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  1. CaCondor

    50# short line lengths ?

    I'm not finding 50#/100-120 ft. line sets for sale on line. Where do you get your lines? I'm not ready to start making my own, yet. : ) I have a feeling I will be flying mostly in low wind situations so the 50# lines will help.
  2. CaCondor

    50# short line lengths ?

    Thanks for those sage words of advice. Now, I just need get out there and fly.
  3. CaCondor

    50# short line lengths ?

    I just bought my first kites. Got a Standard 1.5 Classic and a B-Pro Mid-Vent. These came with handles and 90#, 90 ft. Lines. I want to get some 50# short lines for closer flying in lighter winds. Not having flown before, I am wondering what lenght would be good for the 50# lines. Would 50 ft. Be considered short lines.?I don't think I want to fly on 35 ft. Lines. What are your favorite 50# short lines?
  4. CaCondor

    Welcome CaCondor

    Dragonfish, Thank You for the invitation to come and learn. The next time I am in the bay area I will check your calendar of events and at least come and watch.
  5. CaCondor

    Covering vents in quad kite

    Yes! This forum is alive and so helpful. You have confirmed that covering and uncovering vents is a workable idea that I will put into practice. 3M blue tape will work fine and easily removable. Thanks to everyone for their comments. I just remembered what adults might say to a pesky child when I was young. "Hey, kid, why don't you go fly a kite?"
  6. CaCondor

    Covering vents in quad kite

    Thank You for that thread. It confirms my idea to cover and uncover the mid vent sail.
  7. CaCondor

    Covering vents in quad kite

    I want a full sail quad but have an opportunity to buy one with mid vents. Question. Can I cover the vents with tape and remove it if I want to use the vents? Obviously, I'm a newbie.
  8. CaCondor

    Welcome CaCondor

    I'm 73 and have been making and flying single line kites most of my life. When I saw a quad kite demo at the 2018 Berkeley kite festival, it impressed me so I want to learn this style of kite flying. Hi Flyer Kites were 10 cents when I was a kid. When school was out for the day, walking home, if I noticed that great March wind, I would stop at the little hardware store and get a Hi Flyer out of the nail keg. I liked the one with a moon on it. Also needed were 2 balls of kite string. After getting home and saying hi to my mom, I would quickly eat something and then get the kite ready and get my tail ready with extra if it was windy. Then, off to the flood wall to meet my friends. We sent notes of paper up to our kites on the string and also used large nails attached to the top of our kites to try and rip your opponents out of the sky. I also invented a paper airplane launcher on top of mine. We had so much fun. Looking forward to learning and sharing on the forum. Now to get that quad kite on the line...................lines : )