in the kite bag? 2) I purchased a Quantum, which comes with #150, 85' lines, but it seems very common to switch to #90 lines for normal conditions. Are the supplied #150 a safety buffer for new pilots who might not know when the wind is strong enough to switch lines? A side note: I've seen here many references to Prism's great customer service. I ca
  9. Glad to have found this place! Accidentally bought a little osprey stunt kite at the beach this summer (meant to get a little delta for the kids to play with), and now here I am, wondering how large a kite bag I'll need, and grumbling about crappy inland winds...
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