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  1. gljjr

    Welcome gljjr

    Here is a picture of my new applique kite. I drew the pattern based on the Seahawks full face logo. The kite is loosely based on a Rev II.
  2. I was in Ocean Shores a couple weeks ago and picked up a custom OSK low wind version for my wife. It was blowing too hard to fly it effectively but it sure flew well. I'm heading back down this weekend and will hopefully have a chance to fly it again, as well as my personal design that is smaller than a Rev II. I have to say the build quality is on par with my Exp and Old Rev II (circa 1994).
  3. gljjr

    Welcome gljjr

    Thanks for the welcome. I flew my first Rev in 1993 at the Long Beach Wa kite festival. I was instantly hooked and purchased a Rev II. A year later I made my own version and sized it down just slightly using Icarex for the sail and window mesh on the leading edge. This turned out to be a great flier and flies in very low wind. I’m currently working on my first kite with appliqué on the sail. I should have it flying this weekend.