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  1. as a start I realise alot of people here are not going tooo want to deal with china but in the UK I do want to. WE hear all the horry stories of money lost and dissapeared and poor quality and so forth, but theres also alot of decent firms out there too. I am looking at maxi inflatables on Alliepress and banggood and the like, around the £2500 mark. I have looked but they are not for sale via european shops or sellers, ebay or amazon, so that looses my comfort blanket. Next stop is a credit card payment, so at least i get some form of money security. Tha
  2. please ask asmany newbie questions as you like, I am also new to this and the long term kite people. dont make it that easy to understand some of their skill sets
  3. cheers, is it just the one event in denmark? for the year?
  4. is there any kite festivials in northern europe, Germany, denmark, scandinavia etc
  5. in the uk we get large bages of sand and builders materials, the bags are 3 foot cube and if filled with sand come in at 800kg, not sure how many bushels that is but i think in old english its 1600 pounds, but not sure if thats english pounds or lighter americian pounds, buts its certainly heavier than 3 quarts ( not sure what a quart is as they are not a local animal to me, but i have beentold their very vicious when cornered) In sandy areas i find filling a bag or a sand anchor best, once your off loose sand i go for an aurger type screw device, its the flat blade that does the h
  6. whats the trick to stopping these reel unraveling and making knots in the kit bag? i end up useing electrical tape around the surface of the reel to hold it in place
  7. cheers, no one has ever explained that point of view before
  8. i am looking to buy my first every big kite, or should that be BIG KITE, budget and shape is an issue, where i was looking was the tube wind socks, 12 foot round and 75 foot long ( 4m by 25m in english) I was going to buy rather than make it as its way past my skill level, so questions are, is this able to be done and used as a single person kite, what sort of pull do they have and do you normally set them up with a lifter?
  9. again many thanks all, i want to step up for large lifters and laundry to inflatables, i was looking at threeor four small ones when of course you get to see the larger inflatables, i have been told to stay away from maxi trilobites and sting rays as they can generate to much lift to deal with safely on my own. i want to stay on my own as well please, i amnot a team player and dont have the flexability to tie in with others peoples plans. I have spoken to a few sellers of new maxi inflatables as to which ones i can deal with. I had not realised you had to prebook at a show, i have
  10. cheers paul, thanks for some honest answers rather than the usual fluffi get when i ask this sort of stuff else where, i have a couple of large lifters and a bag of fuzzy tails and streamers as line laundry, i thought you could just go to a kite fest and just join in, but apparently not. the whole maxi kite inflatable is another subject i have a shed load of answers on but again very little public information. do you own, have owned or used a maxi kite, do they come with a written set of figures with it, so much anchorage required, wind calcs, wind speed and all that stuff?
  11. Brand new to all this kite mullarky. Been on my own in fields and parks all my life and now at the grand old age of fifty wanted to take a couple of steps further up the participation ladder. but hit a massive brick wall of ignorance. I have gone to hundreds of kite festivals in europe and the UK, took along one of my kites too play with, single line small stuff, the odd lifter and a bag of laundry and so forth, no inflatables. And just set up on the beach or grass at the festival and just flew my kites along with everyone else, had a great day and left. I have standar
  12. I am a newbie to, tto kites. i have just transfered from shop brought cheap kites to decent but not top quality kites. The jump in costs is considerable. i can buy a 8m puss from china for £30 delivered and ready to go, i also cant buy the material to make it and then add time to sew it plus delivery and handling. I can also buy a 8m2 lifter kite from new zealand for £300 plus postage, real kites i have found cost real money and will last a real long time. my cheap chinese kite for a few pounds will only last a few flys. I brought a roko kite last year, cheap as chips t
  13. Thanks for the welcome, i am mainly in the old posts sections reading up for now, i do have a few specific questions to ask and a few i will research
  14. After spending the morning in the search section reading up on years worth of questions. I do have one to ask. My line strengths are way out and to go better or bigger i need to increase line strength, that means increasing the swivel sizes as well. once I get past 500Lb fishing swivels are not strong enough so I went looking else where. That else where splits into two distint paths, climbing and mountainerring or industrial and in my cass boat chain anchor swivels. Boat chain swivels are considerbly cheap than mountian one used for climbing. Is there other options to
  15. I do realise that without knowing the exact make and shape and size of the kite lifter and laundry this is going to be difficult for many to answer. I want to talk rigging, I have been through the search section and back catalogue of posts and I cant find what I am looking for. Starting from the lifter at the top of the line and down to a perfect anchor point is going to be one single line. At the moment I use small snap hooks to clip on a single flat flag with the bottom of the flag fitted with a small adjustable line and a second snap hook. nothing special just
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