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  1. Thank you Breezin for the GWTW forum - the 2 quantums sold there.
  2. Other than the 2 quantums spoken for but payment is not materializing, this post seems to have run its course. Perhaps it will make sense to close it soon and start a brand new one with the remaining kites so there is less confusion.
  3. @Frob did I miss your inquiries? I apologize if I lost track.
  4. Both the Rev and Griffin have been sold. What's left (plus 2 Quantums are being discussed with a potential buyer). 7 2-line Ventura HP Premier 6’0” x 3’1” 7.6 oz Sunfish 8 2-line Pulse Premier Black, small central multi 9 2-line Firecracker New Tech. Pkg Rainbow 10 2-line Hip Hop HQ Pkg Red, white, blue, black 11 2-line Eolo Stunter Eolo-Gayla 4’11” x 2’8” 6.5 oz Purple, orange, yellow, black 12 2-line NK-1100 Pkg 68”x 30” Purple, green, blue, lime 13 2-line Gremlin Rainbow
  5. True, if I hear from contactmic he was the first to inquire. Which still makes it pending!
  6. The Dodd Gross Dynamite was sold for the price of shipping due to disintegrating fabric. The Griffin Kite is pending sale.
  7. @Contactmic: Rev is still for sale. It includes lines/handles, is $70. It turns out the Rev is a 1.5 SLE.
  8. The Dodd Gross Dynamite seems to have disintegrating fabric so is no longer for sale. I'd send it somewhere for the cost of shipping, but I don't know that it is a good bet for the buyer.
  9. Here are the kites that are left so far. The lines shaded in are kites in a current inquiry.
  10. Someone is interested in the 2 Quantums still available. Here are pictures to show the colors in case nothing comes of it.
  11. The Nexus stack is sold and my dad decided to keep the other one for now. The 3 "no-name" kites are also sold.
  12. Sorry, Twin Roses, the Styluses are sold. They would be a great choice for the twins, like you said.
  13. OK I'm back to work on selling the kites. The only kites sold so far in the original list are the two Styluses and the Prism Flashback. Pending sales are the 3 no-name kites; other sales I may have mentioned above have fallen through. I will message those folks who were waiting for pending sales since they are "next in line". Thank you for your patience.
  14. The "no-name" kites are pending sale. Thank you for your interest, Preacher. It is never too late to start. My dad and mom took them up in their 60s and flew them into their 80's. Dad still flies some. These kites are from their collection. I am going on a vacation trip in a couple days and will be back on February 5. I will update where the list stands when I get back. I've had a busy January. The Rev is still for sale - the person buying it seems to have evaporated.