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    Thanks for the replies! Prism Quantum is a price range I'd be willing to spend to get in. This video is the kind of flying I wanna do! He's at least 100' in the air! I'm thinking about the Foil Kite suggestions. I assume they are a bit more stable in the air and easier for a beginner to learn? I figure advanced trick kites give up some stability for dexterity? What about handles for a DLK? Do you reel the kite in when it's time to go home, or just 'land' it? I imagine it'd be difficult to reel in with both hands occupied.
  2. VirtualFacets

    Welcome VirtualFacets

    Hey, y'all! Thanks for the approval. I'm a kite newbie. I moved from a wooded area to a home surrounded by open field a little over a year ago. Totally different ecosystems, here there are more bug eating birds, ground nesters, birds of prey, and no squirrels. Also, the wind is strong and I'd like to have some fun with it. Last spring I bought a 1-line diamond, ripstop fabric, 2' horizontal fiberglass spar- a nice kite, not a plastic disney theme kite. I flew it a few times, but after about 10 minutes it got kinda boring. The last time I flew it (y'all gonna love this story), I accidentally let the handle slip out of my hands. I attempted to run after it, but it only took me about 3 seconds to realize it was gone, so I just watched it climb higher and faster out of sight. So yeah, that happened. Anyways, I'd like to have a nice kite for next spring. I'd like to get a beginner 2-line kite. If it's possible I'd like to learn to do some simple loops and figure 8s at least 40' in the air. I really enjoy watching the advanced trick kiter videos where they keep the kite close to ground, and maybe I'll try it some time in the future, but right now I wanna fly a kite high in the sky!! I'd appreciate some suggestions on what to get. And I saw a lady selling her father's kites on this site and I thought maybe that might be a good way to get a great kite at a great price. But maybe they aren't what I'm looking for, I don't know. Any advice welcome. Thanks in advance!!