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  1. Good to hear. I kept some in there last year. Guess I'll leave a few in there this year.
  2. Is safe to leave a few kites in my trunk of my vehicle throughout the heat of summer? I am on the road all day long and have some free time during my day. Would like to fly when I have a break.
  3. Since I joined your support group I have acquired two more kite. Thank you for your support. I will be attending meetings more frequently lol.
  4. I have been watching Dodd recently. Thanks for the tip. Haven't had good weather lately so only flying foils. Winds 15-30 mph. Waiting for 8-12 to try some trick practice.
  5. Thanks for the input. I set my goals on learning to trick my framed kites this year. The way you explain the feedback, I can see how it would help with tricks. With the foils i'm really just steering it and keeping it off the ground, not a ton of finesse. With the big ones its a battle at times. I love the adrenaline rush of getting dragged around.
  6. I ordered a Prism replacement set. Flew a lot of hours on the original lines with other foils. What is the benefit of high end lines with a foil?
  7. Thank you for your support lol. My biggest problem is the shape and color and appearance of a kite pulls me in. All I can imagine is what it looks like lit up in a blue sky. I can only fly one at a time and buying the e3 was simply for the look of it. I know its a pretty good kite and I can grow a lot with it but I can't puch the Hypnotist to its limit for a while. It currently is assembled in the spare room. I open to door just to look at it a couple times a day. My wife actually fosters this addiction.
  8. After all the reassurance, I had a line break on the Snapshot 1.9 . I'm guessing total fluke but first day in the air had 15 mph winds with gust over 20 mph. It was tugging me around a good bit. I had been flying for about 30 minutes and bang the right string snapped. Oh well it was a very fun day on the kite and a new line set was only $20.
  9. Thanks for the advice. There is a Kite festival in next month on the 18th and one mid July. Already have plans to go. I live in Northwester Ohio and cannot find any local clubs. Would love to find some guys to fly with near me.
  10. I got into kiting last year. Really went nuts for two line foils even got into a couple full blown traction or power kites. Probably bought 12 foils last year. Had an old Prism trick kite I bought years ago can't remember the model and can't find it. Decided I wanted another kite for tricks and picked up an Hypnotist. Only flew it twice last year can't do any tricks lol. This year picked up a E3 special edition color and a 4D in throwback colors. I love the look of the E3 and really wanted something for light winds I just keep buying kites and have more I want but can't justify yet. I'm sure you guys can understand. It's a sickness. I've spent a few grand so far and think I need to find a support group. I really need to get some basics for tricks. Can you recommend the best place to learn some moves. I have an old Prism video I bought 15 years ago but can't find it. Figured the Hypnotist will be my learning kite as it appears fairly robust and durable.
  11. Thank you for the info. The Snapshot foil kites weren't discontinued that long ago plus I have been flying one I bought last spring with no issues. Just curious, thank you.
  12. Hello all. I just purchased a few NOS Prism Snapshots. I had a 1.2 and loved flying it so bought a two in bigger sizes. Is there any recommendation for changing line sets based on age?
  13. I ordered a discontinued Spider Kites Wasabi 1.5. Looking at this kite is looks identical in construction just a lot smaller than my Prism Tantrum 250. Does anybody have any experience with the Wasabi 1.5? The newer version of the kite has different construction. Same manufacturer for both kite possible?
  14. Finally had a chance to get the Tensor in the air. All I can say is wow. I flew it in winds between 7-11 mph with a few higher gusts. The 3.1 was definitely the right choice. After about 30 minutes is was huffin and puffin and arms where getting tired. This thing is a work out. Cant wait to try and fly it in its four ling configuration.
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