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  1. Spent the morning watching(recorded) Valtteri Bottas go thru some parts of Melbourne and Albert Park really, really fast.Hope he wins the championship. Didn't notice the tree.
  2. Andy Wardely considers the Flexifoil Stranger to be the 1st modern stunt kite. It's little sibling is the Psycho. Got one last July cheap that needed some repairs. Kept forgetting parts but it's finally fit to fly. Got the kite to replace a Premier Addiction. Kite is not what I expected. The forward speed in 15 mph is more like my Black Dog than the Addiction. It's even a little slower than my Nighthawk.First time out I was shocked how light the pull is and how easy it is to control the forward speed. Just about as good as my Lam kites. Winds were going to 18 mph nasty bumpy stuff. Expected to struggle at the edge keeping the kite from being blown back into the window or to the ground. Shocked again at how well the kite rides the bumps. Even better than my Mind Trick vented as long as you pay attention. Spent 2 hours on it and came away thinking super cool kite but not knowing if I had replaced the Addiction. The steering is radical for sure but the wildness seemed to be missing. 2nd time out measured top winds at 22 mph and very smooth. Really connected to the kite and had a absolute blast for a hour. LE has female connection instead of ferrule and the glue let go. AHHHHHH I had forgotten to get glue. NO kiter worth their salt can be without glue AHHHHH!!! The kite needs to be flown like a Prism Micron. Input reactions are EXTREMELY fast. Need to pay attention at ALL times.Couldn't roll up from stall but when moving could catch 1 pretty easy. No roll ups so more than 1 will be pretty hard.I had read where axles were really fast. Depends on your inputs. They're very smooth and speed is controllable. Just about got a Taz couple times but nose away on exit I'd lose it. Slots although not pretty yet were pretty doable. Couldn't hold a turtle or fade very long and they became fast transitional moves only. Flic Flacs pretty doable too because kite is very easy to pancake. Kite goes to a tip stand really easy from different moves. Groundwork and low altitude stuff is just a blast.Not very good on the Cascade yet but 2 or 3 would just kind of appear and then kite would zoom off. Like the Addiction yanking and spanking trying to figure out what just happened is a total blast. Kite is one of those that you make a input hope it's right and chase it. Not forgiving because of it's sensitivity but that also means kite recovers from mistakes really well when your fast enough.Insanes are freaking INSANE! Had a stunningly good time once I connected to the kite. Does it replace the Addiction? Yup but not by much at all. Addictions got a more wilder zany feel. Psycho is quicker on inputs, 6 to 30 mph range, more stable and is surprisingly controllable all across the window.I'm a lot different flier than when I had my Addiction. Don't even move or hold the straps the same way. Verdict will be in when I fly the grand kids head to head with the Psycho.Put up the Mind Trick next and POW!! Best flights EVER. After hanging onto the Psycho my vision was just clear.Been stuck at what I think is a level 4.5/4.75 since last fall. Finally felt 5 and man that's FUN!! Would I have felt that sooner if I'd kept my Addiction. Like to think so but maybe not. I've really been missing a kite like this because sometimes I just need to go for a zany ,wild, radical ride. Plus I think the radicals help make me a better flier. If looking for a nice relaxing time on the lines DO NOT fly this thing. If you want a adrenaline fueled whooping and hollering good time then step right up and introduce yourself to a Psycho. The name fits without a doubt.
  3. Beautiful!!! Not one to fly patterns much or just zoom around enjoying a kites flight. Except on the Mongoose. Tricky kite for sure but the silky feel in flight is hard to describe. Very addicting. Stoked you got such a excellent kite. Now you can really Limbo/dance with the wind .
  4. Yanked me pretty hard. Took 3 weeks to recover and it's only been about a week and a half that I've been able to really get back in the groove. Been a little tentative about flying in high winds since.Getting over my sissyfication has taken a while LOL.
  5. Breezin

    Little Breezy

    Yep, youngest daughter was interviewed on the news this morning. Neighbors big Blue Spruce came down crushing her pickup and SUV. SUCKS. She works her butt off and had just gotten a GMC Acadia Denali. Nicest ride she's ever had. We spent over a month chasing the deal all along the front range. One sweet ride and I was kinda jealous LOL.Hadn't even made the 1st payment yet. No one was hurt and it missed her house so that's a good thing to say the least.
  6. Breezin

    Little Breezy

    Yesterday rain turning to snow about 10 am. Winds in the upper 20's. By noon 50 to 60. Local graph still not updated but the news said 87 mph in the mid afternoon.Personally I think they exaggerated. More like 84 maybe 85 at most LOL. Lived in this area since 1996. Highest winds yet.Wanted to but no I didn't fly a kite. Little drama but turned out okay. As the storm started intensifying 1 of my Akbash flock guardians got his collar stuck in a fence. Very vocal dogs and easy to understand them.Both were barking for help. Got about 15' from the house and had to turn back. 2 hours later only 1 barking. Hour after that he went silent. About 2 hours later winds in low 50's I got to him.That was a LONG, LONG 5 hours not knowing what was happening. Didn't have much strength left and his muzzle is tore up from trying to free himself. He's 135 lbs and luckily he made it to the house on his own. Didn't have to worry about opening a gate. Drifts are so high we just crawled over the fence. He spent the night in the laundry room and at 1st light he was whining to get back to his brother and alpacas. He'll have some scars but that is one tough dog.Spring calving has started and storms like this are devastating to the cattle. Lot of folks around here and for miles east are having a awful day tending their herds.Grateful once again our place has come thru relatively unscathed.
  7. I was hooked watching videos before I ever got a kite. The HUGE bonus is at times my cheeks still hurt .
  8. Well thankfully they weren't all in a row. I'm not that good but I'm not that BAD either LOL.A little over a month in I had 4 more kites of different flying characteristics. On my 2nd parts order I started ordering more spare parts.So yeah when 1st trying the Cascade I did have spares except for the Hydra. Hydra has spares now. There's only 2 kites I have that don't have a spare LS . Both are standard full size with Skyshark Nitro framing. Very, very tough and kinda pricey frames. If one breaks I can fly the other until parts arrive 😊.My newest SUL has the leading edge internally weighted by the builder. I got a spare LE when I ordered the kite. I have 2 very different kites framed in 6mm carbon tube and had another that I'll be replacing soon. Nice to have some kites with the same tubes.If I were to go back in time my 1st kite would be the 6mm carbon tube framed Sky Dog Cross Fire Competition. 6mm carbon tubes are cheap compared to others and tough. I sold my 1st Sky Dog Black Dog 3/4 kite to get a higher end machine. Regretted it and got another. When weather and ground is wet it's the kite I fly. For the simplicity of design(by Dodd Gross) and framing it's an amazing flier.Broken 1 LS and several whiskers. Got spares though.Cool thing about most 6mm framed kites is spares cover the leading edges and spreaders.If your next kite is a quad from my reading it's pretty much Freilein, OSK Freilein/ Revolution, Skyburner, Kite Forge in ascending order.Other high end ones are mostly special orders. For duals it gets kinda confusing.Lots of choices and lots of opinions. Heck you might dig the foils so much you get another type. Haven't buggyed yet but it's way high on my to do list.One of the things that's so neat about kiting is you'll develop your own style and strong opinion. Keep your opinion strong, share it always but be flexible or you'll miss something simple. Like not having a spare
  9. Man I'm starting to think you guys run the Slovenia Board of Tourism 😊. Excellent stuff as always.
  10. Sorry to burst your bubble but crashing and NOT breaking a framed kite really is a skill. When first starting I'd throw 1 or both lines away moving forward. Now just before crashing I can lessen the impact a lot by turning or flaring a kite.Although at times pretty ego bruising you have to learn to laugh at making the same mistake over and over. All the sudden click there it is. Some things quicker than others and it's different for everyone.There's a trick called the Cascade. Year into it I still struggle and most times don't look to good. Some days are better than others. When first learning at times I would wrap a line from the roll up around the wing. Thinking I had a single tip wrap(Insane) I would yank the kite opposite way of spin to exit. That breaks the lower spreader.Broke 5 or 6 LS on different kites before I could see what I was doing wrong.Even after that I broke another. Got a high end vented kite that doesn't skip a beat till winds start going well over 30 mph.Had some really hard crashes in the upper wind range and never broke it. Couple weeks ago winds were around 20 mph. Feeling the groove I was doing tricks from the edge to center trying to get the moxy to trick at center. Just off center before full power tried the Cascade. CRACK!! Been months but danged if I didn't make that same mistake again.Had a spare spreader so kite wasn't grounded. Pretty ego bruising and I don't think I've laughed about it AT ALL!!!! Doesn't look like you'll have any good winds for your foil until Wednesday. When winds are hitting 12/13 make SURE you have the kite weighted down before you walk back to launch. Kite could self launch and some of the resulting scenarios are not good at all.
  11. Yesterday like today will be SUL AM vented PM. When winds picked up grabbed the ITW Hydra. Been awhile since I spent a long time on it. LOVE that kite. Even when I had the Mind Trick, Tekken and Widow Maker Pro it was my most flown kite for a good 5 months.Due to flying style,skills, design and terrain I've really battered the poor thing.Lately I've been kinda saving it as a calm me down 15, 20 minutes in the air kite.For me the kite instills a confidence beyond my skills and suffers for it LOL. I've at times researched a lot on what to replace it with that would be more durable for me.I've concluded the Benson Superfly every time. Probably because I want a Benson more than any logical reason.Had to redo a minor repair yesterday and looked over the kites wear points.Well doggone, pattern of wear points is all laid out for reinforcement.So what will replace my ITW Hydra. Another one in green . Only kite that's made me laugh and giggle more is the Addiction. Hydra is one flippy tricky kite. Yesterday's 15 mph give or take winds were really bumpy. With Nitro framing the Mongoose and Widow unless really concentrating in winds like that can squirt away in undesirable directions QUICK.Hydra's lighter pulling in 15 mph too.The more flexible Dynamic framing smooths out some of the bumps.Year and 5 months of looking for deals on kites. IMHO the Hydra and Kymera at Into the Wind is still the best bang for the buck out there. FINALLY got all the parts together for the Addictions replacement. They should be here tomorrow. Flexifoil Psycho(Killer) will be in the air very soon.CORRECTLY this time. Belly down nose away is the pancake.Kite heading down, throw slack and viola pancake.Very hard to hold for me unless close to the ground. Hold it best on the Mongoose during pancake launches. I think pancake landings and relaunch are a lot of fun.Pancake launch is my favorite way to get in the air.I've found that holding the kite nose down for to long though makes the kite stop flying in a somewhat dramatic fashion 🤕.
  12. When I got the Mind Trick really struggled with the more precise timing and locking in the turtle.Hardest kite for me to learn by far. Frustrated and wondering why I had spent so much money on a freaking kite I called Lam. He said to start, move into a Lazy Susan to exit. From the Lazy he explained how to twitch a wing tip and give a little flick of the wrist. He had to repeat that SEVERAL times. Got the rotational moves quick but took a LONG time for the flick.Now from the locked in turtle on my Lam kites I don't even really think about it, just happens. Little twitch and a little flick on inside wing and they're unlocked.Few weeks after getting comfortable on it got the Tekken SUL. Doesn't lock in as hard and connected to that kite faster than any other kite. AC I don't have enough time on but when locked in the turtle a 1/2 step forward and a little pop of the lines works too.Still somewhat intimidated by the more fragile frame and haven't totally bonded to the kite yet. Flew it yesterday next to the Blue Moon Mongoose standard in 5 to 10 just doing turtle stuff for abit. Little deeper and at times needs the small extra move. Not much of a difference in their turtles that I could tell. Inputs are quite different between the kites and it really was a apples to oranges kinda thing.Winds went to 15 and got out the Mind Trick. Had the nose tilted back and it locks into the turtle hard in that position. Very hard to get roll ups stalled at the top of the window. More successful if nose is tilted in. Kite feels like it has more momentum as it's going backwards and passes thru that locked in position. When kites moving roll ups are a lot easier to catch. Don't have that issue with the AC or Tekken.If I would have gotten a AC before the Mind Trick I think the AC's deeper turtle would have still been a challenge. Would have adjusted to the difference in Lam kites a lot quicker though because I would have been flying in a LOT lower winds.Love my Mind Trick now and it would be the last kite in my quiver I'd let go. Tekken a close second but in a few more weeks the AC will probably take that position. When I sit back and try to justify the cost of a Lam (any kite over $200.00) to someone I don't think I can.Ya just gotta spend some hours on one and get the feel of the kites.Ya might not like it. For me though I've justified.NONE of my kites have exceeded the pure fun factor of the $80.00 Premier Addiction though.Frost is pretty much gone and winds are AC SUL speed. Going out to fly hoping for another epiphany 😋.They're rare LOL.
  13. Welcome Scooter. I've been flying since 11/17. A 1.4 foil is a good place to start. I've got a 1.4 Prism Snapshot that is pretty fast and fun.Don't fly it much anymore but it is something I'll keep.Biggest drawback is most smaller foils need 8 to 10 mph to get going. When I first joined the forums I went with the advice get the best you can afford and justify.So I got a Premier Widow ng(full size).Worked my way up to the higher end kites since then. I still have a pretty inexpensive kite called the Nighthawk(3/4 size) made by Premier. It's a blast, fast, needs smaller light inputs and is very tricky. Even though it's not in the same league as some of my other kites I still fly it a lot cause it is so much fun.No longer produced it's evolved into the Wolf ng.Lots of differing opinions here. Think we all agree though that you should get to flying your new dual ASAP. Your missing out on all the fun .
  14. The 1st part of that ain't no sweat.2nd part? TRYING!!!!!!!!!!!! ☮️
  15. Don't fly quads yet but that's what I have in the kite shed for when I start.Rev 1.5 SLE full vent(used) and a B series standard (subscriber prize ).50# x 75', 90# x 120" and 150# x 100' Laser Pro lines.Stock handles that came with the B series that aren't modded to snagless yet.Kite Connection a couple months ago had the best price I found on 90# LPG bulk line. 100' lines have been my favorite since I started flying. Lately 120' and 125' have really been connecting. Imagine it'll be the same process on quads. 65' lines seem pretty short for me.My 75' on SUL duals feels short most days. Hey you'll see what's going on easier though.Enjoy the peewaddins out of your new kite .
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