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  1. LeeBB

    What Would You Choose

    That’s A Beautiful Kite , Yes So Many Choices, I believe I have Two Nice Kites For Sure right Now. In a couple more months If I’m Still Flying And I’m All In, Then Ill buy my First Boutique Kite
  2. LeeBB

    What Would You Choose

    No lines with the kite, So I ordered a set of 80ft 50# dyneema sleeved line set with straps from ITW
  3. LeeBB

    What Would You Choose

    Just talked with fun with wind, He said that the acrobatx Ul doesn’t come with line sets, But there Acrobatx UL has a line set that they added to the deal to make the kite R2F , I dunno
  4. LeeBB

    What Would You Choose

    Fun with wind has that R2F with there listing, But read the fine print and it says line not included! Can’t find the acrobatx on the Into The Wind site, I would have bought from them if So.
  5. LeeBB

    What Would You Choose

    Either laser pro Gold or sky bond is my choices to choose from??
  6. LeeBB

    What Would You Choose

    Thanks Wayne, I’m going to find line the length you mentioned
  7. LeeBB

    What Would You Choose

    Thanks Breezin, I’m going to order some line today If they ever get back to me with an answer . Thanks for the line length suggestion
  8. LeeBB

    What Would You Choose

    Thanks Wayne, I can’t get this seller to respond with the answer, Starting to aggravate Me a bit. I’ll purchase some 50# 50ft lines from somewhere
  9. LeeBB

    What Would You Choose

    Thanks everyone for the replies, So Now I have a Standard And a ul. Does anyone know if the acrobatx ul comes with lines. I can’t get an answer from the place I purchased and It doesn’t mention that it comes RTF.
  10. LeeBB

    What Would You Choose

    I went with a The Acrobatx ul . Should be here around the 30th. What Line pound would you recommend 50# or something heavier, This will only be flown in low wind so I was thinking 50# line
  11. LeeBB

    What Would You Choose

    Thanks Breezin, I’m Pretty Sure I’ll Pick that Soul Ul up today. I’ll keep my eye out for a Sul also. The acroX looks really nice also and good to know it’s rtf
  12. Ok, I’m shopping For A Ul kite, I have narrow My Choices Down To just two kites. The Flying Wings Soul Ul Or the acrobatx Ul. Would these cover my low wind days? For my Higher wind days I plan on getting a delta Hawk and hopefully My Kymera will fall in the middle. Tell me what y’all think of these kites? Thanks
  13. LeeBB

    New Kite

    Thanks thanks Maka I took zip ties off
  14. LeeBB

    Replacement Parts

    Truly I believe There Glad To Talk To Us And Help anytime, That’s why they Like there Job So Much, they Love to Help. I’ll mention they Love to talk to because I’ve Been Talking To Them a lot recently
  15. LeeBB

    Replacement Parts

    Hello Carl. Just Call Travis At Into The Wind, Or any of those guys can Help. I actually Just had Travis Make Me Up a Parts Pkg for the Kymera So I Would Have Spare parts On Hand, It’s like 20 dollars for one of each part that’s prone to break