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    anything that flys
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    KItes, fly fishing model yachts traditional archery (I do not hunt) ham radio playing the diddley bow wood working and fixing things. I have my own business in industrial repair.
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  1. mrfixit

    Stacking Question

    Ok maybe this is where I should ask my question. I want to know how far to stack kites? Not only eddys,but others as well. I am working on dual line , and quad liners. Like eddys , sleds, deltas, and others. I make all my own kites, I have been doing this for years. I just lately thought of stacking them. Mike
  2. mrfixit

    How do I stack eddys

    I had this question yesterday ,but now its gone. How far do I stack eddys apart? Mike
  3. mrfixit

    Welcome mrfixit

    Thank you John.
  4. I am having trouble with this forum .What are tags? Can anyone help me with proper posting? Mike
  5. mrfixit

    stacking eddy kites

    I need information on stacking eddys. How far should they be apart? Mike
  6. mrfixit

    Welcome mrfixit

    You have me in twice ,but that's ok. I am trying to find out about eddy kites and how to stack them. How far apart should they be? Has anyone worked with this? Ok let me tell you all about myself. I live in Volant Pa. that's about 50 miles north of Pittsburgh, Pa. like to make kites, and other things. I am into Fly fishing, traditional archery, model yacht building and sailing, disk golf, ham radio, and other things. Mike