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  1. toddnkaya

    Just Starting Out / Pittsburgh

    went out for a group fly. :-) 45 min. away I actually was flying , with the help of some wind. 😁 Check me out!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Last two days were epic winds . I killed it with my foil!!!!!!!!!! 18mph gusts , 12 mpg, yesterday, way too windy for my UL! I told my wife to film." Stay in the moment" Todd, wife is my coach , she has never flown , but screaming bring in your wrists. lol!! lol I was hauling ass!!!!!!!!!!! great work out !! I need her for take offs with foil, she throws it up. Untwists lines,I'm not sure how you guys can go solo? I'm getting it !!! Peace ... Todd
  2. toddnkaya

    Just Starting Out / Pittsburgh

    Thanks Makatakum and Paul.
  3. toddnkaya

    Just Starting Out / Pittsburgh

    thanks Wayne and John !! Both my foil and UL are on 120 ft line. It seems like a mile away ! I understand that shorter line makes everything faster, but when I have chocked up on the lines it seems easier to get in the air and keep tension on the line. Is this true? Maybe a 70 ft line would be easier to handle ? thanks again !!
  4. toddnkaya

    Just Starting Out / Pittsburgh

    Yikes !! I’m not sure if I’m not in a good field ? It said winds were 10mph . Winds felt good , but direction seemed to be changing . And not steady at all .I could not get my Skyburner airborne at all. Switched to a different field . Not any better. Waited for my wife to help with launchings, not any better. Could get kite and foil up for a second or two then it falls . I have been taught good launching techniques, and did much better with a 4d in very light to no wind . The Skyburner seems like a tank compared to the 4d, even though it’s an UL. I’m pretty well frustrated!!!!😝😝 maybe this is not a good hobby for this city. Maybe I just suck . I feel like if I had a steady wind I could do it . I have had a few lessons. Felt like I was making some progress. I may go to a group fly about 45 minutes outside the city this weekend . I am a good athlete, and I would say that I have excellent hand eye coordination. What gives??!!! I am not trying for tricks , I just want to get the kite airborne, keep it up, fly it from right to left , maybe do a a couple of circles . That’s it. Not so much to ask .
  5. toddnkaya

    Just Starting Out / Pittsburgh

    Winds are up in the Burg!!! Hallelujah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Getting off work about 2 hours early!! :-)
  6. toddnkaya

    Building the Phoenix

    wow! Really Nice!! How long did it take you to make it? Todd
  7. toddnkaya

    Hi all!

    Dig your website!! Great pics and video!
  8. toddnkaya

    Shades of Purple

    WOW!! Beautiful !!
  9. toddnkaya

    Just Starting Out / Pittsburgh

    Thanks for the advice Mak. "if the wind sucks , don't fly" , that makes alot of sense. I went out with my wife with the foil. The wind was not nearly strong enough .We did get all of the tangles out. Got told to move a couple of times by the frisbee golfers. But know I know where to fly, not to bother them. I hope to be getting out for another lesson or two in the next couple of weeks. I can only progress and get better from here.
  10. toddnkaya

    Just Starting Out / Pittsburgh

    tried to fly yesterday. winds seemed good. It said 10 mph, but I can say wind was very spotty. I struggled with tangled lines, spinning kite to untangle lines. Wind died waay down . I'm fully drenched with sweat. Two nose dives after only getting the kite in the air a foot or two. For shitsake , wrap everything up , go home pissed, tired, and dejected .😭 Bummed !
  11. toddnkaya

    Just Starting Out / Pittsburgh

    Is it ok to leave my kites in a hot car for weeks? the wind sucks in Pittsburgh!!! Frustrated!
  12. toddnkaya

    Just Starting Out / Pittsburgh

    Well thanks John! That’s the plan . Take it slow , try to progress each time out. Here is a pic of my new Skyburner Freestylist UL. Jason found the kite very very smoothe and responsive!!
  13. toddnkaya

    Just Starting Out / Pittsburgh

    Pretty humbled today. I got my first lesson. Yikes !! My mentor was patient and helpful. I guess I figured I do a little bit better. I would say I have excellent hand eye coordination!! Not so much flying a kite . Lol... hahaha.... I did a bit better flying a the small foil. My new kite, is pretty awesome!! Freestylist UL is so light 2.5 ounces for a pretty big kite. I did a number of nose dives , and she is still ticking. i knew there would be a learning curve. But I watched soooo many videos of stunning beautiful flying that makes it look so easy. Thought I’d be doing flips and stalls . Lol one day with tons of practice maybe ...
  14. toddnkaya

    Just Starting Out / Pittsburgh

    Great point Mark. I am not going to purchase anything for a while. In fact I will be learning on a friend’s kites for a while, as ke has some indistinguishable kites for learning.
  15. toddnkaya

    Just Starting Out / Pittsburgh

    Thanks , I won’t be messing around with the kite. So , I need a stunt kite for 4-15kts . This is getting expensive. Well , I got a $25 Amazon card, and $50 from my step son for my birthday. I would like a fun kite for these wind speeds . under $125 . Suggestions... thanks !!