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  1. Hiett_431

    New kite opinions

    Thanks for the responses. @Exult, good advice, I'll definitely work on those things with the 4D while I'm still debating on new kites. Thanks for the quick tutorial too! I really like the quick response i get when flying the 4D. Its night and day how fast the kite reacts compared to the prism quantum, which a lot of the time is a struggle to keep it in the air. @Breezin, I'd be more than happy to trade some tips sometime and share kites although I'm up in Greeley and don't get that far south very often. 100+ mile drive is a lot to fly kites..haha. I have a much easier time flying the Rev than the Prism and honestly enjoy the quad more but the trick list of duals is so intriguing to me. I did see those Soul kites on ebay, hadn't really thought about one before but the wind range looks good and they certainly sound like a very capable and well built kite. May have to put in an offer on one. @makatakam, I'm located in Greeley, CO. Its an hour north of Denver, fairly populated area here on the front range with others cities around. Closest local shop is ITW in Boulder, I've only been there on a Saturday though and its so busy that you can't get any time to just chat or talk with the pros there. Someday I may be able to get in there on a weekday but work interferes with that. I tried to look into the Rocky Mountain Kite Association but I couldn't find much from their website or any meets/events they have anymore. Most of what I could find was posted from quite a few years ago. I really would enjoy meeting some other fliers and trying new setups.
  2. Hiett_431

    New kite opinions

    Hi,. Another newbie post about which kite to buy. Currently have a Prism Quantum, Prism 4D, and Rev EXP and would like to get something more advanced, precise, and more versatile. Typically dealing with inconsistent inland winds in 4-12 mph. If it's blowing harder than that here it's gusty and on verge of a storm. Currently enjoy the precision side of flying but really want to get moving on learning tricks. I've done searches on here for people's previous reviews or experience but no direct comparisons. Looking at the Kymera or Widow NG. Both of which seem to be a good price. Kymera definitely has plenty of trick ability and seems like it would be a hard kite to outgrow. Widow NG has some reviews that it's nearly the same as Skyburner Widow Maker. Anyone able to confirm? I like the reviews of the low wind ability of the actual Widow Maker and am not opposed to spending the money on it if it's going to be worth it in the long run but ultimately would rather get another quad with my money if the lesser priced kite will be comparable. (Especially with new release of Fulcrum and Djinn just around the corner!) Appreciate any input and I'm certainly open to other kite suggestions outside what I've listed as well. I know festivals and OPK is the absolute best way but I don't really have that option here as I've had some difficulty finding anyone in my area and only a couple Colorado festivals each year, both in April. I do see that there is an upcoming festival near Cheyenne, WY at end of September which will be great as it's only about 1.5hr drive for me but I'm skeptical of how many seasoned fliers may be there.
  3. Hiett_431

    Welcome Hiett_431

    Thanks for the welcome. I'm looking forward to being a part of the community here on Kitelife. I'm from N. Colorado and am fairly new to kiting. Started out with a HQ Bolero as my first stunt kite, moved on to a Prism Quantum and a Rev EXP as well. Still in the early phases of learning to deal with very inconsistent wind here. Hoping to grow the kite collection with advice and reviews from this site. I'm also looking forward to possibly meeting more kite flyers near by and attending clinics or festivals if there are any in the area.