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  1. Breezin

    B-Series STD Package (11/15/18)

    Kinda feel like I did. All the great stuff on this forum PLUS this. Gonna have to stay here for at least ten more years so I won't feel like a thief.Got 5 grandkids out today. Showed them the picture of the kite. Much excitement. Took a bit for them to understand it wasn't here yet LOL. Couple immediately took off for the kite shed and had to go retrieve them.28 degrees F with freezing fog. Moms said no flying today. NO ONE brought warm enough clothes GRRRR.
  2. Breezin

    Out of the blue

    Overkill but I got 80' x 150# Laser Pro Competition. Old but I think they are in good shape. Will work well for a Djinn Hard Core I hope. You are like a hurricane there's calm in your eye 🎶, wow I gotta stop!! Fly mostly on 100' with either Sky Dog 80# or HQ 130# lines. As I am getting better the switch to my LPG 120' and 125' is getting pretty dramatic.A lot smoother feel.ALWAYS seem to be adjusting my Prism lines and don't use them much anymore. Will be shopping for a spool of the 80# Shanti Speed. Think that will work best for the duels and for now the quads. When I get better Sky Bond for the quads is the plan. That's my thought but it is subject to change 😊.
  3. Breezin

    Alternative kite/gear bag

    I've not traveled any long distance yet.Read a post from a guy that travels a lot. He uses the aluminium tubes for fishing rods. Seems like a great idea but would be pricey buying new for a bunch of kites.
  4. Breezin

    Out of the blue

    About a year ago someone said it is futile to resist. It is your destiny. Well dang I guess so. Went to a Breaking Benjamin/Five Finger Death Punch concert with my oldest son last Wednesday. Last night whistling Neil Young tunes.This morning wife, granddaughter and I were singing Eddy Arnold songs. Like kites one must have a variety to "Love the One You're With" 😁. Yesterday the great guitar player Roy Clark joined that great band in the sky ☮️. MAN could that cat play!!!
  5. Breezin

    Out of the blue

    You are absolutely correct fine sir on the reference 🎼 Flying does make one feel like one has a "Heart of Gold". Maybe flying one fine night under a "Harvest Moon" I'll name the Kite "Cortez" LOL.
  6. Breezin

    Out of the blue

    So I got this 4 line thing coming seemingly right out of the blue (sky ya know). Think it's called a Bev-R series or something like that.Don't have a clue on how to fly it. Does anyone know if there's any info or videos on such a kite? HA, HA, HA I just crack myself up. Think I'm going to enjoy the heck out of this part of the forum too.Oh nuts.Things just all the sudden got kinda dark around here. Fumbling and groping around looking for my wallet . Can't see a thing except kites dancing in front of my eyes 😟.
  7. Breezin

    B-Series STD Package (11/15/18)

    WOW!!! SUPER STOKED!! THANKS TO ALL YOU KITE LIFE PEOPLE!!! Kite will NEVER leave me or my family. This kite is going to be HUGE fun!!
  8. Breezin

    Turtling 🐢

    Korvo kites builds it. Also some wicked speed kites 😳. Korvo has permission to build Wolsing kites. Biggest duels I've ever seen (videos) for you folks looking for big kites.I don't know if you could call some of those big though. MASSIVE might be the better word. Thanks Esinger the Korvo site is a good read.
  9. Breezin

    Diamonds Squared

    THAT is WAY cool.Is the idea to then put a full panel of mesh on each side or to cut out and sew mesh for each vent? If no mesh how would the points attach for strength? Either way the concept is fantastic. Don't recall seeing a picture of Watty's Y kites before. NEAT!! I think one of the neatest looking vents for a duel is on the Challenger Max from OSK. That squared concept on a duel hot knifed in the layout of the Challenger Max would be a "oh my look at that" look.. Be awful small and take a pinstripers touch.
  10. Breezin

    Stunt kite for beginner

    Yeah BUTTTTT. If you want to trick then you are going to need to know how to repair a kite anyhow.Bunch of people here will lead you thru repairs. A lot can build kites so you won't be steered wrong or ignored. Shop in the right place the Prism Hypnotist is $107.00 shipped RTF brand new.$26.00 more than the quantum. Never flown one but reviews say it's more tricky, just about as tough and will fly in lower winds as skills increase.When researching my 1st kite durability became somewhat irrelevant . Most by far quality standard kites are durable. If tricking is your goal get the best you can justify at the time. I did (Widow ng)and don't regret it at all. Well except I didn't keep it upgrading to the Widow Maker Pro.
  11. Breezin

    Long Island Kiters? I'm new.

    There's a flier called PAW. Search here(Oct.2012) and you'll find a picture of a kite made out of sticks like that. You'll come up with a bunch of stuff that will distract you but finding the kite is worth the look. That's a great start. From there reading PAW stuff and his videos will keep you entertained for at least 72 straight hours. That looks like something I'd throw at a charging Rhino. Then I'd run screaming like a banshee so that 🦏 horn didn't give me a Floblem. Errr problem 🤓.
  12. Breezin

    Black Dog

    Another day for Mudder. Went to fly earlier. Wow it was cold. Not as tough as I thought. It's warmed up nicely now .
  13. Breezin

    Long Island Kiters? I'm new.

    Okay I didn't know it had a meaning. Thought it was made up. UHH Frob no joke, I got a wizard tattooed on my chest 😂.
  14. Breezin

    Turtling 🐢

    Before kiting I've hunted turtles for soup. It's also called turtling. Turtling a kite is much, much more pleasant and enjoyable. The big snapping turtles are down right dangerous. Not kidding at all!! The only kite I got that I can turtle consistently center window in 15+ winds is my Mind Trick vented. I fly across, get to center, snap stall ,throw both hands forward while stepping forward.Happens fast and hesitation in my next moves results most times in failure. It helps that that kite loves to turtle. Even so it's hard to hold the turtle in high winds.When winds are 20+ in center window the few moves I can pull off on that kite all start with that move. When successful it's the biggest rush I get flying a kite. Failure is a heart in the throat gasp followed by OH NO don't be broken.Under 12 I can now watch and getting a pretty good grasp on what is happening. Allows me to correct mistakes mid trick at times. Above 15 most stuff is split second timing. The fade in higher winds? Well dude you better be good. Failure points the kite straight down. Few weeks ago was on and feeling cocky. Winds were hitting 20+. Came across 3/4 high in the window. Hit center and banged out 2 flic flacs. The 3rd one I lost and drove the Mind Trick into the ground HARD. Upper and lower spreaders went flying in all directions.Kites hardest hit by far. I was sickened thinking of the damage while going to the kite.NOTHING BROKE!!! Shocked (still shocked)I flew for a bit longer. Confidence was a little rocked to say the least. Winds went higher and I quit for the day. Didn't want to test my luck or courage again LOL. Once you get the turtle the fun increases 10 fold.When first starting winds over 12 would be intimidating. I'd have to buck up and go for it. When winds go over 20 I still need to spend some time focusing and gathering myself before I fly. Sometimes I can't and don't fly.I think in higher wind flying that process won't change for me. No matter how many years I get to do this stuff.In any winds let the nose start tilting forward. Pop launch the kite and go right to the turtle move. It'll start giving you the feel. Leads to some great low and ground based tricks that aren't to hard on your nerves or kite. Great practice when there's not enough wind to keep it in the air. Flapjack that kite!! It's a blast.
  15. Breezin

    Long Island Kiters? I'm new.

    OOPs again. Dang I should look around a bit more before I post. Anyhow do check out Robs videos. His flying is the schnizzle.