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  1. Super Sled in Tennessee Last week there were some fantastic clouds in Middle Tennessee.
  2. Thanks. I plan to use the tail on it. I just couldn't pass it up for $40.
  3. I just ordered the DFM tonight from GKites.
  4. I pulled the trigger on The Sled this morning.
  5. Thanks for the insight. I won't be attaching large laundry immediately but I would like to eventually. I have some smaller koinoboiri that I plan to use for now.
  6. I think 300# is the conservative choice with the Double Delta Conyne. The kite, wooden winder, 2 transition tails and 500' of 300# line is $148. With the SuperSled, we're at $170 with the 25' tail I like. The difference is the tail pretty much.
  7. Do I need 300# line for the Supersled? I noticed they sell it with 170#. Unfortunately, I have 125# on hand but that may not be heavy enough. It's the cost of the line that starts to add up.
  8. I think I will give the gift card to my wife for her purchases and get something from Gomberg about the same amount. The Double Delta Conyne looks pretty good.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. In the video of that one it looks a little fluttery. I have been pondering the Rocky Mountain Conyne also. In the videos, it's a very stable flyer. https://www.amazon.com/Into-Wind-Rocky-Mountain-Conyne/dp/B01N6AFT5K It should lift a GoPro or some smaller tails or line laundry according to the Jim Nicholls reviews. I've tried to find the Stratosphere Double Conyne on Amazon, but don't see it.
  10. They definitely do. Those are my preference. I don't believe they have any on Amazon right now. At this point, I am looking for something available from Amazon to spend my gift card.
  11. I received a $100 gift card to Amazon from my employer. I want to buy a kite. I hoped for a sled/lifter but after lots of searching don't see alot of candidates on Amazon. What do you think of the ITW Delta Conyne Kite? Unless I fund a better value for a large sized kite, I'll probably get it. Any suggestions?
  12. Thanks. I decided 120# is probably pushing it with laundry and a tail. I just happened to have a brand new roll of 120#.
  13. My local kite store has some nice affordable spinners that will work. Question about kite line: I have some 120# dacron line leftover from my fishing efforts. Will that work o.k. for kites?
  14. Thanks for the suggestions. What line length are you using for the Super Sled?
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