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  1. Breezin

    Karma - Delta Hawk - Black/Red - 8/24/18

    I'm in. Noticed earlier that my left arm is 1 1/2" longer than my right. This kite and 35 mph plus winds ought to even me out. Thought about getting one of these many,many times.
  2. Breezin


    Well luck ran out on the tip stab. Got some very high winds and rain around noon Late afternoon took out the Zephyr. Winds were staying pretty steady between 5 and 10. Still honing my 1/2 axle skills so my comete has not been very good. Caught a really good one for me. Went right back up and did another. I'm still to heavy handed and don't have the small push timing to keep the kite floating more. Result is kite comes down the window fairly fast. Landed on the wing tip. Pretty pleased. Tug and push on the top wing and pulled the bottom attempting a rotational launch.90% sure I didn't have a wrap. Thinking the tip went pretty deep into the soft ground. Got the launch a split second after the dreaded crack. If I would have launched straight up wouldn't have broke. Got to remember this when the ground is soft or on a beach.Have a spare LLE so hopefully that's all it needs and it'll be up tomorrow.
  3. Breezin


    9 AM Trixie showed up . About an hour later after much wobbling ,crashing and burning she got the basics . Kinda like flying a kite. Once you get the basics you're good to go. Takes some persistence though 😊.
  4. Breezin

    The Year So far

    They're all very, very cool. The one with the insignia. Now that one makes a statement!!! Love it.
  5. Breezin


    Sustained dragging of the wing tip. Lucked out and haven't broke a kite doing tip stabs. Mostly do those when winds are really light and having a hard time keeping the kite in the air.Probably why. I think my Black Dog is what you describe. It uses a Ecell center tee. So did my Jet Stream Reloaded.
  6. Breezin

    First post in a long time.

    Absolutely fantastic !!!
  7. Breezin

    Covering vents in quad kite

    I DID. Just took 50 years to finally do what I was told LOL.
  8. Breezin


    One of the simplest moves that will get your heart pounding is to reverse flight with nose spinning towards the ground not the sky. Start mid window and work your way down the window. When you get the knack (takes awhile)you'll be right on the edge of disaster. As the nose points the other way the wing tip will drag the ground and you"re doing a shark. From there you can do other tricks like the cartwheel.Caught 2 out of 5 on the Tekken sul yesterday. Today on the Widow and Hydra none. Practicing shark based tricks will gain you a membership into the most infamous BLEC (broken leading edge club). There are no awards, pins ,trophies or ribbons. You do get a invoice for replaced parts that you can frame though. Plus a lot of folks sharing the trick or crash that gained them membership. I've only broke 3 doing cartwheels so far.That's a good thing.
  9. Breezin

    Beginner Expectations

    5 minutes on a Vision in 20 mph seems pretty darn good to me. Vision is the least tricky kite I've flown. Snap stalls, tip stands, spin landings and the like were fun the few times I've flown the grand kids. 5 to 15 is the better range for that kite. Best lower cost kite I've flown in 15 to 20 is the Premier Addiction. Tough as the Vision and a lot trickier. Faster though. The Addiction Pro is on my want list. It's a long list.
  10. Breezin

    Thanks for the idea riffclown!

  11. Breezin

    Karma - Prism Quantum (7/30/18)

    Video came up for me this time.Cool stuff. Got me some of those padded straps. Worth the cost.
  12. Breezin


    My neutral position is elbows in against my sides with forearms extended.It's just ended up that way for better or worse. Year from now it might be different.Push turns at the start seemed counter intuitive to me also. I'll add this to Exults excellent description. When pulling you're increasing pressure. Pushing is dumping the pressure. Going to the top of the window and practicing axles and 1/2 axles got me to really dig into the push turns. The little push before the harder pull started the process for me. You can clearly see the kite billow and dump the wind.When I 1st started the basic moves seemed boring. Took me awhile to realize that combining the push, pull and combo turns results in about 32 basic precision moves. That leads to around 1032 precision based patterns to start. Boring, boy was I wrong. Watch Gregory Hines or Art Kelly dance. Both choreographed most of their routines from the basic 4 step box waltz. From there it's onto the kite ballet which is only limited by our imagination. That makes tricking even better cause you start understanding the why. The why becomes more rewarding than the how. I get most frustrated when I get stuck on the how forgetting to ask why.Who here among us has truly mastered the art of flying? No one. I think that's why the ones we fledglings call masters keep flying.Just when you think you got it down the wind changes. Man I need a thong.
  13. Breezin


    That might be a understatement. Very cool.
  14. Breezin

    Widow ng

    Think slower instead of delay. Semantics I know but it makes a difference in how I relate to the kite. Back issues myself. Some days better than others. On high wind days at times the next day is a no go. Getting better though cause the kites make me use a bunch of muscles. Above 12 mph I always tilted the nose back. Never had a problem with the tail weight or spreader popping out. Except on hard crashes with all my kites. Last couple times on the Tekken SUL I adjusted at the out hauls. Can fly and trick a little lower. Not by much but in 0 to 3 it's noticeable. Can hop the kite in 0 to 1 doing tip stands and flips now. Things I could only do on my 3/4 kites. Got this yesterday . It's in A+ shape. Guys moving to the S. Carolina coast and I couldn't talk him out of his Trixster. Tried but I'm still pretty stoked to get this old bird. Rained when I got it home. Today was a SUL day. Maybe it'll fly tomorrow for the 3rd time in it's life.
  15. Breezin

    Hi all!

    Gives a different meaning to take a seat. Pole dancing too LOL.