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  1. My 1st kite was a Widow ng. Could be the kite or maybe I'm just special but I learned 3 tricks on it the very 1st day . Nose dive left, nose dive center and nose dive right. 2nd day I learned how to repair a broken LS.
  2. What would you name a kite with that fabric? Bubbles Galore (OO7 reference) perhaps?
  3. Breezin

    Line sets

    OOPS. 8 feet 4 inches might be a little long for a I Flight and a bit short for a Kaiju. Been snivelling about how abrupt my Nitro framed kites power up in 15 to 20 mph bumpy winds for as long as I've had them. Today winds were cycling 3 or 4 to a bit over 15. Used my LP 100' x 150# set. Instead of the unsettling yanks on my Widow Maker at times the 15+ hits were a blast with fast smooth contolled whooshes. Issue hasn't been the Nitros it's been the crappy lines. Ya think I would've figured that out long before now. Hate to admit it but sometimes I'm just a complete dumbass.
  4. Breezin

    Line sets

    Wasn't long into flying before I had sets of 50# and 90# LPG. Couldn't really tell the difference from Dyneema for quite awhile. Especially in 20+ winds. For the last year and a half 90# x 100" LPG has been my go to set. Wed measuered 8 to 16 mph pretty fast cycling winds. Big gust hit breaking 1 line and fraying the other pert near in the middle. Set was getting pretty used but dang. Don't remember the last time I flew my 80# x 100" Dyneema set. SHOCKED at how much they sucked. They felt heavy with an awful rubberband effect. Danged if they didn't stretch out about an inch again too. Good th
  5. Tues. morning wind forecast was up to 50 mph gust in the afternoon. Figured I'd be fine and headed for town. Went over a slight rise about 4 miles from my house and a wall of dirt was headed right at me. Lasted about 3 minutes blasting the front of my car. No paint left on the license plate, pitted and broke the windshield in 4 places (replaced) and broke left headlight lense. Off to the body shop this week. Don't know how high that straightline hit was but guessing 70+. Sure glad I was sheltered. If I'd hung my ear out there it'd come back a nub. Still be digging dirt out of the hole LOL.
  6. Man that looks nice. Still need better skills to really justify my Lams. Hoping it doesn't happen to you but on any given day I'm absolute crap on mine. Friday was SUL time and flew both my AC and Tekken. Stayed at it for several hours but blah for the most part. Next day Mind Trick vented and same oh hum. Just couldn't quite connect. I like to think if I lived where winds were smoother more often I'd have less days like that. Balarky though cause the best flying I've done is on those kites. I was told before I got a Lam that on a bad day you'll look really bad. Good thing is on a good day ya
  7. No help here. Forums full of a bunch of enablers. My guess is anyone who joins KL to help people overcome their kite addiction thankfully gets run off 😇.
  8. I've had my Mind Trick vented for close to 2 years now. Most technical kite I have and on any given day Taz and Rollups are hard to come by. In a stall the Hydra and Nighthawk back flip almost without thought. Pretty easy to front flip too. MT needs the nose to be canted abit to one side or the other. Still difficult when stalled and works best when kite is moving. Sometimes I can hit when fully powered in 15. It's more by feel and I still don't get how I'm doing it. Kite sits very deep in the turtle making it's release points unlike any of my others. Doubt it and the Tica have much in common
  9. Doesn't need to anymore. He's flown so much a organic one grew inside his left ear that actually TALKS to him . Using my meter has become a headology thing(Granny Weatherwax). I'm not as bold as JB though. Something starts growing in my ear it's getting cut out.
  10. Thought I was pretty good at judging wind until I started flying kites. My wind meter is always in my pocket. Forecast gives me a general idea on preparing for the days flying. I've got a tendancy when in the groove to just go with the flow and take some of my kites to they're limits. Not good. More often in the spring/summer but winds at 10:30 can be between 5 and 10 mph. By 2:00 pm hitting 15 to 20. Deal with a lot of gusty winds. Measuring those peaks and how rapidly they cycle determines how I'll attempt to fly. Last Sat. winds would cycle from 5 to a bit over 20 at times within 10 or 15
  11. Careful in dealing with those fickle gods. Yesterday winds would be around 6 or 7 mph then jump to 15/20 in a matter of seconds. Spent close to an hour wandering around getting the moxy to fly in that bumpy stuff. Swear the wind gods were snickering at me the whole time. Nothing broke though so HAH I got the last laugh.
  12. 30" lines . Are you KIDDING ME!! Last week after 2 years I finally had 2 good days on 50' lines with a sul. Dang it, dang it, dang it now I gotta go short line my Widowmaker.
  13. Nope I wait for it to rain LOL. Mongoose and Widowmaker Pro fill pretty specific spots. If I didn't have those 90% sure I'd have a Supernova and Nirvana. Spending wisely is hard to do because there are so many cool kites. SKD kites are pretty stunning but cost an arm and a Lam. If I ever post a 300 word rant complaining about a bad day in awful 7 mph smooth winds ignore it. I'll have lost my freaking mind. When first starting I kept a diary but it didn't last long. Interfered with the fun and got boring. EVERY time I fly I try to perfect my axles and slides no matter the wind. When struggling
  14. Keep in mind that I'm still a intermediate flyer. Like when first learning my Mongoose and Widow I've tried to keep the go for it somewhat at bay. That's not going to plan. Kites to much fun and capable. The steady firm feedback is the most impressive thing so far. Had it in it's upper range couple days ago. Only got about 45 minutes in before winds started bumping a bit over 30 mph at times. From 20 to 25 it's FAST. From 4 to 25 it stays pretty much the same. Very smooth and stable with very little twitch even in the bumpies. Wasn't quite as good at the edge in the upper range as I thought it
  15. Only been at this a couple years but it didn't take long before I wanted the best. My skills are at a solid 5 pushing into the 6 realm quite often now. I'll third the Lam kites. I've got 3 for winds .5 to 30 mph plus. Not my most forgiving kites but when I'm on man it's ON. Living on the Colorado high plains I deal with some pretty bumpy winds. The Lams handle gusty winds the best. Although I have some high end kites including a Benson Superfly, Skyburner Widowmaker Pro, Blue Moon Mongoose my Premier Nighthawk gets flown a lot. Not a sedate kite at all. Tough, capable and tons of fun. No longe
  16. Wind range mostly. For me smaller kites are easier to control when winds are bumpy. Superfly surprised me there. It's really good in the gusts. Plus Goff looks like he's having more fun on the Superfly in the videos LOL.
  17. 9 of my grandkids started on a Prism Snapshot 1.4. One boy loves the whump so much it was hard to get him to stop whumping framed kites. Self launching foils for 8 year olds NEED adult supervision. 150# lines in 15 mph winds is dangerous. Out in 20 to 25 mph on the Snapshot I staked the kite. Gust launched it and lucky for me I dodged the lines. Live on a open prairie so kite didn't get caught on anything. 1/2 mile walk I finally caught up with it. Put a old dog toy on top of it now instead of staking. If needing to stake it's with 1 line. When winds go 15+ I angle my kites close to the window
  18. You tube the Rock On by Flying Wings. Cheaper than both Prisms and one of the few kites that can relaunch without walking to the kite. Constant walking to reset the kite leads to major frustration at times. Even for us so called grownups. Fun With Wind has them pretty cheap. You'll find a video of a woman and her 2 daughters about that age doing some great flying. Daddy is Bell Chu designer, builder and excellent flier. HQ Bebop would probably take them a bit farther in tricking than the Prisms too. I've got grandchildren in that age group and they learn this stuff fast. Pull is in relation t
  19. Finally got one of these Tuesday. In hindsight this should have come before my Lams. Thought it would similar to my Hydra but more durable. More durable for sure but doesn't fly much like anything I've flown. First flights were in 10 to 15 mph pretty smooth winds. Hour in winds were dropping and got to the sul winds point. Like my Mongoose and Black Dog the kite flew pretty much the same as the winds varied. Yesterday went up in 15 to a bit over 20. WOW!! Moderate pull, really smooth loading with no yanking around. Thought the kite would be wilder and faster. Happy that it's not. Got other kit
  20. Yup that's been me for a couple years now. I could axle the PD but I'm not agile enough to get it out of a fade or turtle. Kite would float away on me. Did teach me a lot on how to keep a sail loaded though. Tom P is a grade A pilot. One of those folks that if he were somewhere without a kite and the wind was perfect he could improvise. Probably cut up some cardboard. Find some knitting yarn and do 20 flic flacs in a row. Not sure how well that kite does in 5 to 7 mph. Most reviews I've read say it gets fast and twitchy. Then again it is how one adjusts to a kite instead of making a kite adjus
  21. The mirror effect makes them different at 1st glance. Someone who doesn't know anything about kites could see the difference. Maybe leading to a why. Maybe leading to another flier. My votes for the mirror.
  22. Not flown either but I think the Shadow is the better choice. Maybe a 2pt or zero Sky Shark LS instead of the Dynamic T12 could get you up in 1 mph. Kite Guys in Alberta still have the Sky Dog Black Dog ul just under $150.00 U.S. Like my Black Dog standard a lot. Tough kite that'll go up in 3 mph. Read reviews that thought the ul was the better of the 2. Some liked it more then the Shadow. $150.00 seems like a lot for that kite though. In hindsight due to most days being bumpy I'd probably have been happier with a Shadow vs Zephyr or Pro Dancer. Last winter got a AC sul. More fragile than a Sh
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