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  1. Jake :)

    Looking for some rev advice

    Alright Thank you so so much. I'm Hoping this website still has the B series standard and when I get home I am going to buy one. It still says they are available. It does not come with lines. Any advice on what to buy? I might just buy them off of Revs website. Thanks So much for all the advice. Ill keep you updated on my progress.
  2. Jake :)

    Looking for some rev advice

    Hey thanks for the response and the overall friendliness of your post. Everyone on here seems to be really awesome people. I have found a site that has B series standards. Is there a difference between the signature and the standard? Or is it just the venting? Is it a big difference? I also found a place that has 1.5 classics that look exactly the same as a B series which is a little concerning but if its functionally the same I wouldn't mind. I am really just looking for something that I can learn on and then move up with a little and have a good time. Thanks again
  3. Jake :)

    Looking for some rev advice

    Yeah I've been getting the vibe that people have been put off by rev. I've been researching for a while and I managed to find a site that sells b - series standards. And I think I am going to order one pretty soon. I also get the vibe that their new reflex is a little meh from what I've seen. What do you think about it? I really love the color pattern of the b -series I found and you said its a solid kite. So I'm like 90% sure I am going to pull the trigger on it. I do like the look of the Phoenix kites a-lot but I was not able to find a site that looked like a vendor. But thank you lots I really really appreciate your help taking the time out of the day to talk to me.
  4. Jake :)

    Looking for some rev advice

    I'm currently outside Louisville KY in the bluegrass. That's good to know because I had thought quads were a rev dominated industry and competition is usually a good thing. There is a slight correction there. I have flown a quad line mojo before at myrtle beach and I loved the quad feel. But not a Rev. I did also a while back read about Freilein and those looked very Interesting. I'm probably going to go ahead and choose something soon and order it because I graduate in a few weeks and Ill start college in a couple months after that. I won't have a-lot of time to fly.
  5. Jake :)

    Looking for some rev advice

    Hi so I am new here and I currently fly a prism E3 and have a decent amount of dual line experience. I saw revs and I knew I had to get one for summer break. But I am really not sure which one to get. I would like one that I can learn on and then move up to a-lot more advanced things. I really want the full experience. I have never owned or flown a rev before and any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks - Jake