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  1. I've got another question. Sry if I am asking too many questions. Haha. When the kite folds on reverse flights e.g 45deg diagonal inverted flights, is this a application of too much brake inputs throughout the maneuver? Or is this stalling? Is this a fault of tuning or pilot input/error?
  2. Intend to do that in the next session Edmond. Thank you
  3. Exactly makatakam. The kite just goes diagonally downwards when I pull it and I lose all feel of the kite and can't recover it till its on the ground. Now that you have mentioned it, with very small movements at the start of the side slides actually helps a great deal and the kite does not drop out and I have control all e way till e edge of the window.
  4. Thanks makatakam and JB for the sound advice. I did tune my Rev today and it was so much better. I do feel I can go out one more knot to get to that feel I like on the brakes when flying inverted. I did try it as well but I realised when doing side slides the rev falls out pretty fast as there is too much brakes on, so I had to bring it one knot in. But on either of these knots I have to give it a kick or a double tap to launch and that was a good sign for me knowing I'm heading in the right direction. Tried uploading a video of some flying I did today, but my file size is too big. Will try to Comoress it and send it of possible. PS. I really appreciate the detailed explanation both you and JB give. It really puts things into perspective and most importantly understanding what is actually happening instead of trying stuff blindly. Thanks again all. Will definetly stay tune for loads of tips.
  5. Thank you JB. I really appreciate your inputs. And i think sometimes repeating does make a person understand even better. Yes I do the "whump" when I launch cos I honestly can't get it up with a lazy launch. Amd yes I do have tell tale sign in forward drive at times of the TE fluttering and sometimes even on dive stops. Will increase my brakes and try to give it a go again. What kinda wind speeds am I looking at for a good tune?
  6. Thanks again makatakam. So just to be very sure I am doing it right like you mentioned, when you say "try one more knot of brake", u mean release a knot out on the top lines and NOT bring in the brake knots in by knot right?
  7. Thx guys for the tips. I have the best teachers. For real. Firstly, winds are shitty at this point in Singapore. Weather Apps are not very accurate. But I did try to fly today and was scrutinizing everything to do with my flying style and I stumbled across while looking at my lines. While my handles are straight(hover position on handle) , my top lines are taut while brake lines are slack. Won't this cause my brakes to be less reactive? (I find my turns very slow. Prior to changing leaders, my turns were very reactive with the slightest move of my brake lines) Won't making my brake lines taut more or less equivalent to my top have equal reaction to forward and reverse bias? So, moving my handles in forward drives makes the Reflex XX move forward and also making reverse flight reaction quicker. *sry if my questions are nonsensical.
  8. Oh wow. Thanks for the tips and advices frob, makatakam and JB. I think I should have gotten it 95% tuned out and probably need some getting used to now. Will try a knot further out when the winds get up and let u guys know how it went. Definetly never going to be able to fly like JB, haha. Thanks again guys.
  9. I did try tuning the leaders today. Bottom lines not touched and all the way out on the first knot. And launching till I found my happy knot on the top lines. (About 4-5 knots in from outside). Winds were about 6-8mph. I tried hovering in all directions and doing maneuvers till I was comfortable and was not bias ok either forward or reverse drive and trying to keep it really neutral. Now, what if after I find this happy knot, I feel like I still don't hv e ought brakes and would like more brakes? If I move my top line out to make it is slightly to brake heavy and feel like it's hard to hover and the rev just keeps dropping out of e skies when I try to perform like eight point clockwork and etc. Any ideas on how to get slightly more brakes without compromising my forward drive too much? Sorry if I'm not making any sense guys.
  10. Hi makatakam. Sry for the late reply. Thank you for the wishes.
  11. Sure Wayne. Been there and learnt the hard way when I started off. I just give it when it wants to go dwn and unload the sail when it does. Thanks again Wayne. Will report back and let u know how it goes. Cheers Wayne.
  12. Thank You Wayne. Will try it out and see how it goes. Thanks again for the time n effort to explain. Hopefully the winds n weather forecast turns out good over the next week.
  13. Thank You Wayne. May I know Other than launching after finding the happy knot, what other maneuvers should I try to see if I am on the right track to ensure I'm not to bias in forward or reverse drive?
  14. Sorry to revive this thread guys. But I just bought JB's leaders made by Tk. Awesome stuff. I am follwing the procedures of finding the happy knot from the furthest out. But what about the bottom line? Which knot do I put to begin with? Also at what kinda winds conditions should I be tuning to cos we don't really get good winds in Singapore sad to say. Best regards, Vin
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