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  1. Just think of your EXP as the kite you will eventually pass on to the person who learns from you...
  2. Updating to add the new Djinn! Rev EXP Rev 1.5 B Full Rev 1.5 B STD Caicos Quad (aka Peter Powell Omni) Djinn ST Djinn MV (Hot Fade) 5 self-made
  3. I ran "hot and cold" on this decision for a while as you can see 🙄but in the end went with the MV (on the left in the picture). I LOVE THIS KITE!! The day it arrived I thought the wind wouldn't be enough for a mid-vent, but of course I had to give it a go. Was able to fly both it and the ST for a couple of hours until darkness grounded me It really does cover a wide wind range, and I felt like it made me look better than I really am! The biggest thing I noticed was I could reverse it better than any of my other kites. The ordering process was a story of lowest lows and the highest highs. Just after I placed the order (evening of June 1) I remembered that shipping was suspended June 1-12 while everyone is in Denmark. The lowest of lows... but as I was sitting there feeling sorry for myself (like 5 minutes later) I got an email saying my order had been completed AND shipped! The highest of highs! Did someone drop it off on their way to the airport?? 😁However it happened, THANKS SO MUCH to KiteForge for their great service!
  4. Thanks Corey. Typical winds here are light, usually under 5 mph, so I spend most of my time on my full sails. It's rare to get wind that's consistently in the 10+ range - when the wind gets up like that, it's associated with storms coming or going and is pretty turbulent. Thanks for the advice - I'm definitely leaning toward the Djinn MV.
  5. I typically have three or four kites with me, but as I said, I'm a little light on lines right now, with only 1 set each of 30'/50'/70' in 50#. I had two 90# sets but I gave one away a long time ago and completely trashed the other by getting a brake line snagged 20 feet up in a palm tree in high wind (I was thankfully able to save the kite in that case 😬). I've been meaning to get a big spool of 90# line, just haven't gotten around to it. I tend to flow back and forth on which length I prefer. I'll do a couple weeks on the longer lines and love it, then one day get out the 30' again and go "oh yeah, now I remember why I love the short lines!" and then stick to those for a while. I've only ever used the standard 13" Rev handles.
  6. Yeah, that's what I was thinking originally with using a mid-vent, to flip the script so that I can better survive the doldrums - even if I might have to bail out when wind really gets going. There's the validation I'm looking for! 😎 Yes, I have two. Next time I get a big wind day I'll put one in each sail and see how that feels. I've done that before, with the only problem being I don't have two linesets of the same length, so one kite's on 70 feet and other on 30. Not that they have to be the same, but it'd be nice (most recently, I was trying to video for Club 38, so I had my camera positioned for the longer lines). Last time, I had one lineset out and two kites, trying to swap kites as the wind changed. That of course was an exercise in frustration akin to trying to get in the fastest lane in a freeway traffic jam. As soon as I got the other kite on the lines, the wind would change again! The net effect was I was almost always flying the wrong kite! I guess I'll add a lineset or two to the next order... Thanks everyone for the input!
  7. Maybe this is morphing into a slightly different question (although if it ends up with "you don't need a new kite", I'm going to be pissed!). So if I'm flying in wind like the other day where it's 2 minutes at 18 mph, then 2 minutes at 7 mph, over and over again, which frame should I have in the full vent? I was using the 4-wrap and struggling through the low wind points. I'm a bit nervous about using the 2-wrap in that case, but should I be?
  8. Hi everyone... I'm looking for a quad to fill in a wind range gap in my current lineup, and I could really use your advice! Here's my current arsenal in order of increasing wind: Rev 1.5B STD - for the lowest of winds Djinn ST - as I get better, it's gradually crowding out the Rev for low wind ??? Rev 1.5B Full vent I'm looking to get a Djinn for line 3 😁. I really like the feel of a vented kite, but here in Phoenix there's rarely enough wind for a full vent. When there is, it's usually really gusty, so there are long periods where the full vent feels sluggish. I'd like to have a less-vented kite, so I can struggle through the peaks rather than the valleys, if that makes sense. So... Djinn MV or Djinn VT? I feel like I'd get more use out of a kite with less venting, so I was leaning toward the MV, but then again, I've seen here that the Djinn is less-vented than the 1.5B in general... Thoughts?
  9. It's about time I updated my list: Rev EXP Rev 1.5 B Full Rev 1.5 B STD Caicos Quad (aka Peter Powell Omni) 5 self-made and... 🥁... my brand-new Djinn ST (Cool Fade) arrived today!!
  10. DonFibonacci


  11. I've been playing the long game here, and it all pays off tomorrow! Things I knew three years ago when I found this forum: JB would eventually create his own quad kite Soon thereafter, he would offer one in a giveaway This particular RNG has a hidden vulnerability - it chooses multiples of 19 far more often than other numbers From there, my plan was simple... wait three years to give it time to #djinncubate, then time my subscription precisely to get subscriber number 1520 (19 * 80). At this point, it's all a foregone conclusion. Sorry everyone - it's just math.
  12. I just did my first snagless conversion, and I wanted to thank everyone for warning me about "the burr"! I was able to heat the end caps with hot water and pull them off, rather than push. I could see the protrusion caused by the burr under the cap and avoided it easily. Had I never heard of the burr... >shudder< Thanks all! "Hey don't you know / about the burr? / Ah well the burr, burr, burr, the burr is the word"
  13. I would think Yuma would have more reliable wind than the Phoenix area. You should check out the Algodones Dunes while you're there - nice wide-open space, plus it might make for some stunning kite pictures. If you fly there, please let me know how it turns out! The dunes are probably best known for representing Tatooine in Return of the Jedi during the Sarlacc Pit scene.
  14. In the Phoenix area, the best places I've found so far are Scottsdale Sports Complex and the fields in and around Riverview Park in Mesa. Sometimes you can find decent wind at Chaparral Park. Caveat - I live on the east side, and haven't really explored elsewhere. The sports fields around Salt River Fields are great, but I've gotten conflicting information on whether they allow kites or not. Some staffers will kick you off the fields, while others will enjoy watching you fly. There are no posted signs stating one way or the other that I've seen. In general, the wind here is really hit or miss, and it's hardly ever smooth. Right now we've gone nearly three weeks without any wind worth mentioning, other than maybe a couple of hours during my workdays (of course). Anyone else have any other good places? I could use some new suggestions as well!
  15. Back in early 2016, my friend ("flynhi" here) and I were discussing how a Rev B pattern could make a pretty cool "Arizona flag" kite. I'd just starting flying Revs and only had an EXP, but at the time I thought maybe I'd colorize a B Pro when I'm worthy. Then life got a bit busy and I took an unplanned and unfortunately-timed hiatus from kiting. I came back to it in the spring of 2018 ready to move on from my EXP. Lo and behold, some major stuff had gone down with Revolution during my absence! I did a lot of detective work on the forums to piece together what happened (still not sure, but I got the gist). Luckily, I was just in time to be able to find a stock B Standard, which I LOVE. No luck on custom colors for my dream kite though. So, I decided to make it myself. I've unofficially nicknamed it John McKite in honor of Senator John McCain, who passed away during the time I was building it. Now that I think of it, maybe it should be John McQuad. Anyway, I wanted a more coppery color for the center "star" but the orange is pretty close, even more so when it's in the air.
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