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  1. Hi All, I grew up on the east coast in Virginia and Florida, and flew my first kite with my father, a Caribbean Kite Company sport kite (can't remember the model). Later I begged for "one of the big ones" on the ceiling at Kitty Hawk Kites on the Outer Banks where we would vacation. Despite their gentle warning, we got a Prism Micron when I was around 10-12 (born in 1986) because it was affordable. I was the only one in my family who could fly it successfully. I kept that Micron and would fly it whenever we made a family beach trip, then hung it in my bedroom throughout college. I went to Virginia Tech for 10 years, picked up sailing, and got a BS, PhD in fluid dynamics and ocean engineering, got married and moved to Huntington Beach, CA in 2014 to work at a yacht design firm. One day we were taking a walk near the pier and noticed a large kite event going on, the 2015 HB Kite Party run by Dave Shenkman. I had just ordered new end fittings for my Micron because they had all dry rotted over the years and had taken it out for a couple flights. At the Kite Party, while watching from the sidelines, a friendly guy saw me watching and asked if I would like to come give it a try. Nervously, I said sure, and flew a bit with him. As we were talking I explained I had just ordered some parts from A Wind of Change and was flying my Micron after a long hiatus. Turns out, this friendly guy was Kent from A Wind of Change and he recalled just shipping my parts recently! After that, we were convinced the kite gods were looking down on us and I went up to Kite Connection on the pier and immediately bought a Prism E3. Since then, we've been to each successive kite party while slowly acquiring a few more kites. Then this spring, while home in Virginia visiting my family, we stumbled across a killer Craigslist deal of over 50 classic single line and sport kites. We bought them on the spot for a good deal and since have really been flying a lot more and making plans to travel to more kite events. Looking forward to meeting you all should the opportunity arise and discussing kites on here! Cheers, Andrew My Flickr Kite Albums
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