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    Kite aerial photography - taking photos from the air in a natural, organic and gluten-free style: with a kite

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  1. The draught is over and we had a really nice KAP session over the flooded Planina karst field, Slovenia. Shot with Nikon P330 on a Rokkaku kite. Check out all the photos and more about this magical place on our KAP website! 😉
  2. As the three-week World Wide KAP Week draws to a close, here are a couple of photos of Ljubljana Marshes Landscape Park in the soft autumn sun: And do check out the full set on our KAP website! 😉
  3. Hi all! Here is the footage of the first flight of our newest monster, a Giant Wiener Doggo Kite, designed and made by dr.agon. The kite itself (with Caly the KAP dog appliqué) is 6 m by 1,5 m ripstop nylon, and the tail is 15 m by 3,6 m taft.
  4. World Wide KAP Week - #WWKW2019 - is on, and we flew our camera in difficult, turbulent conditions with the wind way too strong for our venerable Rokkaku ... This session in Tivoli park, Ljubljana, didn't produce exceptional photos, but every KAP is a good KAP, right? Check out the full set on our KAP website! 😉
  5. Hi all! We decided to make a classic (10-side) drumbox kite inspired by Dick Toonen - and we have a question about the central connector: is it really necessary? Wouldn't the spars simply touch and pass each other in the centre (going diagonally from top to bottom corners), and maybe just tie them together there? Thank you! 🙂
  6. Thanks, Rob! 🙂 ... and it looks beautiful from the ground too 😉
  7. Hello again 🙂 Here are some kite aerial photos of Dornava Manor, the largest and most exquisite Baroque architectural ensemble in Slovenia. Built in the first half of the 18th century it still boasts one of the longest Baroque garden axis in the region. Read more about it - and see more aerial photos! - on our KAP website ... All photos shot with a new KAP kite - a dr.agon D90 BW mini delta, designed for strong(er) winds (it went over 50 km/h here).
  8. A nice story and a couple of kite aerial photos of the medieval heart of Ljubljana, Slovenia was just published on our KAP website ... 😉 Launched from a tricky, narrow place with a lot of turbulence - but with quite good results it was worth having a couple of litle heart attcks 🙂 ...
  9. Here are some kite aerial shots of Ormož Basins Nature Reserve, an important bird sancutary in Prlekija region of Slovenia. Please read a sweet story about nature conservationists and heavy agroindustry working together to preserve a truly special ecosystem!
  10. Right at the edge of Ljubljana city centre there is a vast and beautiful park called Tivoli. Click and see how this enchanting place looks from a kite - and learn more about its interesting history! 😉
  11. Have to share this ... Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, as seen from a kite: https://kapjasa.wixsite.com/kap-jasa/single-post/2019/03/11/Ljubljana-Beloved
  12. Iška Moor nature reserve is one of the finest examples of damp, marshy grasslands in Slovenia. The eastern part of the reserve was overgrown and is in the process of meadow restoration since 1998. The old meandering channel of river Iška is clearly visible from the air, despite being silted up since melioration in the late 18th century. All kite aerial photos shot with Nikon P330 on a Royal 69 sled kite. See the full report and more kite aerial photos of this fantastic place at our KAP website!
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