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  1. We are looking to purchase a pre-owned Premier 30’ clownfish aka Nemo. Thank you
  2. TeamVee

    Rainbow Sled LS 30 by Skydog Kites (8/10/18)

    Woah! Can’t wait... This is a beauty..... #SLEDLOVE Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  3. TeamVee

    You might be a kite nut.

    You update your kite list daily on your phone... Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  4. TeamVee

    Mesh Vs. No Mesh

    Saw the Mesh 11’ today... Love the craftsmanship design. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  5. TeamVee

    Mesh Vs. No Mesh

    Looking into the 11’ and 19’ Mesh (Willi Koch) Delta. Is it just design, or does no mesh handle better or worse in different conditions? We are leaning into purchasing a 19’ Delta currently. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  6. TeamVee

    2nd Time Success

    Thank you @riffclown I was trying different lettering searches and zooming in and could not figure it out. That is one beautiful kite, Color is very nice.
  7. TeamVee

    2nd Time Success

    Quick question: Who makes (what's kites name) the dual line kite one beach in LeeBB's post? (white/blue and grey)
  8. TeamVee

    Widow NG Special

    Now that I have some time on the Widow NG, I was in the shop yesterday and Looking at Magnum. The Magnum is similar in size visually but I have been told it is much louder. Does anyone have any info on the Magnum?
  9. TeamVee

    A beginners laundry rigging set up

    This is an example of the carabiner and line wraps and the red line is where the laundry would hang.
  10. TeamVee

    A beginners laundry rigging set up

    This is one area that I really enjoy... (Sled and Flo-Form Fan).. What I do is use a large lifter kite (Look at my Photo album in Bio if you wish) depending on the wind.. But what we prefer 24 or 36 Sleds on days where winds are between 8-20 mph. I always go overboard on line when hanging laundry also. 250lb for the 24 Sled and 500 lb for the 36 Sled. My preferred method is carabiner vs. line loops. I attach line laundry with a carabiner and wrap the main sled line at minimum three times around the carabiner . I equally space my laundry (using arm lengths to measure) with the laundry with most drag towards the anchor side. You may have to adjust the amount of laundry depending on winds and what the pilot kite can hold steady. On the laundry side, I use sturdier/bigger/heavier gauge carabiner (Aluminum for light weight) for heavier laundry and smaller for lighter laundry.
  11. TeamVee

    Buying large swivels

    I generally use swivels on line under -100 lb... everything else I agree with @edmond and use marks head knot on both kite end and stake end. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  12. TeamVee

    Widow Maker with tails 4-30-18

    That looks AWESOME!
  13. TeamVee

    A bit confused Where to start?

    Just going to chime in and let the pros Give solid advice after. One thing that you mentioned (key words): feeling tug / noise. I like/prefer foil kites for pull and some noise and they are small and fit in small case for carrying around on carabiner on backpack. One brand is - HQ carries the following Symphony Beach SportKite in various sizes. Island Life | UFUV | Kite Life Subscriber 1482