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  1. Thank you for the info. The Snapshot foil kites weren't discontinued that long ago plus I have been flying one I bought last spring with no issues. Just curious, thank you.
  2. Hello all. I just purchased a few NOS Prism Snapshots. I had a 1.2 and loved flying it so bought a two in bigger sizes. Is there any recommendation for changing line sets based on age?
  3. I ordered a discontinued Spider Kites Wasabi 1.5. Looking at this kite is looks identical in construction just a lot smaller than my Prism Tantrum 250. Does anybody have any experience with the Wasabi 1.5? The newer version of the kite has different construction. Same manufacturer for both kite possible?
  4. Finally had a chance to get the Tensor in the air. All I can say is wow. I flew it in winds between 7-11 mph with a few higher gusts. The 3.1 was definitely the right choice. After about 30 minutes is was huffin and puffin and arms where getting tired. This thing is a work out. Cant wait to try and fly it in its four ling configuration.
  5. The Tensor 3.1 should be here Wednesday. I can't wait to get it in the air. Hopefully this weekend I get a day with less than 15mph winds to try it out. Thanks for the input guys. Looking forward to becoming more involved with the community here.
  6. Thank you for the response. I will read over the link you provided. We don't really have the room to buggy in Ohio. Land Boarding or kite surfing is possible. My initial thought was 3.1. Considering I can get the kite for $250 I'm probably just going to order it. I also like the idea of being able fly it in both four line or with the bar setup. Edit; I actually read through some of that thread at an earlier date. Thank you again.
  7. Hello everyone, I have recently gotten into kiting. More specifically power kiting. It all started with buying the kid a Prism Bora 5 while on vacation earlier this year. I had played around with two line stunt kites years ago and still own a couple but they are in a different state in a storage unit. I ended up ordering myself a couple foils a couple months ago and am now addicted. Started out with a Snapshot 1.2 and a Synapse 170. Flew those a little and ordered a Tantrum 250 immediately. Order a Peter Lynn Hype in 1.9 and 2.6 because I was reading about the quality. I have now purchased 6 foils in two months. Really caught the bug when I went to the coast of Lake Erie and after flying foils about 3 times prior I attempted the Tantrum for the first time. Winds were 15-20mph with higher gust and that was such a rush. After telling my wife someone else must have been flying kites earlier because of the foot drag marks in the sand. She then tells me those were my drag marks. I'm 255lbs and I didn't even notice the kite pulling me but new it was really tugging. The first thing out of my mouth was I want a bigger one. Now to my Tensor question. I have found an unreal deal for a Tensor 3.1 and 5.0. The average wind near where I live is very high (15-25 steady winds frequently) and the med sized foils I currently own can really give me a workout. I know the Tensor is gonna produce more power and was wondering if the 5.0 would just be to much to play with at my skill level. What is your opinion? Leaning towards the 3.1.
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