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  1. i'll take it all if still available. tom tomdiving@yahoo.com
  2. if any of the flexi rages or blurrs on ebay strike your fancy, i'll sell them direct to you for 10% off of those prices, since that would just go to ebay, anyway. tomdiving@yahoo.com
  3. mr. LaMasters - great input and greatly appreciated. your comments brought a couple from the head coach of our swim team to mind. he once completely stopped a practice that wasn't going to his standards of excellence and literally shouted "YOU GOTTA DO THE WORK!" got the kids back on track and continued on wonderfully. the following year there was another minor issue and he again totally stopped the practice and out came "THE PROCESS *IS* THE REWARD!" i think about those 2 comments all of the time and they actually stopped me from taking lessons from brett marchel, whom is a truly a great guy and very local to me. i actually enjoy failing and learning from those failures. if someone gives me all of the answers then i see the journey as being less than it could have been. of course, we all do need help at times, though. and i do seek help and accept help offered when necessary. with that, i seek your help - how in the world do you bend the titanium tubes? do you have a preferred seller of those? what about supergluing the leaders on to the tubes, saving the tip weight of the tape? thanks! tom
  4. did notice that. hard not to! what do you think they are? 18? 20"? saw that osk has 15 inchers. tom
  5. ran across this info by accident and am very glad that i did. i will assume that this has been listed on this site before, but maybe it can come to light for the newer flyers now. fascinating. you can see other levels of instruction with a search of "fly 4 fun." i happened to find the master's list. tom https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=fly+4+fun+master
  6. if they're still for sale, send me an email with any necessary info. tom
  7. in my typical "here and gone" wind conditions, there was far more "gone" than "here." when it was here, though, this thing flew wonderfully. and, it's gorgeous. the pictures don't really do it justice. thanks a million, T in WI, and to all others for their insight and input. tom
  8. put it up in alleged 6mph, which was coming and going here in SE michigan, and it was "ok." only stopped because i was facing into the sun and didn't put on any sunscreen. my face is already baked from coaching at outdoor pools, and i didn't need any more of that action. now, though, i'm prepared and have alleged 8mph and am heading back out before it rains. i have a regular rev 1.5 (bought here) that works well in 10-12 and above, so i don't need to wreck this one by flying in conditions that aren't good for it. gee whiz, i wish i would have discovered this activity many years ago. great fun, great people, what more could you ask for? tom
  9. also, what i have available is 90lb. 80 ft. lpg. tom
  10. you guys have provided lots of great info. thank you. black race it is! with that, what should be the upper wind limit that this setup should go out in? tom
  11. well, i guess i'll find out today or tomorrow. thanks for the responses, and i'll be ready to drill if necessary. tom
  12. can anyone here tell me how a rev race frame compares to the p100 frame that's recommended for this kite? thanks! tom
  13. interested. sent message. tom tomdiving@yahoo.com
  14. grab an EXP for 200 bucks just about anywhere. they're rtf. add handle leader extensions and you'll now have a really fantastic rev. the difference between stock and extended leaders is night and day - no joke. this thread made me make the switch and i'm sooooo glad i did. (there are MANY good tidbits of info here, read the entire thread) if you want to see what all the fuss is about - you could easily get away with simply having 2 strings of 90 lb. test or better and knotting both ends of both strings (old shoestring, etc.) so that the knots are about 4 1/2 inches apart. larkshead the original leader to one end, larkshead the flight line to the other knot, and you're in business. if that is the only thing that you do, you'll see a much greater control improvement. tom
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