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  1. The wear was intense with my method. After one week of flying the leaders were practically gone! So I put a flanged nylon bushing in the holes, now the leader is only touching the hard nylon (except for where the larks head part is) and after a week it's showing zero wear. You still end up shoving plastic in a hole I guess, but super happy with it now.
  2. I keep breaking my Kymera. Need a lower spreader (non-ferruled) and a standoff. Is there a "parts list" somewhere or what's the best way to figure out what I need? I'm trying to avoid calling a kite shop every time I need something and just order it on my own. The standoff mount broke, so I need both the standoff mounting piece and the mini-standoff-spar but don't know the sizes. As a follow up question, I didn't crash the poor thing, maybe I'm pulling too hard on launch or something? I'm not accustomed to these higher end kites so maybe I'm just a bit too hard on them? My experience has been mostly with Prisms. Thanks a ton for the help.
  3. It would be my first indoor kite. Have a feeling I'd be spoiled with the Kaiju. Who doesn't love being spoiled?? I'm SO IN!
  4. If I had won, one of the days would be weeding the yard. (Sorry).
  5. Lark's head to the whole tube handle. Sucks up maybe 1/2" of the leader but not hard to accommodate. Will let you know how the wear goes - made it pretty smooth!
  6. Did something different for my snagless. Put my handles in a bench vise and drilled a hole perpendicular to the punched hole that is already in the handles, then cleaned and smoothed everything up with a rotary tool. Last bit critical so you don't wear on your leaders. After that simply a lark's head using my newly drilled orifice and finally put the original cap back on. Preserves original height of the handles (jeez, I'm already getting picky with my setup!) and you don't have to mess around with screws or shoving plastic down a hole.
  7. So I got a two-wrap frame for my NYM and it's bunched up on the ends, is this normal? https://photos.app.goo.gl/HfewPZ92lKrgU6sq2 Also I've been using it every day for 2 months or so and the vertical spars are creating a wear pattern in the back of the sail, is that normal too? Thanks for the help.
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