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  1. https://www.newmexico.org/event/kite-flying-and-tailgate-picnic/108/
  2. Not too bad, but as the wind got strong I definitely had to pay attention. Super easy to launch and was so fun to watch flying in the breeze.
  3. I just wanted to thank everyone for the help and knowledge. I had an amazing kite festival out in NM... it's an annual one in Glenwood that anyone who heads that way in April should check out! I will post a link here it's always the first weekend in April. My Octo was a big hit.
  4. That's quite the setup Chook! Thank you so much for the detailed instructions, and letting me see the pieces of the setup. I believe I'll take the rebar anchors I have out, plus we'll have a pickup to anchor to if need be. Your Octopus is beautiful! Looks like a real custom and well-made kite.
  5. Oh no losing a big kite like that must be the worst feeling- watching it fly away and disappear! I'm sorry that happened to you... I did order the 500 lb line for this first flight. If it seems to need more, I'll upgrade. Thanks for the tip- I have a good rebar stake we use to anchor big tents at festivals, so I think it will work for this too.
  6. I absolutely will take pics! And I plan to anchor for sure. I will be cautious, and don't plan to fly around large groups of people or cows anyway ha ha.. Oh and thank you for the Gomberg link! I hadn't run across their info yet, and got a winder from them as well as reading the anchor article. Appreciate it.
  7. I ordered the 500 lb line, and will definitely stake it down on its maiden flight. Hoping to get it up this coming weekend! They do look so cool flying, it's what brought me back to kites as an adult. Seeing some of these other beauties airborne.
  8. Thanks T. It did look like it could be amore permanent piece, was sort of hard to tell. Instructions would have been AWESOME. I will do exactly as you suggest, sounds secure and simple enough. Thanks again!! Saving my butt over here...
  9. Ha something else I wondered about.... enough wind to launch. You've confirmed it for me, the lighter line is getting returned and I'll get the heavier stuff. So much more info from you nice folks here than anywhere else online And yours looks amazing flying! The bright colors was definitely a good decision
  10. I'm afraid to take it off in case I do something wrong! I have the 150 lb so will try that but likely will upgrade to heavier to be safe. I'm so excited to try this big sucker!
  11. I read somewhere that this forum was super friendly and helpful, and I can see why!! Thanks so much for the input. So by the sounds of it, under this plastic yellow wrapper should be the end point if all the bridle lines... and then I knot my flying line around it. No swivel or metal parts then?
  12. Hi I'm a kite newbie except for an Into the Wind Delta I had years ago. I've seen the big octopus kites all over lately, and had to have one. Now after hours of researching I realize there is very little info out there about how to attach, what kind of line, etc. I have found videos of how to daisy chain, and the larks head knot. I bought 150 lb line for my 49 ft octopus. It's a soft airfoil with a complicated looking bridle. Anyone out there have one? Any tips about how to attach to a line? Do I need heavier line? EmmaKites just told me.. no, we don't have instructions. Downside of ordering from China:( Any help appreciated guys!
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