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  1. Breezin

    My first Quad and its a Rev

    Being 57 also and just starting out I feel the same about flying no matter the wind. Have duel line quiver for 0 to 30 now and a bag of busted parts.Wind was fantastic this morning. This afternoon hit 40 mph. Man I need another high wind kite.(Spiderkite Neon 1.2 soon) Don't regret the cost of kites or parts because I'm having a blast.Lament a bit but that's just my sophisticated way of whining about it . Started late and a lot to learn in a short time. Acrops advice about 50# lines is spot on.Waiting for winds just drives me nuts but I'd probably be better with a few more kite dollars to spend.2 months in I got a Prism Micron that comes with 50' x 50#. The line set was a disaster in my hands. Snarled,,twisted and snagged that line till one day I destroyed it having fun in 20 to 25 mph winds shaking the heck out of the Micron. Used it on my Pro Dancer and Zephyr also. Just sucked. Swore 50# line was a waste of money and time.No it was me. Few months ago got a LPG 50# x 120' and go figure I love it. Use it on my Pro Dancer SUL and Tekken SUL. Yesterday got a 82' x 50# dyneema set. When I determine the length for those 2 kites in 0 to 3 I'll get a better quality line. If your like me sometimes ignoring the wise advice of others and just gotta fly get some 50# dyneema. Pretty cheap if you buy bulk and make your own sets.
  2. Breezin

    LPG Vs SKY BOND Vs Dyneema

    The Synapse comes with 60' x 80# polyester lines. I have the Prism snapshot 1.4 that came with 100' x 150# Prism lines. Nice prize. I enjoy my 1.4 foil and think you will too.
  3. Breezin

    LPG Vs SKY BOND Vs Dyneema

    Got the Cadet and 50# line set this morning. Winds were a little gusty. 0 to 8 or 9 but staying closer to 0. Flew the Cadet for about 10 minutes. Only comment about it so far is that I really regret letting go the Premiere Jewel.More time on the Cadet I hope it comes close but 1st impression is no. Went up on the Tekken SUL for about a hour and a 1/2. Satisfied with the new line set for now. After yesterdays dyneema time fairly relieved. Didn't fly the Pro Dancer because of the higher gust. Totally relate to what Wayne said. Tekken has no adjustments and once powered up flight remains amazingly the same all thru the wind range and window. On 90# lines changes a bit above 12 but not much. Kites stated range is 2 to 12 on 50# and Iv'e found that true. If winds gust to 15 I use 90# sets and max out in 15/16 on kite. Pro Dancer has 3 different characteristics to me and I think there are 4. Totally different kite than the Tekken and I think in 8+ gusts would easily break a 50# line set. Kites rates to 12 but I don't go very close to that anymore. For now.Running back and forth doing nose adjustments in gusty winds doesn't pan out most the time. Make my best guess and go. Why am I not flying now on such a nice day you may ask. HOT cause it's HOT. Ya think I lived in a semi arid desert it's so HOT. Oh yeah I do.
  4. Breezin

    LPG Vs SKY BOND Vs Dyneema

    Got some clouds cooled off a bit and flew for a couple hours this evening. Thinking on this thread I took my Black Dog and Widow Maker out with 80# x 80' dyneema line set. Been maybe 3 months since I've used it. I'd never flown the Widow Maker on a Dyneema set before. Ouch. Never will again. Got to remembering that the last 3/4 of my time with the Widow ng was on 150# x 100" prism line. Maybe the last couple months I've gotten more attuned to the kites. Zoomed around a bit on the Black Dog and had a good time. Didn't feel a dramatic difference if at all flying it with Prism 90# x 80" or the dyneema. Never flown it with LPG. Switched to the WMP and wow was it noticeable. Winds were a blustering but not overly bad. Between 12 and 18 mph.Should have been flying the Mind Trick. It handles blustery like you wouldn't believe unless you fly it for yourself. 2 near damaging nose dives that I think were from lack of response in the lines that I hadn't adjusted for . Just to the right of mid center window did a lazy, back into turtle and started rotating to nose forward. Wind gusted a little, kite nosed dived towards center gaining speed as it went. Pulled out but barley. Next one center top, pancaked caught a flic flac, missed the next but held the fade for a bit. About 1/2 way down kite dipped and headed straight for the ground powering up.Avoided the crash but it was even closer then the 1st. It ended in a tip drag which is way to close for me unless intentional. LPG set and I don't think I would have been near that close to disaster. Might have even been able to make another move instead of that was close. Flew a bit more. Winds got to shaking the kite and it's hey stupid your on 80# lines in winds going over 20. Go take a shower.Took the shower and winds dropped under 15. Could have flown another hour dang it. Hopefully the 50# x 80' dyneema set that'll be here tomorrow won't be such a dramatic difference on the Tekken or Pro Dancer. Starting to kick myself for being such a cheapskate and not getting LPG 50# months ago. Do have another ( justified) kite though 😁. Buy Shanti, Skybond or LPG. Man I'm starting to become the kite snob I always hoped I could be LOL.
  5. Breezin

    Sky Burner

    There is a list 🎶. YAY!! Watching videos of Devon, Wayne B and you Rob made me want a Solus from just about day 1. If it has more in common with Lams kites than the WMP that will not be a bad thing AT ALL. Hopefully I'll have one before turkey day. Winds are great right now but it's hell fire hot. For me way to hot for beer 🤤. Now I got another reason to look forward to those cool fall days. Really stoked but alas no dorts. Shut up already. There are no dorts never have nor will there ever be dorts. Got it!! Sorry no probably not but the search continues. Purple and pink is still number 1 in the colorizer though. If you would have told me 6 months ago I'd be drawn to a purple and pink kite I'd said you were nuts.White too.Still kinda blows my mind. Some of you around here are a bad, bad influence
  6. Breezin

    Sky Burner

    Jon T posted at GWTW today they're thinking about making some Solus and Widow Makers this fall. Don't know if he is making a list of potential buyers or not. By the time I got grand kids out of the house they were closed. I just about broke into a sweat not buying a Kymera yesterday. Really want one but I already got 2 kites in that range. If the Solus is going to be built I'm going to get one. I've taken to Lams Tekken faster than any kite I've flown. The wind range, quality and trick ability on it and the Mind Trick is just awesome. Comparing them to the Widow Maker Pro isn't really fair. Kinda apples to oranges thing.I give Widow a very,very slight edge because it's flight feels more elegant under 15 to me. Like that a lot.I think the Solus will have that same elegance as the WMP and PD. The PD is the kite that's taught me the most about the joy of just flying. Taking a break from practice doesn't mean I have to land 😊.So Fearless II and Superfly UL will have to wait. Maybe if I were rich, naturally talented or both I wouldn't be as enamored with this kite stuff. Working for something does have it's rewards. Sweet anticipation being one.
  7. Breezin

    Help Identifying Kite

    Now I know for sure what a Star Dancer is. Don't know if I should thank you or throw curses. Another kite on the wow I want that too list LOL.
  8. Breezin

    Help Identifying Kite

    Read up a bit and man I should have got those kites. Some US made others Taiwan. Some cloth, rip stop or a poly. Any of them would be a cool score. Haven't read the archives here yet but will. People have made a 20 stack out of them 👽. Wow !!! Skipped over the historical importance of Trlby. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  9. Breezin

    LPG Vs SKY BOND Vs Dyneema

    When I move to the Dark Side (quads) I will probably start on a OSK Freilein unless used. From what I've learned here I need to start with premium lines. I won't buy RTF unless with a premium line set. A lot different with quads and I believe cheaper lines will make for a poorer learning curve on quads. Problem is I want a Super Fly and Lam is now making the Fearless II. Guy that sewed up my Hydra yesterday has a bunch of duels and quads. Fearless is his favorite kite. SIGH.I don't need either. Just a serious want. Wife swears it's OCD. I think it's just a mild addiction 😁.
  10. Breezin

    Help Identifying Kite

    No but some were for sale locally real cheap. Not knowing either maybe I shouldn't have passed them up. Stacking is pretty intriguing and would have been a pretty cheap place to start.A 5 stack on Ebay at $111.00 with $18 .00 for shipping. 4 days left on auction. Think you got something special. Oldie but goodie?
  11. Breezin

    LPG Vs SKY BOND Vs Dyneema

    Was at ITW yesterday getting my Hydra sewn up and Totl c15 checked out. Bang up service!! Just about got some Shanti 98' x 90#.Pricey but more than likely worth it. Iv'e got LPG in 50# x 120' and 90# at 124". They're my favorite but the only premium lines I've flown. Been needing a shorter 50# set.Iv'e kept balking at the price of premium lines. Sunday after flying the 1.4 foil with 5, 8 and 10 year old grand daughters I bought a ITW Cadet in perfect shape with wind breaks and a 80' x 50# dyneema line set for a lot less than a premium line set. Finally got my shorter set and the grand kids won't be beating up my nicer kites.Kind of a 2 fer deal. The other thought is 80' might still be to long and I don't want to chop up pricier lines. From the builder of my Pro Dancer " 0 to 6 mph 50# with 65' to 75'. I prefer 65' but you might like the 75'."At my current skill set I can feel the difference but the LPG lines aren't making me any better than my Prism line sets. They are 82' x 90# and 100' x 150# . My HQ 100' x 130# are at best comparable to my 80' x 80# dyneema set. Won't buy another HQ set. Think it's pretty much the same stuff and you pay more for the HQ packaging.Use it mostly in 20+. Doesn't feel as spongy in the higher winds. Want to wear it out as fast as I can to justify a 120 x 150# premium set. It's a little foolish of me to not have all premium lines with my current kites. As I get better they'll come. In bulk. IMHO if a person is not going to really push the envelope in the duel line arena the lines that come with most quality RTF kites are more than good enough. Zephyr, Widow ng, Nighthawk etc.
  12. Breezin

    Kaiju by Kite Forge (June 10th, 2018)

    Congratulations and enjoy .
  13. Breezin

    Best Way To Stake A Dual Line Kite

    Pink and lime for my 200 lb set. Now I'm totally confused LOL. Spent 11 years working on fishing boats, tugs and the U.S. Navy. All this nautical talk is making me yearn for the oceans and fresh seafood. Next sleeves are going to be black and white.
  14. Breezin

    Action Camera

    Agree. Took my camera money yesterday and bought a Totl. Needs a few parts but it sure is nice for a 30 year old kite. I know many of you are disappointed in having to wait on my "tutorials". The art of nose diving is pretty easy to learn on your own though . What about the repairs you may ask. Well see ACrops last post here 😁. Wife was very nice in agreeing to let me spend my not going to Long Beach clinic trip money on the Tekken. This one not so sure.
  15. Breezin

    Are the lines still good ?

    It's when people sell stuff they have accumulated over the winter LOL. Will be following your post with interest. Got a Totl Flight Squadron 105" from the mid eighties today. Been stored well for a long time. Everything looks fantastic but I'm real worried the bridle has deteriorated. Going to take it to Into the Wind to get a checkup. Hopefully they can tell. Welcome. Now go fly a kite .