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  1. the length of the upper spar is 21 7/8 like Wayne said the mark on the bridle is silver on mine if I had to guess I would say 3 to 4 inches above crossover knots .let me know if u want pics I can send thru email D The only thing I don't like about this kite was the fact that the low part of the leading edge rods r over length for shipping and I hate paying the extra cost for shipping .I know if I stopped crashing it wouldn't cost anything
  2. will get that for u tomorrow ill get some pics and measurements I don't have the trick line on my kite never did .
  3. something looks wrong with the bridle I,d have to pull my out but I don't think it attaches on the tips of leading edge
  4. have the same kite There should be 4 connectors on the lower spar and the last stand off connects to the leading edge on each side
  5. found some here http://oceanshoreskites.com/quad_line_prices.htm
  6. So back to flying finally Hay season took over my life for a month and some extremely hot humid weather . Got the new leaders from TK and installed <got to say couldn't believe the poor workmanship on the Rev handles had to grind off sharp edges left from drilling holes in handles and smooth out the ends of the handles )put the new leaders on and converted the handles to no snag -should of said that first .Also got some 120 90# lines so thought Id try those out . The trees were waving back and forth , set up not to bad for new lines ,first screw up ,I always put white on top of handles then i put white on top of kite ,this only works if your launching with kite facing up ,but i launch with kite facing ground and handles staked at top leaders (just a Brain Fart ) Then i walked to the kite to change them around ,I know could of just changed them at handles (another brain fart). launched finally got my lines all straightened . The extra length in lines seemed to me to have a real effect on input reaction (less reaction to inputs ) was also adjusting leaders to find the right knots for me .Well not more than 10 min into flying and the wind drops to zero .The kites start falling to the ground couldn't back pedal quick enough to keep it up flat spin to the ground .Another 240 ft walk, a min later wind is back up ,lets try this again still adjusting leaders I'm not getting the response feeling back from the kite I had with the 85 ft lines, another wind drop to zero, another 240 ft walk .I would of switch to other lines but didn't bring them out with me .The third time enough packed it up had a beer . Is it common to feel less attached to the kite with 120s or do I just have to get the leaders adjusted properly ?
  7. When tightening the bungees up near the leading edge should there be tension on the sail ?? Good idea about changing line around ,hope the new leaders get here soon that way I can adjust the difference out as they stretch. I think its late June, anybody here any details on the djinn ? I was kind of wondering if there was going to be full, mid ,vented options on the first run ,also guesstimated wind speeds for each ? frames? price approx. ?
  8. Sunday and today I was able to get some more flying in ,the winds on Sunday looked good from the house so I'd thought I'd try one of my back fields exposed to the north wind, on top of a hill .Wind was gusty and a big variation in speed from top to bottom of window .The biggest pita was the hay I kept snagging the lines on hay made landings and launches a challenge and the deer flies buzzing my head ( but I learnt how to fly with one hand and swat flies with my hat in the other) Today race frame came in had some nice constant wind for about the first hour ,I'd guess about 8mph . Something that I notice was how loose my Vertical rods were if I pulled on the sail (sail wrinkle near leading edge when leading edge on ground) I could get them out of the caps without stretching the bungee cord at all < So I tightened up the cord at the points IS this the right way to do it???? and How tight should the sail be ???? I did notice the sail flapping had stopped and I seemed to have better control, the kite also flew straighter on launch with very little input. Was happy with my control it's getting better ,so much so I had to try to DIVE and STOP ,I did it stopping within a foot of the ground backing up a few feet then 180 and forward to the top of window ,---then dive, stop, 180 and land I had a smile on my face !!! The wind started to drop I was determined to keep this kite in the air ,keeping forward motion worked ,did a lot of back pedalling and pulled to much on the top lines a few times but was able to get the kite from flat in the sky back under control with a snap of the brakes .Till of course the wind just died kite was at top of window it spun somehow tangling the lines inside themselves but came back to earth gently ,called it a day, untangled lines .Checked lines llength again my top lines were 2 inches longer than my bottom lines I'll have to fix that before I go out again. Oh and I did some one handed flying again, dam flies (kite at the top of the window for now) HaHa
  9. Thanks for all the input guy it's much appreciated <leaders are ordered!! I was able to get out and fly yesterday ,about 2 hrs in total .The first hour and a half was nice somewhat steady wind ,a lot of going over takeoffs to get them smooth and straight also setting the kite back down softly .Then up to the corners and back to the middle (in a straight line ) harder than it looks in videos. Then tried some figure 8 s ,not sure they were really 8s but close ,still having the problem of loosing forward motion because my hands want to relax the thumbs back position especially when I use the bottom lines to turn .working on spins at the top of window and timing to get the kite to stop pointed in the right direction .Have lightened up my inputs on brake lines, has seemed to correct that flipping of the wing tip problem I was having .Did some ground level passes side to side got down to about a ft off the ground ,the hardest part of that is turning at the end of the pass ,180 degrees not 150 or 210 but I'll get just need some more time, a year or two . The last thing I noticed when packing up is I have to stop biting my nails or at least one, getting the larks head knot undone is a pain with no nails
  10. well flying on hold for a little bit today ,the dam weather man is never right I should know that by now drizzling here supposed to stop later \\\\( I hope ) Don't mind spending smart money ,when its something I enjoy .Will put the 50 ft lines on hold, am probably going to order up leaders and might as well get the bridle as well ,with good equipment you can only blame yourself .Right now on 85 ft 90lb lines have 120 /100 skybonds on there way should be good for the bigger wind window idea ,as well as race frame (never hurts to have parts in hand)
  11. are the leaders that r for sale on the site the longer version that you are describing ? tomorrow look like a good day for flying, wind r forecasted to be 10 mph gusting 13 <this bring me to my question is it better to use just 3 wrap frame so the kite can flex a little or double up for a stiffer leading edge ? Other questions that keep popping into my head if I was to use 50ft/ 50lb line with a regular sail how much lighter winds can I fly in ? I want to fly every day ,I don't want the speed of the wind to stopping me from flying ,that's why I asked about the 50/50 lines .Was also looking at a vented b series on the kiteshoppe site but then I saw a post about Djinn I'll see if I have the patience to wait for the vented version (pls hurry) I was looking at a pl hornet 3m (2015) was a great deal new, for just some different 4 line fun but was wondering if that would slower my progression learning on the rev think they must control a little different
  12. I used the Chinese finger trap method I just thought there might be and easier way >the handles that came with my rev are the B series handles so all should be good there ,I just have to play with the settings more to see what works for me .Tks
  13. Little DAB

    Little DAB

  14. Thank you for all the support and encouragement ,so the journey continued today winds not perfect but a little stronger than the last time out 8 mph gusting 17mph .I took out the 2 line stunt I had repaired flew it for about 6 min broke center spar at the ctr connection doing a wing tip stall I pulled out the rev first thing I noticed today vs last time out, my lines all came off the winder perfect what r the chances .So I went with 3 wraps right from the start ,from on its LE to upright a piece of cake , launch was easy just had to pull thumbs back a little top lines were on 3rd knot .Gusts catch me a few times but was able to feel them coming a use brakes to control kite from fast forward motion .Decided to move the top lines back to the first knot, launches now had to be more of a deliberate motion seems to feel better that way . Wind was gusting pretty good didn.t want to break anything so I decided to double up LE with 2 wrap rod ,a little harder to launch but not impossible (still on first knot),the brakes seem to be more responsive ,everything seemed to be crisper faster responses too my inputs .Also anything above 15 feet off ground was fast . One thing I had happen, is when I was backing down to land from top of window, if I went to fast one of the bottom legs of the kite usually the right would, I think snap forward then snap back is this normal?? Already know I have to check line length next time out after about 1.5 hrs of flying the right hand lines had stretched )right hand closer to body than left to go straight up ) Had a great day The dark side is already staring to call me race rods ,120 ft lines skybond and if that vented rev that popped up if the for sale forum would have shipped to Canada oh boy hoping next outing will be a constant wind ,But as long as I can get it up I'm going to play with it ps Is there a trick to getting the second LE out of the sleeve ?? Little D
  15. It all started looking for parts for my 2 line stunt kite (never let someone tell u they can fly a kite ,pile drove it into ground ).So as I search the internet I come across static 4 line foil kites start watching videos then I see the FAIL videos and decide at 57 my body doesn't heal quickly enough lol Then I come across this thing called a revolution, start watching videos (this guy JB makes it look so easy and fun ) One of the dealers i'm looking at for parts sells them and its on this side of the border ,more reading and I read about the B series (and this guy JB again designed it )so I watch some tutorial videos he makes it look fun and challenging. Read on Kitelife about the differences between reflex and B series ,the dealer has a B series full sail in stock still and if I order it with parts shipping is free for parts so 535 cdn dollars later its on its way . I live on a 160 acre farm plenty of room to fly ,its been windy here so much so that we actually complain about the wind regularly.8 days later kite arrives (Canada post but free so ).First I watch all the dvds , One thing I hoped the dvd would tell me is how to hold the second leading edge in place when using 2 together (john didn't mention it in any of the free online videos I had watched) and it did !! So for the next 3 days wouldn't you know it no wind, on the 4th day 5mph I take it up to the field ,not good NO FLY ,hay was too high, wind was so weak kite would fall forward 5th day no wind ,6th day 6mph gusting 10 .start on leading edge its just doing cartwheels leading edge to leading edge (I've moved to soccer field 2 miles away ).I'm getting depressed 7th day today after watching videos again reader some more I head out to soccer field 7mph with a few drops and some gusting but I have to try, check line lengths, check bridle set up Got it to flip upright from leading edge and stay there YEH Launch, spin ,wack on leading edge again and again and again .That JB guy gets in my head --pull those thumbs back Hold them there for forward flight-- YEH its in the air, up to the top of window YEH I bet I had a big smile on my face Then I tried to fly it around a little here it comes towards ground ,I believe it was riff that said slack the lines for softer crashes I did learn something from all that reading I'm so happy I got it in the air and I also learned u can't fly a rev like a 2 line kite its going to take a few more hours to get that in my head >use the brakes >and I also understand why that JB guys hands keep twitching in the videos . by the time I finished flying today I was able to hold kite in one place and do it on edge as well> plus land it Upright YEH
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