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  1. Thanks for the links and Input! I'm having trouble finding info on the flight chracteristic differences between the kites. For instance, how is a nazco or asmara going to fly different from a L' Organic, L' Quartz or an axis mutatis? What are things to look for and things to avoid? Also, is it feasible to take any kite design and make it out of a lighter fabric and lighter frame to lower the weight and turn it into an UL or SUL? Also, I should mention that I own a prism Zephyr and I'm trying to come up with something that can handle low intermittent winds better.
  2. I live in an area with fairly intermittent winds, so I have to travel some distance to have a good flying day. I need an ultralight. I've been bitten by the freestyle bug and want a pretty capable kite, but I am a poor college student for the next few years. I do however have access to many engineering labs - including one with some fancy sewing equipment used for making aerospace grade fabrics. I've seen it used for some parachutes before. This got the wheels turning... I'm usually pretty quick to pick stuff up, so I figured I could learn how to make such a kite. What is the best way to learn how to make a freestyle kite? I have found several websites with plans that seem like they might fit the bill if I was to use lighter sail material and lighter spars (le quartz, etc...). Do y'all have any suggestions? Also, where might I find a detailed (preferably video) overview of how an UL delta is put together? Where do I buy the materials? Is there something I've missed during my googling? Thanks!
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