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  1. The weather here in N Ca is either dead calm or a gale. I have not been able to fly at all this winter. Just wondering if anyone else might have considered an aluminum screen door, single, dual or quad line at the beach. Light duty rope and maybe a good peg driven into the sand in case things get out of hand.
  2. Have you tried sea gull? Pretty tasty. Easy to catch. Wait, and when you see a gull fly low over you, do a quick rocket launch. If you do indeed snag it, do a quick drop landing. My wife is usually ready to untangle the catch.
  3. 13 MPH with gusts. The 1.5 full vent performed well with as much pull as I wanted. What I finally realised was that I was flying with the 2 top strings as my focus and the other 2 bottom strings were for change. The main force is forward and the rest flows from that power. It made it easier for my mind to keep the sail full and moving, because I could remember where home was. Got the handles laid way back with the JB handle leads. Holding onto those 2 top strings, I only had to slightly wiggle my little fingers to hold or change direction. Now for the long road of dicipline. I want to be a good flyer.
  4. I have to take the wind I get if I want to fly. But, right now, the best thing I have going for my quad flying evolution is my wife and son in law who windmill my sail for me when I go down. It's all fun, even messing with the twisted lines.
  5. Shelter Cove, Ca has grassy, park by, plateaus running along 20 feet above the beach. Good wind and great views. So, yesterday I noticed National Weather Service says 10-15 mph, gusts to 20. OK. I have been looking for wind since the summer doldrums. I went with 90' lines and started with JB 1.5 mid vent. Since this was my first flight, I figured the mid vent would be the one to try. Not so. Too quick for me. Did ok but thank God my son in law was there to turn the kite when I crashed after about 30-60 seconds. I would go to the top of the window and hover thinking about what I would do next. Resting....hiding. Don't want to spin and crash. That's when I says " Let's get out the Full Vent." Easy switch to lines. Wind is wild. The mid vent Was pulling me forward and the kite looked liked like an emaciated old man's rib cage in the air. I must say that I am so happy I got the full vent in a deal. It turns out that it flew great. It flew slow enough that I could think about what I wanted to do and how I would do that. I was hovering anywhere I put it, take off and landings like a piper cub doing touch and goes. Inverted take offs were easy. The full vent turns out to be my great beginner discovery for this high wind learning situation. This first flight, doing some of the things I learned watching John Barresi videos, was a definite high. Thanks to the Kite Life community for all the help getting to that first flight with some encouragement and knowledge. Willie B
  6. The first time I flew my quad at our local beach I didn't know what to expect with the gusts. Some children ran across where my kite was having erratic flight. I was nervous thinking about the 90 lb line I had. They went into the lines but , thank God, no problems. I have learned after that incident.
  7. I am addng this strange new item. LAHORE (Dunya News) – A 19-year-old motorcyclist has lost his life after kite twine slit his throat in Lahore today (Saturday). According to details, victim Bilal was going on bike when the mishap occurred near Bhati area. He was immediately shifted to the hospital where he succumbed to the injuries. Afterwards, police personnel shifted the body to Mayo Hospital for post mortem. Earlier, at least 84 persons were arrested during police crackdown against kite flyers in different parts of Lahore. The action was launched on the instructions of DIG operations. Police also recovered more than 2,000 kites and over 500 spools of kite string from the apprehended persons. On the other hand, 81 cases were registered at various police stations of the city against kite flyers. Recent Articles
  8. John, I have some 1" insignia tape that I will sew onto my rev 1.5 on the back side from upper rod pocket to bottom rod pocket. I noticed in your picture you didn't sew it across the vent area. Doesn't this defeat the purpose of the reinforcement? I'm thinking about sewing it all the way across. Is there a reason you didn't extend the tape across the vent area? Thanks for all the inspiration and instructions. Willie
  9. I'm not finding 50#/100-120 ft. line sets for sale on line. Where do you get your lines? I'm not ready to start making my own, yet. : ) I have a feeling I will be flying mostly in low wind situations so the 50# lines will help.
  10. Thanks for those sage words of advice. Now, I just need get out there and fly.
  11. I just bought my first kites. Got a Standard 1.5 Classic and a B-Pro Mid-Vent. These came with handles and 90#, 90 ft. Lines. I want to get some 50# short lines for closer flying in lighter winds. Not having flown before, I am wondering what lenght would be good for the 50# lines. Would 50 ft. Be considered short lines.?I don't think I want to fly on 35 ft. Lines. What are your favorite 50# short lines?
  12. Dragonfish, Thank You for the invitation to come and learn. The next time I am in the bay area I will check your calendar of events and at least come and watch.
  13. Yes! This forum is alive and so helpful. You have confirmed that covering and uncovering vents is a workable idea that I will put into practice. 3M blue tape will work fine and easily removable. Thanks to everyone for their comments. I just remembered what adults might say to a pesky child when I was young. "Hey, kid, why don't you go fly a kite?"
  14. Thank You for that thread. It confirms my idea to cover and uncover the mid vent sail.
  15. I want a full sail quad but have an opportunity to buy one with mid vents. Question. Can I cover the vents with tape and remove it if I want to use the vents? Obviously, I'm a newbie.
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