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  1. We’re in the Concord/Pittsburg area. We go to Berkeley when we can’t find any wind 😊. I remember there being crazy winds around the delta so we want to do some exploration out that way and find some parks. We tried the Martinez Marina park but it sucked and there was dog poop everywhere lol.
  2. Hi Everyone, Fairly new kite enthusiast here. I had a dual line trick kite when I was a kid. I'm into my late 30's now and my partner and I recently picked up dual line kites and are totally hooked again. He got a Prism Quantum and I got a Prism Synapse 300. After flying the synapse I realize that it's not really the style that I want and I want to get a framed kite. With so many options out there and so many opinions it's hard to find one. I'm willing to spend between $100-200. I want one that I can grow into and performs well in most wind conditions. Where we live (Bay Area, CA) it can
  3. Great advice everyone thank you for your feedback!!!
  4. Hi Guys, My partner and I just picked up the new hobby of kiting! He bought a prism quantum and I bought a prism synapse 200 from a local retailer in Berkeley, CA. We've both spent a good 6-7 hours each since Sunday. I've been doing a ton of research and want to also get a framed kite. What other brands are out there other than prism? Google doesn't seem to bring up much.
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