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  1. Just Flyin

    LPG Vs SKY BOND Vs Dyneema

    Hello All, Thanks For The great Information. Yes. I’m flying DLK RIGHT NOW
  2. Just Flyin

    LPG Vs SKY BOND Vs Dyneema

    We have a Winch on our Rocktruck that has a 20000lbs Dyneema Line Set In The Wench. I guess this is the same stuff as our 50# Dyneema Line Set On our kite
  3. Just Flyin

    LPG Vs SKY BOND Vs Dyneema

    Thanks For the Reply Maka And Edmond. Very good advice for Me and All that reads. I was wondering If Spectra Line, Is that the same stuff that’s Used On huge Ships And barges to secure there Ships and Barges Together? But obviously Much much smaller, Does any one know?
  4. Just Flyin

    LPG Vs SKY BOND Vs Dyneema

    What do you prefer to Use while Flying? And Why? Also Do you prefer Making Your Own Line sets or just buying pre made sets?
  5. Just Flyin

    Recommendations on first kite bag-

    The Fishing Rod Bags rollup type are nice to have for kite storage. Lots of compartment to store extras.
  6. Just Flyin

    Purple Fade

    I like your choice in color on your kites, Looks Like you can make these in your sleep .
  7. Hello, I’m In, Prism Synapse 1.4m parafoil.