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  1. Thanks for all the replies🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻 Had such a good time. Flew the FV with Black Race really liked how it handled. My 3 wrap was in my other kite and it was too windy for me to be trying to get it out, God knows I had a hard enough time setting up lol. Amazing what difference a steady wind makes. Was able to fly on the last knot on the pro leaders, now I understand why everyone recommends them, such a huge difference from the stock leaders. Anyway just wanted to thank you guys/gals for all your feedback.
  2. Thank you both!! so to fly or not is your choice. I choose to fly! Lol im hooked I went out @ 12am last night bc the winds picked up at that time lol
  3. I’m sorry for creating this topic. I searched for an answer and couldn’t find a specific one. I’m on vacation at the Jersey Shore, winds on the beach are NE16mph. I have a B-Pro STD & FV with me. I’ve never flown my STD above 10mph. Can I fly it in these winds or would it stretch out the sail too much? I have all the rods 2,black race,3&4. I like flying the standard over the FV. The kite’s brand new so I don’t want to do any damage to it. Thx everyone👍🏻
  4. These “sacrificial” loops or pigtails... How long and what # line should they be? Newb👈🏻
  5. Hello everyone. My name’s James. I’m from Brooklyn NY. I’m new to KiteLife, and just started flying Rev’s again after a 9 year break lol. I read every post on this topic and I thank everyone for all their input, definitely cleared up a lot of misunderstanding on my part. I started flying again a month or so ago. I have an EXP with the stock handles (with the metal piece and short leaders). When flying the EXP with the stock handles I’m able to keep the kite up for a long time and do very basic maneuvers. It is very fast at times and I do have a hard time hoovering and flying inverted. So that’s what I’ve been flying for the last couple months. I recently bought JB’s pro leaders and tried them out for my first time yesterday on a B-Pro STD. (Also my first time flying anything besides the EXP) The wind was very fluctuating, I have a hard time judging wind speed but I would say 6-8mph with gusts up to 10mph. I had the upper and lower lines all the way out on the last knot on the pro leaders. I was able to launch the kite with the leading edge up (I keep forgetting to change it to leading edge down because I learned from the Revolution DVD which came with my EXP, where the guy sets it up with LE up). I had to do the double tap a lot, but every time while it was in the air I experienced what I recently learned as “sheeting”. The bottom would kick out, I would lose all control and it would just crash to the ground, every time. You can imagine there was a lot of cursing lol. I mean it didn’t feel anything at all like the EXP, it was a night and day difference. Anyone have any input? I think my movements were extremely pronounced with the pro leaders. I also think if the wind was more consistent I would’ve done a “little better”. I really feel like going back to the EXP with the stock handles lol. But I also think I should break my comfort zone and stick with the pro leaders for A WHILE! Thanks everyone!
  6. Hi. My name’s James. I’m from Brooklyn, NY. I’m new to flying Rev’s. Was just wondering if anybody was in my general vicinity who’d like to meet up one day and fly together? I could travel to Long Island or New Jersey... Thanks for reading this. PM me if you’d like to meet up. 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻
  7. Been looking for one. If anyone is looking to sell please email me. Avellinijr@gmail.
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