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  1. Ejay! Wow! 3D printing is very cool. Thanks for taking the time to share and create. Looks really good! Keep us posted on how the parts help with your kites and flying! Be well!
  2. Roger Day

    Reflex XX

    Happy Thanksgiving! It's about the feel, and I know as an experienced duel line flyer you know what I mean. I have never flow a Reflex. I know it's higher end. Like anything new, in my humble opinion, it's better to start with a basic model and graduate. Bear in mind I am a rank amateur. I started with an EXP, then went to New York Minute, then a Barresi 1.5, and now a Djinn. I still love to fly my NYM. The EXP I break out when I see him just sitting in my bag being lonely! When you get the one your love, you will know. Find one that "feels" right to you, and as John always says, practice, practice, practice. Happy Flying!
  3. Good morning! Congratulations on your decision! My first REV was an EXP. I then got a New York Minute. I also have a 1.5 Barresi model. I had spent a few years learning wind dynamics on various duel line Deltas. Look at the budget you have in mind. I now have a Djinn, which I call a Ferrari! Keep taking to us in this forum! Watch John’s training videos! Be well! Happy flying!
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