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  1. Hi, New team figures are available on QuadKites.org! You can watch 30 basic team maneuvers from the Jst-4-fn manual: They were all reviewed by the jst-4-fn creators. This Jst-4-Fn manual can be downloaded from the website. We will soon make online 20 advanced maneuvers. Please send us your impressions and your suggestions! Have fun! Alban
  2. Hello, A new website about quad line kites is online: QuadKites.org! You can run our first megateam flight simulations and read our project. Our first goal is to help kitefliers to fly together, to fly routines and to agree more easily about vocabulary. We are preparing a gallery of individual, team or megateam maneuvers and the different calls we know. We believe that the flight is universal, but not the language. We've just published a first US team maneuver: blender with 4, 6, 8 and 10 kites. We thank all kitefliers who are already supporting us! Don't forget that we're just starting the initiative. For example, current translations from French are automatic and therefore not perfect. Feel free to share your feedback and your suggestions in order to help us improve and develop our project! Alban
  3. You will find the files here: https://www.revkites.net/forum/topic/367-rev-team-manual/ Some files also: https://revkites.net/learn-to-fly/revolution-team-flying-manuals
  4. Great idea! I have recently printed some parts. It works well for endcaps!
  5. Hello If you are a 4-line kite flyer, help us identify useful information on 4-line kites by filling out this form: - EN version: http://bit.ly/33d7aG1 - FR version: http://bit.ly/2ASub51 We would like to build a knowledge sharing space dedicated to the 4-line kites. This space will be: - nonprofit, - in compliance with your needs, - independent of professionals, - open to contributions, - complementary to existing initiatives, and even in partnership if possible! Thanks Alban Baraffe and Thierry Bressure, two french kitefliers and volunteers who are passionate about 4-line kites and want to promote this sport!
  6. What's up with the tests ? Any crazy videos ?
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