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  1. thebbqguy

    Kites and Fun Things

    My wife and I decided to get dual line foils for some nieces and nephews this year. The store only had one Synapse in stock. Hearing that we wanted 4, they offered to order more. I asked if they could order HQ Symphony instead. We have 4 on order. Hooray for Kites and Fun Things. #SmallBusinessSaturday
  2. thebbqguy

    HQ Symphony 1.8

    Here's another clip of my wife flying - Symphony flying
  3. thebbqguy

    HQ Symphony 1.8

    I flew tonight for about 45 minutes and my confidence is building. I had several good flights.
  4. thebbqguy

    HQ Symphony 1.8

    I got the beach model. If I buy the 2.2 down the road I'll try the pro version. I think I am going to really enjoy the sport foils. The Symphony will fly in very low wind when I can't fly my other kite.
  5. thebbqguy

    HQ Symphony 1.8

    My wife flying in the video 1st flight
  6. thebbqguy

    HQ Symphony 1.8

    Well, the weather was tough all day but just before dark the rain stopped for about 10 minutes and I got the new kite aloft for a few minutes. I'm going to really like it when the wind picks up and it stops raining.
  7. thebbqguy

    Synapse 170

    The Symphony arrived. Now the rain needs to leave.
  8. thebbqguy

    Premier Wolf or Widow for 2nd Kite

    Well I have got a HQ Symphony 1.8 Dual Line Foil Kite coming Friday. LOL
  9. thebbqguy

    Synapse 170

    Thanks for the tips. It gave me confidence to pull the trigger.
  10. thebbqguy

    Synapse 170

    I ordered the Symphony. It will be here Friday. I got the 1.8. My wife wants to fly also, so I think a little smaller might be best.
  11. thebbqguy

    Synapse 170

    Any thoughts about Cross Kites 1.8 m compared to the Synapse?
  12. thebbqguy

    Synapse 170

    Looking at this one too: HQ Symphony Beach III 1.8 Dual Line Foil Kite
  13. thebbqguy

    Synapse 170

    Nice video
  14. thebbqguy

    Synapse 170

    I went to purchase a Synapse today but they only had the 140 in stock. I'll hold out for a 170 I think. Is a 170 going to pull a 200# guy around a lot or just be a steady tug?
  15. thebbqguy

    Beginner Expectations

    I haven't been flying long but I've experienced some recent frustration with short flight times on my dual line kite. My longest flights are in the 4 to 5 minute range. It seems like I should be able to maintain longer times, but I'm not progressing at this point. I only go out when there are 15 to 20 mph winds.